Tying Tuesday: Caddis Emerger

This is another great spring pattern that trout anglers should look to have in their box - a caddis emerger. This tutorial comes to us courtesy of Ghjanto over on YouTube.

Whip Finish Wednesday: Giant Stonefly Dry

For this week's tying video, we're looking at a great stonefly pattern that should imitate a bunch of different species in one fell swoop. This video comes to us from The Feather Bender and Barry Ord Clark.

Tying Tuesday: Spanish Perdigon

Ben Baxter with Anglers All sat down to give us this new tutorial on tying the Spanish Perdigon, a favorite among the Euro nymphing crowd.

Costa Releases New Film "One Water"

To celebrate Earth Day on April 22, Costa Sunglasses released a new film titled "One Water." The film explores the connection between humanity and water, and why we need to work so hard to protect it. You can view the film below.

Patagonia Releases New Film "Newtok"

On Friday, April 22, Patagonia released a new film titled "Newtok." The film depicts the struggle of an Alaskan native village to survive in the face of climate change. You can learn more about the film, and view it, here.

Kris Millgate Earns Two Emmy Nominations

Kris Millgate, the longtime fly fishing writer and videographer, recently earned two Emmy nominations for her recent film "Ocean to Idaho." The film depicts the fragility of the ecosystems that support salmon in the Columbia River Basin. You can read more about the nominations and view the film here.

Tying Tuesday: Hare's Ear Emerger

The Hare's Ear is one of the most versatile flies in my box. I've used it everywhere from Alaska to Colorado, catching fish along the way. So, when I saw this video on tying a Hare's Ear emerger, I just had to share it.

Video: How to Behave on a Trout Stream

Tom Rosenbauer is releasing a series of new videos in the coming weeks, about a host of different topics in fly fishing. The most recent release is one about river etiquette. With more and more anglers on the water these days, this is an especially important video. See All Orvis Learning Center Fly Fishing Video Lessons

Tying Tuesday: Vulgata Dun

This is a fun tying tutorial for a species of mayfly that hatches with abundance in Sweden - Ephemera vulgata. This mayfly is large, and the pattern isn't easy. It's tied gorgeously here in this video by Trout Castz.

New Film: "The Streak"

In a new film exclusively on Fly Fisherman Magazine's YouTube channel and website, we're treated to a wonderful story. "The Streak" details the events that led two friends to catch fish together, every calendar month, for 19 years on Montana's Bitterroot River. You can view the film here.