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Micro Gamechanger Bluegill

"An articulated spine makes this little baitfish irresistible."

Johnny Sain


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Tying and Fishing a Modified Murdich Minnow

"George shares how to tie and fish one of his favorite warm water streamers—a slightly modified Murdich Minnow."

How to Tie a Flounder Snack

I call this fly the Flounder Snack because that’s pretty much all I’ve caught with it over the last couple of...

Flooded Forest Fly Fishing

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Small Stream Hopper Fishing

"Aside from some of the big stonefly hatches, hopper season is often the most anticipated time on the Rocky Mountain...

Dry Fly Fishing From a Drift Boat

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Euro-Nymphing Complex Currents

"Fast, high, pushy water can be tough to fish for a number of reasons. It can also hold some fantastic fish. Come along...