Video: "Blood Run"

The folks over at Fly Fisherman Magazine have been busy lately. They just released a 90-minute documentary about preserving the last remaining roadless area of the Amazon rain forest, entitled "Blood Run." The film is worth watching in its entirety, and you can do so below.

Video: Finding My Line

This video I found on YouTube is one of the best short fly fishing films I've ever seen. It details the life of a fly fishing guide who's also a full-time student at the University of Arkansas - Jake Flood. Definitely give this video a watch.

Fly Tying: Olive Perdigon Nymph

My good friend Svend Diesel has some of the best fly tying videos on the internet. His most recent is on tying the Olive Perdigon, a Euro nymphing staple.

Video: A Life Worth Fishing

In this surprisingly touching video from Redington, we're treated to the story of Kayla Lockhart and how fly fishing has helped her manage her depression and anxiety. As someone who suffers from chronic depression myself, Kayla's story is raw, real, and powerful. She's an outstanding reminder that we're all out there fishing for more than just the trout...

"Trout Grass: The Revival Edition" Now Available

Laramie, Wyo.—Trout Grass returns! Revised and remastered for 2020, the award-winning film is back as The Revival Edition, and available for streaming and digital download through Amazon Prime Video, Fishing TV and Troutgrass.com. Additionally, The Revival Edition DVD includes a new commentary track with author David James Duncan and craftsman...

Tying the Zonker Stickleback Baitfish

This is a really unique fly pattern that comes to us from Nordic Anglers. I've long been a fan of the Zuddler (a zonker/muddler combo) and this fly takes it to an entirely new level. The production value on this tying video is great, too. Give it a look.

"Una" - The One

While looking for fly tying videos to share for Tying Tuesday, I stumbled across this absolute gem of a fly fishing documentary. It's from Two Brothers Fly Fishing, and it's about the Una River, in Europe. The film really speaks for itself. Do yourself a favor and watch it.

"Art of Fly Fishing" Wins Inaugural Stimmie Awards

The International Fly Fishing Film Festival (IF4) today announced “The Art of Fly Fishing” from BluffLINE Media as the winner of the Inaugural Stimmie Awards, created to celebrate amateur fly-fishing filmmakers from around the world. “The Art of Fly Fishing” follows artist Brooke Belohlavek as she follows her two passions: art and fly fishing. From...

"Das Boat" Season 2 Premieres

After a successful first season, the Meat Eater crew is back at it again with another series of episodes of their fishing show "Das Boat." Season two starts off in much the same way as season one, and even though it's not exclusively about fly fishing, it's still a ton of fun to watch.

Tying Tuesday: Morrish Mouse

The folks over at Trident Fly Fishing put this fly tying tutorial out this week on tying the venerable Morrish Mouse. With fall right around the corner, the season for mouse eats during daylight hours isn't far off. You'll want a few of these in your fly box - just in case.