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Costa Sunglasses Partners with Bureo

Costa has announced a partnership with Bureo to turn discarded fishing nets into quality sunglass frames as part of its new “Untangled Collection.” Read more in the press release below.

New Fishpond River Armor Net

Fishpond has released the El Jefe River Armor Net to the The Nomad River Armor edition net series. The series of nets is constructed with a core of carbon fiber and fiberglass, “designed with the boulder-hopping bushwhackers in mind who demand … more

 Introducing the ABEL TR Reel

Colorado-based Abel Reels has announced a soon-to-be-released model, the Abel TR. The large arbor design will be available in sizes 2/3 and 4/5 and will retail at $395. Read more in the press release below.  

The Unique MagniTyer Fishing Pouch

Along with providing convenient storage for fishing accessories, the MagniTyer Fishing Pouch includes a Fresnel magnifying lens that enlarges up to 300%, making it an ideal piece of gear for any angler with vision limitations. Read more in the press … more

Boise to Host World’s Fly Fishers at Fly Fishers International Fair

Boise will be the host city for the 2018 Fly –Fisher’s International Fly Fishing Fair set to be held Aug.7-11, 2018. The event will feature a FishFest with presentations and demonstrations, as well as a Youth Camp and Learning Center.

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Tippets: Understanding Fly Lines, Interview with DUN’s Jen Ripple

  • In this episode of “Getting Started in Fly Fishing,” Brian Flechsig of Mad River Outiffters in Columbus, Ohio, outlines choosing the right line for your gear set-up and fly-fishing conditions. “Do you want a floating line or a sinking line? Or maybe a sinking-tip line? You’ll find these questions much easier after you watch the video,” writes Phil Monahan. “As a bonus, you’ll learning about backing, too.
  • Jen Ripple is Editor-in-Chief at DUN Magazine, member of the board of American Fly Fishing Trade Association (AFFTA), and member of the board of Fly Fishers International (FFI). She has also been an outspoken advocate for women in the sport and sits down for an interview with Orvis about her experience as a women in fly fishing, and the 50/50 campaign.
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RIO Amateur Fly Fishing Film Award Winner Announced

RIO has announced the winner of their second annual Amateur Fly Fishing Film Awards. Meris McHaney took away the grand prize for 2018 with her film “Lucky.”

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Off the Grid Studios Launches The Scorpion Trilogy

Off the Grid Studios, in conjunction with Orvis, has announced the first public release of the fly fishing film “Corazón.” To mark the occasion, Off the Grid Studios will make the three films in “The Scorpion Trilogy” available to view freely online at various dates through the month of May.

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Tippets: Kings of Alaska’s Frontier, Elk River Restoration, NOAA and the Endangered Species Act

  • Alaska’s Yukon River is home to the longest salmon run in the world. However, in recent years the numbers of salmon has been on the decline. Adam Weymouth traveled four months along the Yukon, following the salmon’s journey.  “The king is embedded in every level of the ecosystem, an ecology that is connected not just to the animals and plants, but to the politics and culture and to spiritual beliefs.” The Guardian.
  • The Elk River has a lengthy history with the timber industry and clear cutting has severely impacted native fish. This video shows efforts by CalTrout to restore this once-productive watershed.
  • A bill has been approved by the US House of Representatives’ Natural Resources Committee that would give the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s job of protecting wild salmon, steelhead trout and other anadromous fish over to the Department of Interior. Opponents say that with the Fish and Wildlife Service severely underfunded, “adding several dozen steelhead and sturgeon species to the agency’s responsibility would be disastrous for these iconic marine animals and crippling to recovery efforts for other endangered species,” said Brett Hartl, director of government affairs for the Center for Biological Diversity. Via Undercurrent News.
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Tippets: Carp Craze in The West, Flies for High Water

  • Over the past few years attitudes toward the common carp have changed. Particularly in the West, anglers are targeting carp as legitimate game fish. Jack Ballard writes about the carp craze in this article via American Angler.
  • In much of the country spring fishing conditions have arrived and that means high and muddy water. In this article, Chris Hunt outlines the best flies for fishing in the swift and off-color waters of runoff. Via Hatch Magazine.
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Tippets: Golden Gate Park Fly Fishing Club Celebrates 80 Years, Get to Know Your Backing

  • The Golden Gate Park Fly Fishing club recently celebrated 80 years since the facilities were built and 85 years since the club was formed. “In addition to its monthly casting lessons, the club’s outreach includes organized outings to fishing spots, a program for disabled veterans, and various classes in tying flies and building rods,” writes Annie Ma. Via SF Gate.
  • Getting into your backing when fighting a fish can be exhilarating. It can also bring panic to a situation that requires clear thinking. In this article, Jesse Lowry writes about understanding your reel’s backing and how it works, to help keep your calm when fighting big fish in open water. Via Gink & Gasoline.
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United by Nature: New Partnership to Serve Nation’s Veterans Announced

Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing and The Nature Conservancy have announced a new partnership to better serve disabled veterans. The collaboration will launch this August with a three day retreat and program at the and The Nature Conservancy’s Pine Butte Preserve outside Choteau, Montana.

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Video Hatch: “Rock Trolls”

This film from The Element features a steep scramble down the the Black Canyon to fish an incredible salmonfly hatch on the Gunnison River.

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Tippets: The Flyathon, Stonefly Facts

  • Angler and trail-runner Andrew Todd channeled his concern for native trout in Colorado into a fun event he calls The Flyathlon. The event includes running 10 miles and catching a fish, of course. Learn more about this unique event in this episode of The Dirtbag Diaries.
  • In this article, Phil Monahan writes about the stonefly family, their life history and habits and also pattern and tactics for anglers. “Imitations of these outsize larvae are favorites of anglers who believe that “big flies equal big fish,” as well as for those fishing during high water.” Via Orvis.
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