Tying Tuesday: Crystal Sedge Pupa

For today's edition of Tying Tuesday, I wanted to share this video from Philip Rowley, a tier who has a great take on a classic pattern - the Caddis sedge pupa.

Tying Tuesday: The DP42

For this week's edition of Tying Tuesday, I found a really interesting pattern from yet another tier whose work has flown under my YouTube radar. This comes to us from the channel "Trout Juice" and features what the tier calls the offspring of the RS2 and WD40. To me, it looks like it'll fish. What do you think?

Throwback Thursday: The First Marlin On a Fly

Catching a marlin on a fly rod has long been a dream of mine, even before I read Hemingway's Old Man and the Sea. So, for today's Throwback Thursday, I figured why not look to the past for examples of catching these massive fish on a fly rod? What I found is a video that supposedly shows off the first marlin ever caught on a fly. Check it out, and...

Tying Tuesday: Hot Spot Black Pheasant Tail

Today's edition of Tying Tuesday comes to us from a tying channel I've never seen before - Makflies. This is a unique twist on a classic fly that's still a staple in the boxes of most fly anglers I know.

How to Do the Hauling Tuck Cast

George Daniel, a contributing editor over at Fly Fisherman Magazine, just put out a new video showing anglers how to complete the hauling tuck cast. This technique is meant to help your flies hit the water at a steeper angle, thereby increasing how quickly they end up in a trout's strike zone. Watch the video here.

Throwback Thursday: LaFontaine's Double Wing Dry Fly

Gary LaFontaine did some of the most important work in fly fishing with his book Caddisflies. Anglers today owe a debt of gratitude to LaFontaine. Today, I wanted to throw it back to a tutorial from one of LaFontaine's DVDs, where he shows viewers how to tie a Double Wing Dry Fly. Take a watch below.

The Monday Mend: Dubbing Loops and Game Plans

With another Monday underway, I figured now is as good a time as any to start a new feature I'd like to run here at MidCurrent. If the current pandemic situation has taught me anything, it's that I severely underestimated the value of shared community. Even though a lot of us anglers can't physically be together to fish, we can still chat online about the...

Tying Tuesday: No Hackle Emerger

Emerger patterns are one of the absolute must-haves for any trout angler. In fact, I'd argue you could fish any hatch in North America with just emergers and cripples - but that's a discussion for another day. What we're looking at here is a great pattern from Barry Ord Clarke. This no-hackle emerger is a unique spin on a classic style of fly, and while I...

New Movie Celebrates Fly Fishing

Amidst the pandemic pandemonium, Aaron Weisblatt - an Oscar-nominated director - released a fantastic documentary about fly fishing's American roots. "Land of Little Rivers" is a thoroughly enjoyable history lesson on how fly fishing started here in the States, as well as a look into those responsible for helping it continue. The film is beautifully shot...

Tying Tuesday: Hare's Ear Variant

The Hare's Ear is one of my most dependable patterns here in the Rockies. Trout love it, and the fly has stood the test of time exceptionally well. This new take on the classic pattern from Loon Outdoors is interesting. While I tend to be a bit of a purist when it comes to classic fly patterns, I can't help but think this unique Hare's Ear variant is worth...