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Tippets: Loon Live, Minding Upstream Pockets

In the most recent episode of Loon Live, learn to tie Anderson’s Euphoria and the Wiggle Squid, “patterns designed for chasing a particular anadromous fish that we like to call “steelhead”.  Anderson’s Euphoria has a classic, low-water style to it, … more

Video Hatch: “The Gardens Of The Queen”

Named the Queen‘s Gardens by Christopher Columbus, the Jardines de la Reina is a pristine chain of islands that runs more than one hundred miles back to the northwest, from Cuba‘s south-eastern coast and boasts an impressive fishery. Via Fly …

Smith Releases new Freespool MAG

Smith has announced a new frame in their WATER Collection of performance eyewear. The new Freespool boasts MAGTM interchangeable and ChromaPop polarized lenses. Read more in the press release below.

Tippets: Big Win for Santa Clara Steelhead, Barks of Piranhas

Conservation groups claim a huge win in a legal case against United Water Conservation District after a federal court judge ruled the water agency had failed to adequately protect endangered steelhead trout in the Santa Clara River. “A coalition of … more

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  • “A Wicked Place”

    "Fly line pours off the reel in one, long, sustained run. First, the thicker weight-forward section is gone, followed by the thinner running line."

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  • Trout Flies

    Trout flies have always been a fascinating mix of practical function, unique sculptural form, and hypnotic beauty to me.