Whip Finish Wednesday: Rusty Spinner

So, I missed our usual Tying Tuesday video. To make up for it, I decided we'd have Whip Finish Wednesday. This week's tying video comes to us from Tim Flagler, of Tightline Productions. The Rusty Spinner is a must-have fly, especially now as the days are longer and the fish are more actively feeding on top.

Tying Tuesday: Barr's Emerger

Today's Tying Tuesday video isn't featured because it's brand new. No, it's finally blue-wing season, and I caught a few on this fly on Monday. I don't fish this style of emerger often, so it was fun to tie it up and immediately bring a few fish to the net. If the blue-wings are popping in your neck of the woods, you need this fly.

Tying Tuesday: Space X Nymph

Today's Tying Tuesday comes to us from Devin Olson, of Tactical Fly Fisher. Devin is one of the best anglers I've ever met, and a great tier. The Space X nymph is one of his own creations that he uses in competitive fly fishing across the globe.

Fly Fishing With Martin Luther King Jr.

This is the subject of an F3T film this year, but it's a story that's worth repeating often. Shortly before his assassination, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. went to Bimini, in the Bahamas. While there, King wrote the speech he gave before he died - and he did so with the company of one Ansil Saunders. Saunders is a fly fishing guide in the Bahamas, and he had...

Tying Tuesday: Black Nose Dace

For today's Tying Tuesday, I wanted to share a classic streamer pattern that was, I think, one of the first flies my dad ever had me tie. This style of fly is incredibly popular because it's effective, and simple to tie.

Tying Tuesday: March Brown Big Ploppa

I love tying extended body mayflies, and what better fly to tie this month than the March brown? This is a fantastic video that shows how to really tie these flies effectively.

Tying Tuesday: Dazzle Bead and CDC Nymph

In this week's edition of Tying Tuesday, we're looking at a new video from an up-and-coming tyer on YouTube - Not Only Trout. In this video, he shows how to tie up a Dazzle Bead and CDC nymph, and suggests it's best used as a searching pattern. What do you think? Will you add one to your box?

Orvis Presents "COPA" Film

The folks over at Orvis recently launched this new film to highlight the life of COPA, CEO Simon Perkins' beloved bird dog. As with most of Orvis' productions, this is top-notch and worth a watch. You can view it here.

Todd Moen Wins 2020 IF4

The International Fly Fishing Film Festival (IF4) today announced “Travels With Charlie” from Todd Moen as the winner of the 2020 IF4, based on votes cast by viewers across the world. “Travels With Charlie” follows Moen and his 11-year-old son, Charlie, as the duo embarks on Charlie’s first-ever destination fly-fishing trip – to Kimsquit Bay...

Tying Tuesday: Baby Baetis

I'm a sucker for good mayfly nymph patterns. In my opinion, you can never have too many of them in your trout box. This pattern from TroutFlies on YouTube is a great, simple tie that'll put plenty of trout in the net.