A Fly That Lives up to Its Name

Chris Hunt's latest piece in Hatch Magazine goes into detail about what he says is a fly that's appropriately named for what it does. The Slumpbuster is one of my personal go-to streamers, and I can vouch that it really does help put fish in the net on the tougher days. Read Hunt's story here.

Gierach: "You Can't Eat the Scenery"

John Gierach needs no introduction. His writing is some of the best I've ever read, and he keeps pumping out new, engrossing stories on a regular basis. In this excerpt from an essay titled, "You Can't Eat the Scenery," Gierach takes us on a tour of fishing in Alaska. It's a wonderful story that should make anyone pine for the long days of fishing up north...

Tandem Streamer Rigs for Fall Trout

Phil Monahan, over at the Orvis Fly Fishing Blog, recently shared this piece about a classic tip for getting fall trout in your net. Two streamers, fished in tandem, can be twice as deadly as one. Read more of the story here.

Rare Cutthroat Stocked in Colorado

Colorado Parks and Wildlife officials announced that they've successfully stocked cutthroat into small streams in the Arkansas River drainage. These fish are descendants of ones that were rescued from the Hayden Pass Fire in 2016. They've spent the past few years at a hatchery near Crested Butte, and are now going back to the wild. These fish are important...

Parsippany to Host Fly Tying Event

Recreational and professional fly tiers from across the country and around the world will demonstrate their skill and art at the 30th annual International Fly Tying Symposium, Nov. 20-21 in the Parsippany Hilton Hotel.   It is “the largest event for fly tying with more than 100 of the world’s best artificial fishing fly tiers plus every book, video...

How to Pick Streamers for Big Fall Trout

It's that time of year when it seems like everyone posting on Instagram is sharing photos of big fish they hooked on streamers. If you want in on that action this year, then Kubie Brown's recent story over at The Meat Eater will help you pick out the streamers that'll land you a really big fish. Read the story here.

Best Saltwater Reels for 2021

The folks over at Field & Stream put together this gear review that details their picks for the best saltwater fishing reels in 2021. A good portion of the reels on this list are spinning or baitcasting, but their roundup of fly reels is worth looking at. You can read the story here.

Tying Tuesday: Antonio's Adult BWO

With fall finally here, the blue-winged olives are back in full force on most trout rivers across the country. Today's Tying Tuesday video aims to help you take advantage of this hatch. This is an easy-to-tie, effective BWO pattern that's worth trying out this fall, especially if you're chasing educated trout.

Umpqua River's Steamboat Inn for Sale

If you've always wanted a chance to own a legendary fly fishing lodge, now might be the time to buy. The famed Steamboat Inn on Oregon's Umpqua River is for sale - for the cool price of 3.75 million. The lodge has only had three owners over six decades of existence, so the next owner has some big shoes to fill. To learn more about the sale, click here.

Opinion: Don't Get Bold Feet

This story made me laugh a bit, because I've done something similar more than once. Justin Pickett, over at Gink & Gasoline, details why every angler should be wary of developing "bold feet." Putting your feet into wading boots without thinking might just land you in big trouble. Don't believe me? Read Pickett's story here to see why he cautions us...