Tying Tuesday: Barr's Stonefly

In this week's edition of Tying Tuesday, Charlie Craven shows us how to tie the Barr's Stonefly nymph. It's a variation on the venerable Barr's Emerger, which is one of my personal favorite flies.

Tying Tuesday: Rowley's Green and Copper

In this week's edition of Tying Tuesday, we're treated to a great chironomid pattern. Rowley's Green and Copper is a must-have in your fly box, especially this time of year. Plus, this is a relatively easy pattern to tie.

Video: Phoenix by The Braker Bros

Costa and The Braker Bros teamed up to tell the story of Katie Anderson, a fishing guide and mom, and her husband as they inspire their 4-year-old daughter to chase her dreams. You can watch the video below.

Tying Tuesday: Croston's NEW Chenille Worm

This week's Tying Tuesday comes to us from the folks over at Fulling Mill. They detail a brand-new pattern for 2023, designed by renowned angler and Hardy rod designer, Howard Croston. Croston's new take on the age-old worm pattern is a fun one, and you just might find yourself throwing this in your box for the rest of the year.

Tying Tuesday: Turkey Biot BWO

If you're looking for yet another blue-winged olive mayfly pattern, then the Turkey Biot BWO might be just your fly. It's an interesting pattern that should do well as the last of the BWO hatches wrap up here in the Rockies.

Season 2 of Far Bank Instructional Series

The folks over at Far Bank have released the second season of their instructional fly fishing video series, hosted by Simon Gawesworth. A full press release that details this exciting new series of videos is posted below. You can find the entire series here. Far Bank is excited to announce the launch of the second season of its “Far Bank Fly Fishing...

Tying Tuesday: Foam Wing Emerger

This week's Tying Tuesday features a wonderful little fly that's perfect for this time of year - the foam wing emerger. This bug is great for use during mayfly hatches, which are in full force on many of our trout rivers.

Tying Tuesday: Micro Scud

This week's Tying Tuesday features the Micro Scud from the folks over at Fly Fish Food. This is a true one-material fly, and it's supposed to create a hyper-realistic scud pattern, with minimal effort from the tier.

Tying Tuesday: Pat's Rubberlegs Stone

This week's edition of Tying Tuesday features a fly that you really need in your box - Pat's Rubberlegs Stone. This stonefly nymph imitation is really simple to tie, but it's also really effective. Check out how to tie it courtesy of Charlie Craven.

Tying Tuesday: Chubby Chernobyl

In this week's Tying Tuesday, we're treated to a great video about a classic pattern - the Chubby Chernobyl. No fly box is complete without this go-to fly, in my opinion. Catch the video below.