Tying Tuesday

June 11, 2024 By: Spencer Durrant

This week’s Tying Tuesday kicks off with a fun pattern from Steve Cullen, who used it on Loch Leven years ago. The Lethal Weapon is a wonderful soft hackle that looks like it’ll be right at home here in the Rockies, too.

Up next is the Snowshoe Sulphur, from Savage Flies. While I know it’s supposed to imitate a sulphur dun, I can’t help but think it’d do wonders during a PMD hatch (coincidentally: PMDs and sulphurs are genetic cousins).

Next up is a pattern from a channel I don’t think we’ve yet featured on Tying Tuesday. The Fly Guy will show you how to tie what he calls the Creek Bass Fly. It looks like it’ll fish for more than just bass.