Video Hatch: “Chrome Buffet”

In this new film from the Buffet Series, the Capture Crew heads to the Olympic Peninsula to fly fish for steelhead.

Video Hatch: "How To Fly Fish For Tarpon"

In this episode of RIO's "How To" series, RIO sales manager Zack Dalton fishes the salt flats of Cuba, offering “numerous great tips for the tarpon angler, including how to prepare yourself and your line on the boat and be ready for that shot, what to look for when out tarpon fishing, and the best way to play a tarpon.”

Video Hatch: “Pyramid”

In this short film, the Nomadic Anglers crew heads to Pyramid Lake with the CSU Fly Fishing Club. While showcasing hooking up with the legendary monster trout, the goal “is to show our appreciation for all the successful conservation efforts that have taken place to restore the fishery.”

Video Hatch: “The Return”

Dave Sweet has spent over a decade helping to bring the Yellowstone cutthroat trout back from the brink of extinction. In this film, along with his daughter, Diana, a fisheries biologist, he travels “into the infamous Thorofare area of Yellowstone, the most remote wilderness in the lower 48, to see if his efforts have been successful and if the trout has...

Video Hatch: “Artifishal: The Fight to Save Wild Salmon”

This new film from Patagonia tells the story of “people, rivers, and the fight for the future of wild fish and the environment that supports them. It explores wild salmon’s slide toward extinction, threats posed by fish hatcheries and fish farms, and our continued loss of faith in nature.”

Video Hatch: “Pyramid Lake: Generation Strong”

This short film from Outside TV features the story of how the Paiute Tribe is helping the trout of Pyramid Lake make a comeback.

Video Hatch: “In Search of Magical Waters”

This short teaser for the upcoming short film brings art and angling together, featuring painter Adriano Manocchia.

Fly Tying: How to Tie a Western Coachman

Tim Flagler demonstrates how to tie the classic Western Coachman in this week's featured tying video. He ties this one on a Dai-Riki #300 in size 14, but just about any dry fly or light wire nymph hook will work.

Video Hatch: "Xcalak's Salty Buffet"

In the second episode of The Buffet Series, Capture Crew fishes saltwater flats near the Mexico/Belize border.

Video Hatch: “Bad Weather // Good Fishing”

Spring in the Rocky Mountains often means good fishing goes hand in hand with what many would consider bad weather. In this video, Tanner Smith and Zeke Hersh of Trouts Fly Fishing head to the Arkansas River the day before the “Bomb Cyclone” hit Colorado.