Tying Tuesday: Antonio's Adult BWO

With fall finally here, the blue-winged olives are back in full force on most trout rivers across the country. Today's Tying Tuesday video aims to help you take advantage of this hatch. This is an easy-to-tie, effective BWO pattern that's worth trying out this fall, especially if you're chasing educated trout.

Tying Tuesday: The Winter Worm

This tying tutorial comes to us from Makflies on YouTube. It's an interesting pattern that blends a lot of what makes perdigon-style nymphs effective, with some more classic trout fly proportions. I'll probably tie up some of these for the fast-approaching winter.

Tying Thursday: Utah Killer Bug

Since we didn't get a Tying Tuesday this week, I thought I'd still share this great video I found from Avid Max. This is one of the better tutorials I've seen on tying the Utah Killer Bug, a cranefly imitation that's absolutely deadly on spring creeks.

Tying Tuesday: Sandstorm Streamer

This is a fun, unique pattern that could be a good producer in the fall. The folks at Nordic Anglers did a great job putting this video together.

Video: Using Hackle Guards

Phil Monahan put this piece together for the Orvis blog a few days ago, and it's definitely worth sharing. If you've never used hackle guards, they can be a great help when working on flies in the vise. Read the story and watch the video here.

Tying Tuesday: Orange Head Mary

This variation on a pheasant tail nymph is a productive fly, especially in the fall months. The folks over at Fly Fish Food produce some fantastic tying videos, and the Orange Head Mary is a great example of how easy their videos are to follow.

Tying Tuesday: Jig Head Indicator Fly

Davie McPhail has long been one of my favorite tiers on YouTube. His videos are clear, his instructions simple, and I love his spin on classic patterns. This one - the jig head indicator fly - is something I'll have to add to my box for this weekend's adventures.

Tying Tuesday: John Horsey's Carrot Fly

This is a pattern that I remember seeing my grandpa tie years ago. It's funny how fly patterns go in and out of style, like a lot of other things in fly fishing. Regardless, this is a great fly, it's easy to tie, and it can add some fun variety to your box.

Video: Loon Tools of the Trade Series

The new Tools of the Trade series of videos from Loon are among some of the best fishing shorts I've seen in a long time. They're well-produced, with spectacular stories and fish featured throughout. More than anything, though, I appreciate the humanity Loon highlights in these stories. Watch their latest episode below.

Tying Tuesday: The Furled Daddy Longlegs

It's that time of year when you can start reliably fishing crane fly adults and count on getting a few solid eats. And Lindsay Simpson has put together a great tutorial on how to tie this particular pattern.