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About Midcurrent

MIDCURRENT delivers more than 4 million page views every year to discriminating and dedicated fly anglers. With 7,000-12,000 daily readers, more than 1 million yearly unique website visitors, and more than 69,000 newsletter subscribers, MIDCURRENT offers unparalleled reach and engagement.

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Our Website Stats

Some key MIDCURRENT metrics. If you need more detailed information about visitors, subscribers or demographics, please contact us.

  • 4.2M

    Page Views

  • 1.2M

    Unique Visitors

  • 3:20

    Avg. Session

  • 83% MALE
    40% 25-44


  • 69,000


  • 18.4K

    X Followers

Our Newsletter Stats

Some key MIDCURRENT newsletter metrics. If you need more detailed information about visitors, subscribers or demographics, please contact us.

  • 40.8%

    of our subscribers say that MidCurrent influences their purchase decisions.

  • 76%

    of our subscribers fish at least 10 times/year

  • 35%

    Open Rate

  • 2.9%

    Click Through Rate

  • 41.6%

    of our subscribers spend more than $500/year on fly fishing gear

  • 69,000

    Newsletter Subscribers

Brands that work with us

MIDCURRENT is fortunate to work with almost all of the top brands in fly fishing as well as brands in the travel, accommodations, and luxury goods segments.

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Ad Positions

MIDCURRENT offers a variety of ad placements both on our site and in our weekly newsletters, which go out to more than 64,000 subscribers twice per week. Standard ad positions are shown below, but our Media Kit shows many more options and details. We also offer a variety of sponsorship, content marketing and custom solutions--ask us for our current list!

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Contact Us

Editorial Offices:

PO Box 271163
Fort Collins, CO 80528
Phone: 970.481.4009
Email: [email protected], [email protected] (publisher)

Advertising Offices:

Jeff Dow, Advertising and Sponsorship Sales Director
Phone: 202.264.0384
Email: [email protected]