St. Croix Returning to Fly Fishing

St. Croix has always been a big name in fishing. For a while, they were serious contenders in the fly fishing world. That changed a decade ago when the company decided to focus on its conventional gear, with the intention to return to fly fishing at a later date. That later date is fast approaching, according to Chris Hunt. In this story for Hatch...

Tying Tuesday: Caddis Emerger

This is another great spring pattern that trout anglers should look to have in their box - a caddis emerger. This tutorial comes to us courtesy of Ghjanto over on YouTube.

Approaching New Water

Phil Monahan, over at Orvis, put together this great story where he interviewed guides about how they approach new water. Deciding on how you'll tackle new-to-you water is a tough question new anglers have to face, but the advice of these guides helps lessen that learning curve. You can read the story here.

Targeting Trout in Stillwater

Landon Mayer put together this great piece that goes into detail on targeting trout in stillwater. As someone who personally hopes to up my own stillwater angling game, this was a great story to read through. You can view it in full here.

Attaching Leader to Fly Line

Getting a good connection between your leader and fly line makes for a far more enjoyable casting and fishing experience. The trick is, of course, knowing how to tie the two pieces of material together. This story from Louis Cahill at Gink & Gasoline goes into detail on how you can attach leader to fly line. Read the story here.

Costa Debuts Two New Lifestyle Frames

Costa Sunglasses, manufacturer of the first color-enhancing all-polarized glass sunglass lens, welcomes two new lifestyle frames to its spring 2022 collection -  Salina and Paunch. Inspired by salty surf and tropical locales, Salina and Paunch have a sleek,  adventure-ready style designed to look good and play hard no matter your plans. The more feminine...

New Caleta Women's Sunglasses from Costa

Costa, longtime maker of some of the best fly fishing sunglasses on the market, just released a new set of frames for women - the Caleta. You can view the sunglasses and more details here.

Is New York's Delaware River Public or Private?

Beau Beasley put together this great story on the land use issues plaguing the Delaware River in New York State. While we're used to squabbles over land ownership here in the West, it's not a problem unique to us. The gist of it is that land owners along the Delaware River in New York State are laying claim to centuries-old ownership agreements that, in...

Video: 12 Must-Have Trout Flies

The newest video from Tom Rosenbauer in his series on fly fishing is about the 12 flies he says are must-have for trout anglers. You can view the video below. See All Orvis Learning Center Fly Fishing Video Lessons

2022 Adams Fly Festival

If you've ever caught a trout on an Adams - and who hasn't? - then you might be interested in this event in the village of Kingsley, Michigan. It's the 2022 Adams Fly Festival, held to honor Len Halladay, the creator of the Adams. You can learn more about the event here.