2019 Rocky Mountain Fly Fishing Classic

The 16th Annual Rocky Mountain Fly Fishing Classic will be held September 19-21, 2019, in Aspen and Basalt, Colorado. “Anglers will come once again to float the famous Roaring Fork and Colorado River,” with entry fees going to benefit cystic fibrosis research. For more information and to see the complete schedule click here, and to enter, visit this...

Podcast Episode: Brett Seng on Anchored

Brett Seng is an accomplished photographer and has worn many hats in his career in the outdoor industry, from fly fishing guide to app creator. In this episode of Anchored with April Vokey, he sits down for a conversation about “career choices, inspiration in the outdoors, and the modern-day pressures of killing animals and catching fish for public...

Video Hatch: “Cannula Shrimp”

In this instructional video from Herman deGala, learn how to tie a Cannula Shrimp.

Video: How to Tie a Tungsten Rainbow Dart

Tim Flagler demonstrates how to tie a Tungsten Rainbow Dart in this week's featured tying video. "It’s basically a mash-up of three great Lance Egan patterns; the Tungsten Surveyor, the Rainbow Warrior and the Red Dart," notes Flagler.

Jim Harrison's Memorial Dinner

After Jim Harrison’s death, his closest friends and family members gathered for a farewell dinner for the beloved author, “whose ravenous love of the earth was equaled only by his ability to articulate such affection in his books,” writes Chris Dombrowski. Read more about Harrison’s memorial dinner, including recipes, via Outside Online.

Sneak Fly Fishing Into Any Vacation

You don’t need to plan a fly fishing trip to get some fly fishing in on a vacation. From rising early to always carrying gear, with these tips from Dan Zazworsky you can make fly fishing a part of any trip. Via Postfly Box.

Video Hatch: “BWO Buffet”

In this first episode of The Buffet Series from Gilbert Rowley, visit Utah's Green River, home to one of the world's greatest blue-winged olive hatches.

Sight Fishing Streamers

Streamers aren’t often thought of as the fly of sight fishing, but in this article Chris Hunt writes about several scenarios where doing so have made his day on the water. “The next time you’re swinging big flies for trout, and you’re having hard time hooking up, consider going with something that you’ll be able to see when it’s in the...

Video Hatch: "Patagonia® Foot Tractor Wading Boots"

The highly anticipated Patagonia wading boots, built by Danner, are now available to order and in fly shops. Learn more in this video from Patagonia.

Fighting Sexism on the Water

In this recent article, Chris Sayer profiles female fly fishing guides Rachel Therkildsen and Emily Dmohowski and their experiences working as a female fly fishing guides. The historically narrow demographic “produced a private-club mentality where these older guys felt like it was their sport, their water,” she says. “You’d hear them talk about how...