Video Hatch: “Nymph-Head Deer Hair Hot Spot Caddis”

In this fly tying tutorial from the Flymen Fishing Company, learn to tie the Nymph-Head Deer Hair Hot Spot Caddis. "Hot spots on nymphs are a great way to not only get the attention of the fish, but in certain fishing circumstances they can help you track the fly easier by sight.”

Video Hatch: “How to Fish a Spinner Fall, Introduction”

In this video from Orvis, Dave and Amelia Jensen demonstrate how to fish a spinner fall.

Video Hatch: “Learn to Tie Harrop's CDC Ant”

In this video from the North 40 Fly Shop, learn to tie Rene Harrop’s CDC Ant pattern. “The ant is tied with light materials, giving it a delicate presentation when casting to wary trout.'

Video Hatch: “Das Boat”

MeatEater has launched their first original fishing series, Das Boat, which will air on August 15th at 11am MST on YouTube, with new episodes released every Thursday.

Video Hatch: “How To Fish Nymphs in a Lake”

In this episode of RIO's "How To" series, Simon Gawesworth explains and demonstrates how to fish nymphs in a lake or stillwater. “Simon runs through some key retrieves that all nymph anglers need to use, and explains what the best rigs to fish nymphs and chironomids (buzzers) are."

Video Hatch: “Five Flies for August 2019”

In this video from Trouts Fly Fishing, Landon Mayer talks about his confidence flies for the month of August for both rivers and stillwaters.

Video Hatch: “Silver Shadow”

Watch beautiful footage of fishing in Swedish Lapland in this short film from Catch Me FlyFishing.

Video Hatch: “Wet Fly Fishing”

In this new episode from The New Fly Fisher, “Norm Bolen describes the essentials of wet fly fishing along with professional guide Rob Heal. Casts, presentation and fly patterns are all discussed.”

Video Hatch: “How to Give the Fish What They Want”

In this instructional video from Orvis, learn how to fish through tough conditions when the fish aren’t visibly feeding. “But sometimes, the trout will tell you what tactics you should be using. When that happens, it pays to listen."

Video Hatch: “Cicadafaction”

In this video from Jensen Fly Fishing, learn about the amazing cicada hatches of New Zealand.