Video: Get Your Strip Set Right Every Time

As a Rocky Mountain native, I didn't have many opportunities to practice the strip-set growing up. We fished dries mostly, to cutthroat and rainbows and browns, and for most of my growing-up years, I never knew streamers or nymphs were an option. But once I started swinging streamers, the need for a good strip set became apparent. I've been self-taught...

Fly Tying: The Perfect Clown Egg

It's egg season. Obviously, it's also time to leave actively spawning fish alone, but it's foolish not to fish eggs for the trout that aren't spawning right now. Some of the biggest rainbows I've ever caught came during the brown trout spawn, when rainbows were eagerly scooping up any and all rouge eggs in the river. This tying video, from McFly Angler...

Tying Tuesday: The Duracell Fly

I'll always have a soft spot for fly patterns with great, unique names. After growing up hearing that the caddis and the Adams were the end-all-be-all, it's nice to have my horizons broadened a bit.

Fly Tying: The Reaper Midge

This is an interesting pattern I stumbled across on YouTube the other day, and it's worth looking at as we transition into fishing tiny dries in clear water. The Reaper Midge looks like it might do some serious work, especially on the tailwaters out West.

Video: "Blood Run"

The folks over at Fly Fisherman Magazine have been busy lately. They just released a 90-minute documentary about preserving the last remaining roadless area of the Amazon rain forest, entitled "Blood Run." The film is worth watching in its entirety, and you can do so below.

Video: Finding My Line

This video I found on YouTube is one of the best short fly fishing films I've ever seen. It details the life of a fly fishing guide who's also a full-time student at the University of Arkansas - Jake Flood. Definitely give this video a watch.

Fly Tying: Olive Perdigon Nymph

My good friend Svend Diesel has some of the best fly tying videos on the internet. His most recent is on tying the Olive Perdigon, a Euro nymphing staple.

Video: A Life Worth Fishing

In this surprisingly touching video from Redington, we're treated to the story of Kayla Lockhart and how fly fishing has helped her manage her depression and anxiety. As someone who suffers from chronic depression myself, Kayla's story is raw, real, and powerful. She's an outstanding reminder that we're all out there fishing for more than just the trout...

"Trout Grass: The Revival Edition" Now Available

Laramie, Wyo.—Trout Grass returns! Revised and remastered for 2020, the award-winning film is back as The Revival Edition, and available for streaming and digital download through Amazon Prime Video, Fishing TV and Troutgrass.com. Additionally, The Revival Edition DVD includes a new commentary track with author David James Duncan and craftsman...

Tying the Zonker Stickleback Baitfish

This is a really unique fly pattern that comes to us from Nordic Anglers. I've long been a fan of the Zuddler (a zonker/muddler combo) and this fly takes it to an entirely new level. The production value on this tying video is great, too. Give it a look.