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Reading the Gauges: PH Levels

February 6, 2017

"Entanglement Theory"

December 28, 2015

"Ol' Bugle Lips"

April 28, 2015

To UV or Not UV

March 1, 2015

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Fish Science: "The Fatty Little Fin"

Smelt, some dragonfish, and even some trout-perch possess it. So do species belonging to the lanternfish and the...

You Live and Learn. Or You Don't Live Long.

Last week, fishing a popular local creek, two trout refused, after some Marinaro-type deliberation, my carefully...

Do Fish Have "Personalities"?

When I lived in Scotland my local water used to be a little trout river some thirty years into its post-industrial...


The amount of scientific research that gets carried out on fish—how they live, how they move, how they evolve, even...

"Distant Cousins"

AS A KID growing up in Quebec, I fished for the following five species: bass, trout, walleye (or as the locals call it...

Breaking News: Fly Fishing on Kepler-22b (April Fool's)

MidCurrent and TU Partner on Interplanetary Project Today MidCurrent and Trout Unlimited are announcing a new...

Scientists: "Tarpon Actually Smallmouth Bass" (April Fool's)

MARINE FISHERIES scientists across Florida have begun to agree begrudgingly with the results of a five-year university...

The Thermal Optimum

READ ANY fishing article about a given species, and you will almost always find some commentary about the best water...