SPS Outdoor U Students Learn Fly Fishing

This is a fun story that comes to us from the Ozarks Independent, in Missouri. The Springfield Public Schools district has a summer "Outdoor U" program that, among other skills, is teaching students fly fishing. The school focuses on teaching middle-school aged students about the outdoors and outdoor sports, including survival skills. It's heartening to...

Podcast: The Fly Fishing Insider with Spencer Durrant

I had the chance to chat with Greg Keenan over at The Fly Fishing Insider Podcast recently, and the episode just dropped. Greg was kind enough to invite me on to talk shop on writing about fly fishing, building bamboo rods, and I gave my two cents on a few of the big issues facing anglers today. You can listen to the show here.

RIO Turns 30

Fly line, leader and tippet company, RIO Products, proudly announces its 30th anniversary. RIO was “born” on July 27th, 1990 and started its fly fishing business in Blackfoot, ID. Founders Jim & Kitty Vincent named the company “RIO” after the Rio Colorado in Costa Rica where they ran a tarpon camp. RIO’s beginning was innovative, evolving to a...

'Keep Fish Wet' – New Name and New Program

Announcing Keep Fish Wet, nonprofit (501c3) status and rebranding for the organization formerly known as Keepemwet Fishing.  Keep Fish Wet will continue the strong social media heritage, and education and outreach initiatives to create an accurate, consistent, and persistent message about science-based best practices for catch-and-release fishing.  As a...

Snake River Dams to Stay for Now

While it's not exactly a surprise, it's still disheartening to hear the news that the four dams on the Lower Snake River won't be removed anytime soon. According to news shared by the Wild Steelhead Coalition and ABC, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Bureau of Reclamation, and Bonneville Power Administration released a joint Environmental Impact Statement...

Simms Debuts New FlyWeight Waders

Simms recently announced that they'll have a new wader available in January 2021 - a product they've dubbed "FlyWeight Waders." These waders, according to Fly Fisherman Magazine, have stretch panels in strategic places to allow for more flexibility while on the water. Simms is also including a Hex Grid chest that looks like it's supposed to replace the...

Gear Review: Redington TRACE Fly Rod

I finally had the chance to get up-close and personal with Redington's new rod, the TRACE. This rod is supposed to replace the Hydrogen in their lineup. You can read the full review here.

Cutthroat Anglers Offers Summer Youth Fly Fishing Camp

According to an article from The Summit Daily News in Silverthorne, CO, a fishing group called Cutthroat Anglers is holding summer fly fishing camps for youth. The camps will take place on the Arkansas River, and you can read more about them here.

"Fly Fishing Is a Privilege"

Tony Bonavist writes some of my favorite stuff about fly fishing over at The River Reporter. His latest piece about the privilege of fly fishing is must-read material. The piece isn't long, but it's enough to get you thinking a bit more deeply about why you head to the river. Give it a read here.

Podcast: The Articulate Fly with Kate Crump

Marvin Cash and the team over at the Articulate Fly Podcast have released another episode in their "People of Bristol Bay" series. This on focuses on Kate Crump, co-owner of Frigate Adventure Travel. Per the show notes, Crump and Cash discuss Crump's fishing and writing journey, and what's led her to end up in Bristol Bay.