Tying Tuesday

July 9, 2024 By: Spencer Durrant

This week’s Tying Tuesday features a great collection of patterns, from an emerger, to a wonderful take on the old Pheasant Tail, and one fly that works so well it was banned from competitive angling.

Davie McPhail shows us how to tie a Klinkhammer emerger, which I consider to be one of the most important flies for any trout angler. Emergers are a must-have in your box, and the Klinkhammer-style ones I’ve found are usually my most effective. This particular pattern reminds me a lot of my trusty ol’ Sparkle Dun.

Up next is a tutorial on tying The Zulu, a fly that’s known for its efficacy on sea trout, but works well enough that Mainely Flies tells us it was banned in some competitive angling circles.

To wrap things up, the folks at Savage Flies walk us through one of fly fishing’s most trusted pattern – the Pheasant Tail. This is a very simply version of the pattern for those who are looking for a more efficient way to tie this time-tested fly.