Podcast Episode: “Addressing Confidence on Casting Across”

Having the right mindset when approaching the stream and presenting your fly matters, and having confidence counts for a lot. In this podcast episode, learn “three things you can have confidence in as a fly fisher, and how this can be helpful as you fish for the second time or the thousandth time.” Listen here.

Video Hatch: “Fly Tying Tips - Deer Hair”

In this video from Fly Fishing the Ozarks, watch and learn as Brian Wise explains some tips and special techniques for tying with deer hair.

Change Up Streamer Retrieves

Changing up your streamer retrieve can improve your success on the water, advises Kent Klewein. “Time of day, water temperature or type of water you’re fishing can change conditions enough that will, in turn, change how the fish will prefer to forage on food or how they will be triggered instinctively by your streamer.” Read more via Gink &...

Video Hatch: “3 Tarpon Toad Fly Patterns You Need To Know”

In this instructional tying video, learn variants for the classic tarpon toad pattern. Via Backwater Fly Fishing.

Video Hatch: “Casting Quickly on the Saltwater Flats”

From distance casting to improving accuracy, there are many casting techniques to brush up on before a trip to saltwater flats. “But casting quickly so that you do not lose the chance at a fish is one of the most important things angler can learn.”

Fighting Big Fish

Fighting big fish takes good gear and good technique. “It takes time to learn the angles and moves necessary to force a trout into cooperation,” writes Domenic Swentosky. “But you can cut the learning curve in half by understanding the strength of the tools in your hands. Know how to flex your rod into its backbone, and learn the true breaking...

Turneffe Flats Resort in Belize Adds Solar Panels for 80% of Energy Needs

Turneffe Flats Resort in Belize has announced their installation of solar panels. “Recently, we fired up our new off-grid solar system with 288 solar panels providing approximately 80% of our energy needs,” says founder and owner Craig Hayes.

New Fly Fishing Books, December 7, 2019

365 Fly-Fishing Tips for Trout, Bass, and Panfish by Skip Morris is a year’s worth of practical tips for targeting trout, large and smallmouth bass, and panfish from streams and lakes in an easy-to-read format. Tips include info on casting, finding fish, rigs and strategies for using them, techniques, the right tackle, knots, hooking, playing and landing...

Video Hatch: “John Gierach's Secret”

In this extra scene from the 2012 film “Turning Tail,” world renowned author John Gierach sheds some light on the secret to life. Via Gray Ghost Productions.

2020 Virginia Fly Fishing & Wine Festival

The 20th annual Virginia Fly Fishing & Wine Festival will be held January 11-12, 2020, at the Meadow Event Park, just 15 miles north of Richmond on the site of the state fairgrounds. The event will feature demonstrations, classes, wine tastings and more.