Father's Day 2021 Gift Guide

The folks over at Fly Fisherman Magazine put together their gift guide for Father's Day in 2021. The guide features everything from fly rods to whiskey, so you're sure to find something here that your dad or husband will appreciate. Read the guide in full here.

Supreme Called Out as "Disingenuous"

Clothing brand Supreme has come under fire lately due to their launch of a new line of fly fishing apparel. Plenty of folks - from anglers to fashion connoisseurs - think the move is ridiculous. You can read more about the brouhaha here.

Whip Finish Wednesday: Rusty Spinner

So, I missed our usual Tying Tuesday video. To make up for it, I decided we'd have Whip Finish Wednesday. This week's tying video comes to us from Tim Flagler, of Tightline Productions. The Rusty Spinner is a must-have fly, especially now as the days are longer and the fish are more actively feeding on top.

Fly Fishing's Most Epic Hatches

Morgan Lyle, over at Field & Stream, put this piece together on what he thinks are the five best hatches in fly fishing. While I've not fished Hendrickson or hexagenia hatches, I have to say the rest of the hatches on the list are worthwhile. Give it a read in full here.

"Popular Mechanics" Best Gear of 2021

It always makes me chuckle when mainstream publications with little connection to fly fishing publish gear guides. Enter the latest iteration from Popular Mechanics.  Their gear guide for 2021 features no real surprises, but writer J.R. Sullivan does a good job of delivering puns and making the guide worth reading. Give it a look in full here.

Orvis Announces 2021 Awards

For 35 years, Orvis has announced a yearly collection of endorsed lodges, guides, and outfitters. Earning the Orvis endorsement is a prestigious honor, and the company just released its awards for 2021. View a full list of the awards, as well as the nominees, here.

Healthcare Workers Treated to Free Fishing

This was a great story to find this weekend. Good Fly is a local nonprofit in College Station, Texas, that takes healthcare workers out fly fishing. As a thank-you for all their work during the pandemic, Good Fly recently took a group of healthcare workers out for a day on a local lake. Read the story in full here.

How To be a More Accurate Caster

Accurate casting takes you a long ways in fly fishing; in fact, it's probably the single-most important skill we can develop. This piece from Troutbitten is timely, since blue-winged olives are starting to pop up in droves. Great casting is a necessity for success on those days. Read the tips in full here.

Are Influencers Harming the Outdoors?

After reading a story in Angling Trade last week that John Dietsch wrote about influencers, I decided to chip in with my two cents. This story is entirely my own opinion, and doesn't reflect that of MidCurrent, or anyone else I'm affiliated with. But, I reckon it's something that needs to be said, and I hope you'll take the time to read through the...

CalTrout 50th Anniversary Gala

The 2021 Trout Camp Gala will celebrate 50 years of taking action for California's fish, water, and people. Tune in for a high-energy virtual showcase of innovative conservation work across the state, cameos from CalTrout staff, and more! Register for the event here.