Video: Using Hackle Guards

Phil Monahan put this piece together for the Orvis blog a few days ago, and it's definitely worth sharing. If you've never used hackle guards, they can be a great help when working on flies in the vise. Read the story and watch the video here.

Tying Tuesday: Orange Head Mary

This variation on a pheasant tail nymph is a productive fly, especially in the fall months. The folks over at Fly Fish Food produce some fantastic tying videos, and the Orange Head Mary is a great example of how easy their videos are to follow.

Tying Tuesday: Jig Head Indicator Fly

Davie McPhail has long been one of my favorite tiers on YouTube. His videos are clear, his instructions simple, and I love his spin on classic patterns. This one - the jig head indicator fly - is something I'll have to add to my box for this weekend's adventures.

Tying Tuesday: John Horsey's Carrot Fly

This is a pattern that I remember seeing my grandpa tie years ago. It's funny how fly patterns go in and out of style, like a lot of other things in fly fishing. Regardless, this is a great fly, it's easy to tie, and it can add some fun variety to your box.

Video: Loon Tools of the Trade Series

The new Tools of the Trade series of videos from Loon are among some of the best fishing shorts I've seen in a long time. They're well-produced, with spectacular stories and fish featured throughout. More than anything, though, I appreciate the humanity Loon highlights in these stories. Watch their latest episode below.

Tying Tuesday: The Furled Daddy Longlegs

It's that time of year when you can start reliably fishing crane fly adults and count on getting a few solid eats. And Lindsay Simpson has put together a great tutorial on how to tie this particular pattern.

Tying Tuesday: CDC Spent Wing Midge

This pattern comes to us from Barry Ord Clarke over at The Feather Bender on YouTube. With fall coming up soon, it'll quickly be time for fishing small midges at dusk. A CDC spent wing midge is a must-have pattern in your trout box.

Tying Tuesday: The Brindle Bug

My grandfather tied flies commercially for 27 years. As far as I know, he was one of the few commercial tiers West of the Mississippi to regularly tie old-school Atlantic salmon flies. I grew up thinking those were better streamers than woolly buggers, and in some cases, they were. But it's that love of those large, garish, ornate flies that made me want to...

Tying Tuesday: How to Tie a Chubby

The Chubby Chernobyl is arguably the most well-known foam fly. It floats high, supports heavy nymphs, and is easy to see. I think it's about as perfect a big dry fly as you can get. This video shows a very thorough way of tying these flies. Using foam is tricky if you're not used to it, so this video should be helpful to tiers of all skill levels.

Golden Hour for Largemouth

In this recent post over at Orvis, Phil Monahan shares a video that looks at fishing for largemouth bass during that perfect window of evening light known as 'Golden Hour.' The video is great, and Phil has some solid commentary. View the video here.