Tying Tuesday

June 18, 2024 By: Spencer Durrant

This week’s Tying Tuesday features some fun flies, including a jig leech that’s designed for use in rivers, a great searching nymph, and new flies from Charlie Craven.

Up first is the Burnt Toast jig leech, designed for use in rivers. I know a few folks who swear by this style of fly, especially on tailwaters, and I’m quickly becoming a convert. There’s something to that jiggy motion that’s hard for trout to resist.

Up next is a searching nymph pattern from David McPhail. That’s literally the fly’s name – a searching nymph pattern. I love the simplicity of this fly, as it closely resembles a Hare’s Ear. This looks like something I need in my box.

Lastly, we have a roundup of 3 new fly patterns from Charlie Craven, whose patterns I always have in my box. His 3 new patterns are a caddis, a mayfly nymph, and a perdigon. It’s a pretty diverse roundup, and that mayfly pattern in particular has my interest.