Troubles With Club Fishing

May 31, 2024 By: Spencer Durrant

As a lifelong resident of the Rocky Mountains, I’ve taken my access to public land for granted. I have more water to fish at my disposal than I could ever get to in a lifetime, and sometimes I forget that most anglers don’t have that opportunity.

Dom Swentosky’s latest podcast brought that to the forefront. On this episode of the Troutbittenn podcast, Dom takes a deep dive into all the problems he sees with fly fishing clubs. These clubs, according to Dom, stock hatchery-raised fish over wild trout, then proceed to feed all the fish in that water, making an impact on the entire ecosystem.

I encourage anyone who hasn’t had experience with fishing clubs to listen to this episode, if for nothing else than learning about how some fly fishing is experienced in other parts of the country.

Find the podcast here.