Tippets: Catch and Release Techniques, Game Changing with Blane Chocklett

From barbless hooks to keeping fish in the water, Patrick Blackdale of Willowfly Anglers outlines important techniques for catch and release fly fishing. “With more and more people fly fishing around the country, it is more imperative than ever to practice these techniques,” he writes. Read more via Orvis. Blane Chocklett is well-known for his fly...

Video Hatch: “Become a Fly Fishing Guide in Bristol Bay”

The short film features The Bristol Bay Fly Fishing & Guide Academy, which “merges salmon and river education, with recreation and conservation principles to educate, engage and inspire Bristol Bay young adults to become local leaders in river stewardship and prepare them for jobs based on healthy fish in their home rivers.”

Video Hatch: “Coastal Cutthroat Coalition”

In this short film Shane Anderson at North Fork Studios highlights the conservation efforts of the Coastal Cutthroat Coalition.

Video: How to Tie John Barr's Meat Whistle Streamer

Tim Flagler demonstrates how to tie the venerable Meat Whistle streamer, a pattern authored by John Barr to replicate the effectiveness of the jig-and-pig lure that conventional-tackle bass anglers found so effective. "During my trip to Patagonia last year," says Flagler, "the Meat Whistle and variations of it were the preferred choice for hammering the...

Video Hatch: “Indiana Bones”

In this trailer for the new film from Todd Moen, Brian O’Keefe fly fishes Bahamian salt flats for bonefish.

Video Hatch: "Avoiding Rod And Line Tangles"

In this recent episode of RIO’s Fly Fishing Tips, RIO ambassador Jon Cave demonstrates “how to avoid getting your fly line caught in bushes as you walk through them, and also how to avoid the line getting wrapped around other rods when carrying more than one.”

Video Hatch: “Three Runs”

This film, now available to view in its entirety, tells the story of three young fly fishers at different stages in their salmon fishing careers, “each discovering that all is not lost for the Atlantic salmon and enjoying the three different runs on the Ponoi that can, and are often, caught all in the same day during the autumn season.” Via Fly Fishing...

How to Tie Devin Olsen's Blowtorch Fly

Devin Olsen’s Blowtorch, a popular Euro-nymph competition pattern, is the subject of Tim Flagler's new instructional video.  Says Flagler: "I really like how this fly incorporates both natural as well as attractive elements, kind of the best of both worlds."

Video Hatch: "An Angler's Quest to Play in the NFL"

This short film from Simms follows NFL prospect, JP Flynn, on his quest to become a professional football player. “The film showcases the highs and lows of JP’s journey, but also sheds light on how fly fishing has become one of the more critical components of JP’s mission to overcome the odds, and finally realize his childhood dream.”

Video Hatch: "After the Man"

In the 13 years since the classic "Running Down the Man" was released, chasing roosterfish in Baja has held its allure and challenge for anglers. This new film from Trident Fly Fishing follows the story of Grant Hartman, “long-time fly fishing guide, surfing extraordinaire, and life-loving local who has spent countless hours chasing a historically elusive...