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Sage’s IGNITER Rod Family is for the Targeted Specialist

The new Igniter fly rod series from Sage meets the technical demands of challenging angling scenarios, such as casting long distances, head winds, and heavy sink tip lines. Available August 2018. Read more in the press release below.

Smith Launches New ChromaPop Glass Technology

Smith has announced the release of their latest lens technology, ChromaPop Glass lenses. “ChromaPop Glass provides up to 12x more scratch resistance than polymer lenses while being 20% lighter than traditional glass for dawn to dusk comfort and performance.” Read … more

Sage’s SPEY Reels Combine Classic Aesthetics with Modern Performance

The new SPEY reel series from Sage combines classic design elements with modern performance features. Read more in the press release below.

Sage Delivers the DART to Small Stream Anglers

The new DART fly rod from Sage caters to small streams and delicate presentation. Available August 2018. Read more in the press release below.

How to Tie a CDC Micro Caddis

Tim Flagler demonstrates how to tie a CDC Micro Caddis in this week’s featured tying video. “This super effective and easy to tie pattern is a CDC Micro Caddis,” says Flagler. “I found it works especially well when trout are rising and I have no idea what they’re feeding on.” 

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Tippets: Tips for Wet Wading, Utilizing Lights at Night

  • In summer temperatures, waders are not always an optimal choice. In this article, Domenick Swentosky outlines what you need to consider for wet wading this season. From neoprene socks and layering to the sandals vs. boot debate, read more via Troutbitten.
  • When night fishing, locating light sources can help you increase your success. “When available, gamefish will regularly utilize lights to locate and ambush food under the cover of darkness,” writes Klewein. “Fly fisherman should always take the time to locate and fish lights on their home waters, because they will almost always provide consistent action.” Via Gink & Gasoline.
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Tippets: Wade Fishing, Lighting Your Tying Desk

  • In this recent essay, Kris Millgate writes about taking her son out on the water for his first experience wading. “Passing a decade now, he’s fished his whole life either on my back or in my boat,” she writes. “This is his first time in waders. He’s almost big enough to fit in one of the spare pairs I’ve been saving for him.” Via Hatch Magazine.
  • Fly tying requires good lighting, but is an often overlooked part of a fly tier’s desk. “If you’re looking to grow as a fly tier, consider your lighting situation,” writes Bob Reece. “Little adjustments can sometimes lead to significant improvements.  Upgrading to a lamp that produces light in the natural spectrum will help to increase of comfort and quality of your time spent behind the vise.” Via Gink & Gasoline.
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Fly Fishers International Recognizes Fishpond for Annual Conservation Award

Fly Fishers International has presented Fishpond with the 2018 FFI Conservation Award, for “their commitment to the environment, and the steps they have taken to develop and support a corporate environmental conscience.”

Read more in the press release below. Continue reading

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Tippets: Top Flies for Western Waters, How to Skate Flies

  • From small midge patterns to large top-water attractors, Johnny Spillane outlines the top ten patterns to have in your box when fishing Western waters this season. Via Gink & Gasoline.
  • A drag-free drift is the gold standard many anglers look toward. However, “trout will actually eat flies that are deliberately dragged and twitched,” writes Brian McGeehan of Montana Angler Fly Fishing. “Fly action can actually provoke more strikes under the right circumstances.” Read about patterns and techniques for skating flies in this post via Orvis.
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Tippets: How to Fish Out of a Drift Boat, Fishing for Rocky Mountain Cutthroat

  • In the most recent episode of RIO’s How To series,  Ambassador Rob Parkins outlines how to fish out of a drift boat. “Rob explains what a drift boat is, describes the main features of a drift boat, and runs through some basic tips for fishing out of one.” Tips include safety, and maximizing time on the water.
  • As we enter prime season for fishing the West’s high country streams and lakes, Chris Hunt outlines great tips for fishing for cutthroat trout in the Rocky Mountains. From flies and location to rods and practicing catch and release, read the article via Hatch Magazine.
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Help Defend Cayo Rosario / Hol Chan Marine Preserve

Development that would include dredging and over-the-water structures is being planned in Belize’s Hol Chan Marine Reserve. Help defend this area by joining Defend Cayo Rosario in saying NO to the recently approved plan by sharing this message on social media outlets.

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Tippets: Odell Brewing Partners to Save Native Trout, Now or Neverglades Project Update

  • Native trout and beer both require good water. It was recently announced that Odell Brewing Co. will team up with Trout Unlimited on a plan for “the largest greenback reintroduction in state history.” Odell has made a beer to commemorate the event: the Cold Water 1. Read more via The Coloradoan.
  • Eric Eikenberg, CEO of The Everglades Foundation, is the guest on a recent episode of the Orvis Fly Fishing Guide Podcast. Eikenbert talks with Tom Rosenbauer on the Now or Neverglades conservation effort to save the everglades ecosystem. “It’s an update on where we are for a solution to the issue, and you’ll be happy to know we are guardedly optimistic about the future.”
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Tippets: Motherhood and Fly Fishing, Avoiding Beginner Mistakes

  • In this recent article on The Globe and Mail, Rebecca Von Hoff writes about the growing demographic of women with young children on the water. “If the presence of women in fly fishing is to become mainstream, the sport’s culture will have to become comfortable with motherhood. Guides, associations and lodges will need to reconcile that female clients will include pregnant women, moms and babies.”
  • From fly choice to managing your cast, experts weigh in on avoidable beginner fly fishing mistakes in this article by Sage Marshall on Outdoor Life.
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Tippets: Summer Fishing in the West, How to Unravel Leaders

  • Terry Wickstrom hosts Kirk Deeter on a recent episode of his radio program, “Terry Wickstrom Outdoors,” to talk about navigating hot and dry conditions of summers in the West. “Deeter’s favorite option is to fish small, high altitude streams. If you get above 8,000 feet, the water temperature should not be an issue. These areas also provide some of the most enjoyable angling opportunities in Colorado.” Via The Know, The Denver Post.
  • Prepackaged leaders can save you precious time on the water. However, they can also be frustrating and time-consuming to unravel if not done properly. In this post and video from Trouts Fly Fishing, Dave Lovell outlines great tips for consistently unraveling new leaders without tangling.
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