Tying Tuesday: The Philly Cheese Crane

This week's Tying Tuesday features a wonderfully fun little pattern called the Philly Cheese Crane. The folks over at AvidMax on YouTube will walk you through how to tie this fly. Cranefly nymphs are, in my opinion, criminally underused. They work in a lot of water types, even ones where I haven't seen craneflies before. These are a high-protein food source...

Tying Tuesday: Hen Bugger

It's time for Tying Tuesday once again, and this week we'll be treated to a video from Fly Fish Food. Cheech shows us how to tie the Hen Bugger, a versatile little pattern that's certainly timely, with fall right around the corner. I tie a variation of this fly myself and use it often for trout fishing all across the Rockies. This fly - or something similar...

Tying Tuesday: Miracle Piglet

This week's Tying Tuesday is one of the more interesting flies I've seen in a long while. The Miracle Piglet is a trout fly tied up by Nordic Anglers on YouTube, and I'm honestly not sure how you beat that wonderful name. The fly looks like it'll fish, but I'd love to use it just so I can say I caught a nice trout on a Miracle Piglet. Imagine the looks...

Tying Tuesday: Rio Bandito

In this week's edition of Tying Tuesday, we're treated to a fun little streamer pattern called the Rio Bandito. The folks over at AvidMax on YouTube take us through how to tie this simple, yet effective, pattern.

Tying Tuesday: CDC French Jig

The folks over at Fly Fish Food say this might be the best nymph for a dry-dropper rig. This CDC French Jig has a ton to live up to in my world, since I often fish either a Frenchie or a zebra midge in my dry-dropper rigs. Regardless, this fly does look like a great one, which is why it's featured in this week's Tying Tuesday.

Tying Tuesday: Slum Hopper

This week's Tying Tuesday comes to us from the fine folks over at Fly Fish Food. We'll learn how to tie the Slum Hopper, which is supposed to be a simple, bare-bones hopper that's just as effective as a more involved pattern. Sometimes, fish can get a bit picky about their hoppers, so your standard pattern might not be quite intricate enough to fool all the...

Tying Tuesday: Palomino Caddis

This week's Tying Tuesday comes to us from Troutlore on YouTube. We'll learn how to tie a Palomino Caddis variant, which is a timely pattern since caddis hatches are starting to become the main staple on many rivers.

Tying Tuesday: The Beast

This week's Tying Tuesday features an absolutely massive streamer, with a fitting name - The Beast. This fly is tied for us by Andre van Wyk, and while it's a complicated fly, he does a good job of explaining the process.

Tying Tuesday: The Picky Eater

For this week's edition of Tying Tuesday, we get to learn to tie an aptly-named fly: the Picky Eater, courtesy of the Flying Ties YouTube channel. This nymph pattern has a lot going for it - a slim body, a CDC collar, and relatively few materials. If it fishes as well as it looks, then it'll probably become a mainstay in many fly boxes.

Tying Tuesday: Parachute Hopper

This week's Tying Tuesday comes to us from Charlie Craven, and he'll demonstrate how to tie a timely pattern - the Parachute Hopper. In my opinion, you're not doing summer trout fishing right if you're not fishing hoppers. They're a wonderful fly since they float high, they're easy to see, and they elicit big strikes from most fish. In fact, just a few days...