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Mark Sides
Photographer: Mark Sides

Video Hatch: “YETI and Orvis Present: Andy”

Renowned photographer Andy Anderson has traveled the world to shoot everything under the sun, including fly fishing and wingshooting. In this short film, “He shares some of his thoughts and philosophies about the art form to which he has dedicated …

How to Tie the Carey Special

The Carey Special is the subject of this week’s featured tying video.  Tier and videographer Tim Flagler says of tying this classic pattern: “The Carey Special is an old, easy, effective and, perhaps most of all, versatile pattern.”

Video Hatch: “A Rio Revuelto”

This short film from Lupita Media highlights the threats facing the waters of Chilean Patagonia.

Tippets: Swing Season, Fishing from Small Watercraft

“Try explaining your steelhead jones to someone—a relative, coworker, or better yet, a potential spouse—and there it is: disdain, or worse, real concern,” writes Dylan Tomine. Read his essay, “Swing Season,” via Sage. One of the ways to up your … more

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