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"New Zealand Fly Fishing: A Brown Trout Adventure on Crystal Clear Rivers by Todd Moen"

"Todd Moen heads back to New Zealand’s South Island in search of big brown trout. As New Zealand is reopening to the...

Johnny Sain


"The Dusky Striped Minnow"

"It was a relatively easy fly to tie, but I do believe it came out good and will catch fish for sure."

"Find the Beauty: Fishing in a Snow Storm"

"Sometimes all you need to do is go into your backyard and find what you're looking for."

"Drifting Flies: Atlantic Salmon in Newfoundland and Labrador"

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"The One Piece of Gear You Shouldn't Skimp On"

"Untangled: Fly Fishing for Everyone is a question & answer based podcast where we answer questions submitted by...

Sage SALT R8 | Behind The Rod

To really understand what was happening in the heart and soul of saltwater fly fishing, we sent our senior rod...