Dry Fly Rises with Tom Rosenbauer

Tom Rosenbauer just released a new video in his seemingly-endless supply of fly fishing wisdom. This video focuses on dry fly rise forms. As usual, Tom is incredibly informative without being overbearing.

Tying Tuesday: Missing Link Caddis

The folks over at Avid Max fly tying on YouTube put together a great tutorial on a timely fly pattern - Mike Mercer's Missing Link Caddis. Caddis haven't started fluttering in droves in my neck of the woods, but we all know they're not far off. This is a great way to mix up your usual offering of elk hair caddis patterns.

Tying Tuesday: The Feather Mechanic

Today's Tying Tuesday is a bit different than what you're normally used to. The YouTube channel Oholi's Flies recently posted a review of a book titled The Feather Mechanic, that details some new and intriguing ways to think about fly tying. The video is highly worth your time to watch.

Video: How to Fish Small Streams

Cinda Howard, of Fly Fish Arizona and Beyond, recently shared this video on how she likes to fish small streams. View the video here.

Tying Tuesday: Dedeaux Snake

For Tying Tuesday this week, we have a pattern from guide Alvin Dedeaux - the Dedeaux Snake. According to Alvin, this a more durable, easier-to-tie version of his original Snake pattern.

Tying Tuesday: Klinkhammer

The Klinkhammer is one of my favorite flies, because it works so well year-round. But early on in the season, it's a fantastic mayfly pattern. Barry Ord Clarke, of The Feather Bender on YouTube, shows us how to tie one for this week's edition of Tying Tuesday.

Tying Tuesday: Roza's Violet Tail Jig

As Uncle Cheech says in the opening of Fly Fish Food's latest tying tutorial, everyone needs another jig fly in their box, right? Kidding aside, this fly - the Roza's Violet Tail Jig - is one that's a staple in a ton of boxes.

Tying Tuesday: Copper Top Streamer

Today's Tying Tuesday video comes to us from Trout Tornado, on YouTube. In this video, he shows how to tie a streamer he calls the Copper Top. With ice-off in full swing here in the Rockies, I reckoned this would be a good pattern to reference.

Patagonia, POW, Debut "Drop"

Patagonia, Protect Our Winters (POW), and Hilary Hutcheson teamed up to produce a new film titled "Drop." The film follows the drop of water from its source in the Rockies of Montana, to its final destination in the Pacific Ocean. Read more about the film, and find ways to view it, here.

Video: Tools of the Trade with John Fochetti

Loon Outdoors, the company that makes various terminal tackle like floatant, in addition to tying tools, released their next "Tools of the Trade" video. The "Tools of the Trade" series aims to highlight and award fly fishing guides for their hard work. In this episode, John Fochetti is featured. He's a guide with a nearly unrivaled wealth of experience...