Video Hatch: “Colorado Small Stream Fly Fishing”

The new film from Todd Moen features fly fishing in the heart of the Rocky Mountain high country near the Taylor River Lodge. Via Catch Magazine.

Video Hatch: “Poetry in Motion”

This teaser features an upcoming film that highlights the inspirational story of Maxine McCormick. “The story will follow Maxine as she started fly casting at nine years old, then after being taken under the wing of casting coach Chris Korich, went on to become a world fly casting champion at 12 years old then repeated the feet again two years later at 1...

Video Hatch: “Fish It Well Diaries: Mark Hieronymous”

This new film from Simms features connection, “but not in the superficial sense of how many or how big. It’s about the deep-rooted connection between anglers and the subtle moments that happen before and after the catch that don’t need to be acknowledged to be mutually appreciated and remembered.”

Video Hatch: “Lone Wolf”

“From fly fishing alpine lakes to skating in the sky with helicopters,” this film features Seth Richter's story and his passion for doing what he loves. “This high-country fly fishing experience brings you breathtaking shots and wild Cutthroat Trout.” Via It Set You Free Productions.

Video Hatch: “Fly Casting Rhythm & Timing”

In this video from Mad River Outfitters, Brian Flechsig discusses the rhythm of fly casting and how important it is to master timing in order to perform an efficient cast.

Video Hatch: “Igloo”

Newfoundland and Labrador are home to the world's biggest brook trout, and this film features the stunning fishery at Igloo Lake Lodge. Via In the Loop Magazine.

“Live the Stream” Available to Stream Online November 5th

"Live The Stream" is the inspiring life story of Pennsylvania’s fly fishing legend, Joe Humphreys. “A visually stunning film, anyone with a pulse can appreciate Joe’s contagious spirit and, at 86-years-young, trout streams are his fountains of youth. This is an emotion-packed adventure and Joe will catch your heart in this powerful tale of tenacity...

Video Hatch: “How to Tie the Sandwich Cricket”

In this tying tutorial from Mad River Outfitters, Jerry Darkes demonstrates how to tie a Sandwich Cricket.

Video Hatch: “Articulating Streamers”

In this instructional video, Brian Wise goes over different types of connections for articulated streamers. Via Fly Fishing the Ozarks.

Video Hatch: “A Proper Understanding of Swinging Streamers and Wet Flies”

In this instructional video, learn how to properly swing flies. “This is one of the most classic forms of fly fishing but is grossly misunderstood thanks to modern lines, gear, and trout spey rods.” Via Red’s Fly Shop.