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The Unique MagniTyer Fishing Pouch

Along with providing convenient storage for fishing accessories, the MagniTyer Fishing Pouch includes a Fresnel magnifying lens that enlarges up to 300%, making it an ideal piece of gear for any angler with vision limitations. Read more in the press … more

Costa Adds Cape and Montauk Styles for Anglers

Costa has announced the release of two new styles designed specifically with anglers in mind: the Cape and Montauk. “We added features to help anglers find more fish by standing up to the toughest elements,” says John Sanchez, vice president … more

Willowemoc Creek LLC to Distribute Partridge, Sprite, and Marryat to US Markets

Willowemoc Creek LLC has recently formed with the mission to bring Europe-based Partridge and Sprite Hooks and Marryat Rods to US markets. Read more in the press release below.

Avedon & Colby Reinvent The All-Terrain Bearer’s Shirt

Avedon & Colby has released a fresh take on an old classic, the iconic Willis & Geiger All-Terrain Bearer’s Shirt. The redesign “retains the Willis & Geiger’s seamless shoulder yoke that prevents chafing when carrying a pack or rucksack – … more

Video Hatch: “Grayling Paradise”

A small stream and large grayling come together in this beautiful short film. Via FMAO Productions. Continue reading

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Tippets: JT Van Zandt on Texas, Teaching Trout

  • JT Van Zandt, a fly-fishing guide and son of the late singer-songwriter Townes Van Zandt, sits down for an interview with Texas Monthly. He “talks about the beauty and protection of the region’s wild treasures that are hiding in plain sight.”
  • In this article, Todd Tanner writes about being an effective communicator and how to inspire students of fly fishing to continue their education on the water. Read “Teaching Trout” via Hatch Magazine.
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Jeff McGowan Joins Scientific Anglers as National Sales Manager

Scientific Anglers has announced the hiring of Jeff McGowan as national sales manager. “Jeff brings with him more than a decade of selling experience, customer care, and sales management in the action sports and outdoor industry,” said president Brad Befus.

Read more in the press release below. Continue reading

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Tippets: Patagonia Takes on Federal Government, Colorado River Faces Record Low Runoff, Puget Sound Salmon on Drugs

  • Patagonia has always been outspoken in their support of environmental causes. But since the beginning of the Trump administration, the company has increased their activity in messaging about the environment. From Yvon Chouinard as an unlikely CEO, to the recent lawsuit Patagonia filed against the federal government, read more in this article by Rosecrans Baldwin in GQ.
  • According to projections from federal forecasters, the Colorado River Basin faces one of its driest spring runoffs in the past 50 years. “Scientists at the Salt Lake City-based Colorado Basin River Forecast Center say current snowpack conditions are set to yield the sixth-lowest recorded runoff into Lake Powell since the lake was filled more than 50 years ago.” Via KRCC.
  • Washington State Chinook salmon in Puget Sound are absorbing our prescription drugs at alarming and harmful rates. “The metabolic disturbance evident in the fish from human drugs was severe enough that it may result not only in failure to thrive but early mortality and an inability to compete for food and habitat.” Via The Seattle Times.
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Video Hatch: “Study to be Quiet”

This short film features beautiful footage of a trip to Maine’s Moosehead region to fly fish for brook trout. Via Tight Loops. Continue reading

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Tippets: Filming with Todd Moen, Top Guide Flies

  • Todd Moen has traveled the world in pursuit of some of the best fly fishing locales. However, he “can more likely be found behind a video camera filming somebody else fishing,” writes Mark Morical, “or in front of a computer editing his video and photos, than with a fly rod in hand.” Read more about Moen and his film work via The Bend Bulletin.
  • From nymphs to terrestrials, Brian Kozminski shares his top fly pattern picks in this recent post on True North Trout. “I find that my favorite flies are often the ones that I am using most,” he writes, “which also seem to produce because I have faith in them; hence, using them more, so on and so on.”
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Video Hatch: “Above Barriers”

This video features great footage of backcountry brook trout fishing in Minnesota. Via Blue Forest Films. Continue reading

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Tippets: Fly Fishing with Family, Breaking the Rules of Fly Tying

  • In this article Kaitlin Barnhart writes about five great tips for successful family outings on the river. “Chances are, if you raise riverside kids you will have fly-fishing teenagers, or at least young adults who adore the feeling they get when exploring the great outdoors. And that is always worth the hassle and difficulty of hauling the family to the river.” Via Orvis.
  • Learn the basic principles of fly tying, writes Paul Gaskell, and then break them. “You should never be boxed in by stuffy old rules – but you need to understand and master those rules really well before breaking them does you any good.” Learn more via Discover Tenkara.
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Review of “The Feather Thief”

A new book, The Feather Thief by Kirk Wallace Johnson, looks at “the natural history heist of the century.” The book centers around the crime committed when Edwin Rist stole rare bird specimens from the British Museum of Natural History for the purpose of selling to anglers for tying salmon flies. Stuart Pimm reviews the book in Nature.

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Tippets: Ethics of Fishing Redds, Cautious Casting

  • The practice of targeting spawning trout for trophy shots can hurt both the sport and health of trout populations. In this article, Ryan Hudson writes about a recent situation he witnessed on the Green River in Wyoming and questions unethical fishing behavior, brand ambassadors, hero shots and fishing redds. Via The Drake.
  • Cautious casting is not always a strategy for success on the water. “Whatever you’re casting (dries, nymphs, wets or streamers), do it with some speed in between two points,” writes Domenick Swentosky. “Cast with authority. Don’t be the butterfly. Be the bee.” Read more about this “One Great Fly Casting Tip” via Troutbitten.
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