Tippets: Fishing with Indicators, Tips for Low Flows

“An indicator is an amazing and useful tool that extends our effective nymphing range, balances out a drift and helps keep the flies in one current seam,” writes Domenick Swentosky. Read more about great tips for using and reading a fly fishing indicator in this piece via Troutbitten. Low flows of autumn fishing conditions shouldn’t put an end to...

Ed Engle on Spring Creek Solitude and Elusive Trout

"Overnight a light snow had fallen at the trailhead to the spring creek. No one else was in the parking area. Cottontail, coyote and mule deer tracks meandered across the fresh snow in the canyon bottom. When I crossed what appeared to be a frozen stream I worried that I was all wrong and the creek had frozen, but farther down the trail I saw where the...

How to Tie a Size 22 Parachute Adams

Tim Flagler demonstrates how to tie a Parachute Adams Size 22 in this week's featured tying video. "A size 22 Parachute Adams strikes fear in the hearts of fly tiers, both novice and advanced," says Flagler, "but fear not: with a few little tricks and a good bit of practice, you’ll be tying them with confidence in no time."

Tippets: The Tug and The Drug, Two Handed Tips

Fly fishing is one of the tools and therapies that helped save James Brooks from his heroin addiction. “I needed something that was challenging, but there was no pressure on me if I failed,” he said. Read more about his journey to recovery via The Durango Herald. “I do have a disease and addiction. But that’s not all I am. I am a fly-fisherman, a...

Podcast: Peter Stitcher on Entomology, Hatches & Getting Organized

Wet Fly Swing interviews Peter Stitcher of  Ascent Fly Fishing on entomology, the PAUSE method, hatch organization, how to organize your box and when to fish mouse patterns. Peter also talks about how he takes street kids off the street and welcomes them into their home.

Video Hatch: “Places We’ve Been”

In this new short from Hooke, visit the amazing fly fishing opportunities of New Zealand via Poronui Lodge.

Tippets: Biology of Fly Fishing, Five Flies for December

Understanding the biology of your quarry can help you be a more successful angler. “The entire basis of fly fishing is to fool a fish into accepting your (entirely artificial) fly pattern as if it were genuine prey. Because of this, the whole activity boils down to 'hotwiring' the systems that fish normally use to recognize what is worth eating (and how...

Have Chesapeake Bay Striped Bass Stocks Reached a Tipping Point?

Tony Friedrich writes this morning about the status of striped bass in the Chesapeake Bay region, saying the time has come to stop shifting the baseline and accept that stripers are being overfished. "It rests on our shoulders and ours alone to make sure the striped bass population recovers. It will take a herculean effort to turn the tide. But we can do...

New Fly Fishing Books

Herbert L. Welch: Black Ghosts and Art in a Maine Guide's Wilderness by Graydon Hilyard and Leslie Hilyard is a book that highlights Herb Welch, the inventor of the still popular streamer pattern, the Black Ghost. “With over 200 images including archival black and white and color images by photographer John Swan, this book documents the incredible life...

Video Hatch: “Ozarks on the Fly: Vol. 1 Teaser”

This trailer for a new series from BluffLINE Media includes great footage of smallmouth bass in small streams in the Ozarks.