New Film Highlights Ranching, Fishing, Conservation

A new fly fishing film currently with the International Fly Fishing Film Festival details a connection between ranching, fly fishing, and conservation. That's not a trio we usually see together, which is what makes this film unique. It tells the story of the Turner family and their impact on conservation and fly fishing in Wyoming's Teton County. You can...

Flylords Launches New YouTube Series

Flylords has announced the launch of a new YouTube series that highlights unique stories from fly shops across the West. The series is called "The Fly Shop Tour" and features new episodes every week starting January 23. The series will run for six weeks. Each episode highlights a fly shop in a different area, showing that shop's impact on its local...

Tying Tuesday: Red Worm

This week's Tying Tuesday comes with an ominous title. The folks at Mainely Flies warn that this pattern might upset some folks, because it's a worm. This fly is designed to imitate little bloodworms or midges, and it's one I've personally used frequently, with great success.

Tying Tuesday: Adult Midge Black Hopper

If you're looking for another great midge pattern that can be fished either dry or wet, the Adult Midge Black Hopper - as tied by Davie McPhail - deserves your consideration.

Tying Tuesday: Pheasant Tail Dry Fly

We've all heard of and used a pheasant tail nymph. It's a mainstay in fly collections across the world for a reason. But what about the pheasant tail dry fly? That's the pattern we're introduced to in this week's Tying Tuesday, from Davie McPhail.

Video: A River Out of Time

In this much-anticipated film, filmmaker Benjamin Kraushaar and his team retrace the journey that John Wesley Powell took when originally exploring the Green and Colorado Rivers. The purpose of this film is to raise awareness about the problems the Colorado River Basin currently faces in light of drought and unchecked development in the West. You can view...

Tying Tuesday: Biot Midge

This week's Tying Tuesday is a pattern that you should definitely have in your box this winter - the Biot Midge. This midge pattern works great during winter midge hatches. Watch the video below.

Caddis Magic Wins 2022 IF4

The film Caddis Magic, by Gilbert Rowley and Phil Tuttle, won the International Fly Fishing Film Festival (IF4) for 2022. It's a great little film that shows off a unique way to fish caddis patterns - and some of the amazing things trout will do to eat these bugs. You can watch the film below.

Tying Tuesday: Wiggle Damsel

This week's edition of Tying Tuesday features a great damselfly nymph pattern, made from a single material. Charlie Craven walks us through how to tie this little fly.

Tying Tuesday: Snack Attack

It's time to tie streamers, so what better way to kick that off than with a tying tutorial on a massive, gaudy fly? The Snack Attack, as tied here by AvidMax, looks like something I'll need to add to my box.