Video Hatch: “Oliver White Is In Pursuit Of...”

Oliver White is known for his fly fishing adventures across the world. “But to him, not even the most coveted corners on the planet measure up to family time.” Via Yeti.

Video Hatch: “Chars of Kangia”

This film features the adventures of one week in Greenland on the Kangia River. Via Northern Stories.

Video Hatch: “Fly Tying Tips: Marabou”

From fixing bad marabou to palmering, tying in tails to choosing the right kind, learn about all things marabou in this instructional video from Fly Fishing the Ozarks.

Video Hatch: “Håvard And The Whale”

This film features the latest adventures of Rolf Nylinder and Håvard Stubö.

Video Hatch: “One Fish”

This film is a short documentary about 3 friends who take the day to go fly fishing. Via 6 o’clock films.

Video Hatch: “Setting The Hook”

In this video from Mad River Outfitters, Brian Flechsig explains a few simple ways that you can set the hook to avoid losing fish.

Video Hatch: “Cast and Carve”

Every summer Jimmy Goodman looks forward to the small window of time where he gets to combine his two favorite things in the world, fishing, and snowboarding. In this video, follow along as Jimmy and the Golden Boys set out deep into the high country in search of golden trout and high alpine lines during their annual Cast and Carve. Read the full story...

Video Hatch: “Brian Wise's Knucklehead”

In this instructional fly tying video from Brian Wise of Fly Fishing the Ozarks, learn to tie his articulated fly design, The Knucklehead.

Video Hatch: "Tjuonajokk"

This film features Tjuonajokk, a fly fishing paradise located near one of the last untouched rivers in Sweden, river Kaitum.

Video Hatch: “DIYAK”

In this film from Mikey Wier, watch the adventures of a do it yourself float trip in the Alaskan Wilderness.