Video Hatch: “Catch Trout in Lakes”

In this new instructional video from The New Fly Fisher, Bill Spicer and Phil Rowley demonstrate how to effectively fish for trout in lakes and ponds.

Video Hatch: "How to Wade Fish for Bonefish"

In Season 3, Episode 2 of RIO’s How To series, learn strategies for wade fishing a bonefish flat.

Video Hatch: “Behind the Loop"

The latest film from Black Fly Eyes features amazing footage from the mountains of Sweden and highlights what’s ahead for Loop Tackle Design.

Tippets: “Corin Smith - Finding Freedom”

This beautiful film from Rab tells the story of Corin Smith’s love for fly fishing and skiing the Scottish backcountry. “It is here that he finds more than fish or a connection with his past, it is where he finds the solace and freedom that only the mountains can offer.”

Video Hatch: “A Bigger Journey”

Visit the incredible scenery and fishery of Jurassic Lake in this short film from Carlos Lopez Casanello.

How to Tie a Size 22 Parachute Adams

Tim Flagler demonstrates how to tie a Parachute Adams Size 22 in this week's featured tying video. "A size 22 Parachute Adams strikes fear in the hearts of fly tiers, both novice and advanced," says Flagler, "but fear not: with a few little tricks and a good bit of practice, you’ll be tying them with confidence in no time."

Video Hatch: “Places We’ve Been”

In this new short from Hooke, visit the amazing fly fishing opportunities of New Zealand via Poronui Lodge.

Video Hatch: “Ozarks on the Fly: Vol. 1 Teaser”

This trailer for a new series from BluffLINE Media includes great footage of smallmouth bass in small streams in the Ozarks.

Video Hatch: "Every Hour"

This film from Jessica Callihan and Capt. Mark Nutting highlights fly fishing’s ability to be powerful in the healing process, as well as raises awareness to the tragedy of veteran suicide.

Video Hatch: "Salmon Without Rivers"

This short film shows the journey of wild chum salmon, who, during each autumn migration, “lose their course from a river altered by humans.” Via North Fork Studios.