Video Hatch: “How to Make a Roll Cast”

A good roll cast is an important technique to master, especially when fishing small waters. In this video, Louis Cahill demonstrates the technique and offers great tips for improving your skills. Via Gink & Gasoline.

Video Hatch: “Gravel Road Trout”

This beautiful film from Rolf Nylinder features footage from one long day on the water.

Video Hatch: “How To Fish a Soft Hackle”

In this video from RIO, brand manager Simon Gawesworth explains one of the simplest, and most effective, ways to fish for trout in a river: using soft hackle flies.

Video Hatch: “River Etiquette”

In this episode of In The Loop from Redington, Randy Hard Hat goes over some simple rules for better river etiquette, “because no one likes being low-holed, snaked, or cut-off while out fishing.”

Video Hatch: “Birds Nest Caddis Fly Tying Tutorial”

In this tying tutorial from The Fly Fiend, learn to tie the Birds Nest Caddis.

Video Hatch: "Fly Fusion Cast Like a Pro Series: #8 Hauling"

In this episode of the Cast Like a Pro series from Scientific Anglers and Fly Fusion Magazine, Bruce Richards demonstrates how to haul line and expand the reach of your cast.

Video Hatch: “Sara and Henry”

This film from Orvis Presents and Two Fisted Heart Productions shares the story of father and daughter, Sara and Henry, and how sharing time on the water can bring people together.

Video Hatch: “Trico Spinner”

In this tying tutorial from Barry Ord Clarke, learn to tie“A small Trico spent spinner with a neat mayfly tailing technique and a segmented moose mane hair body for a semi realistic effect.”

Video Hatch: “Tying the Snowshoe Hopper”

In this instructional video from Kelly Galloup, learn to tie the Snowshoe Hopper, originally designed to imitate small hoppers on the Madison, it has proved equally as effective for larger caddis and spruce moths in late July and August. Via The Slide Inn.

Video Hatch: “Fish-Skull Sparkle Craw”

In this fly fishing tutorial from The Flymen Fishing Company, learn to tie the Fish-Skull Sparkle Craw.