Tying Tuesday: Hog Magnet

May 21, 2024 By: Spencer Durrant

This week’s Tying Tuesday features some fun flies, including a great chironomid pattern, a traditional mayfly nymph from Ireland, and a worm pattern from Charlie Craven.

I love flies with fun names, so the Hog Magnet caught my attention immediately. This is a fun chironomid pattern, which is perfect timing since these bugs are starting to move around on lakes and reservoirs. It’s a simple tie, as most chironomids are, but looks like it’ll attract – well, hog-sized trout, at the very least.

This next fly comes to us from across the pond in the UK, where George Burdess treats us to a local mayfly pattern used in Ireland.

To wrap things up, we have a simple worm pattern from Charlie Craven. This is a great fly to have on hand as rivers stay high and off-color for the foreseeable future.