Preserving Fly Fishing's Classic Films

Chris Hunt put together a great piece in Hatch Magazine which highlights some of the great work Scientific Anglers and The American Museum of Fly Fishing are doing to help preserve fly fishing history. The Museum and SA have worked together to preserve some of fly fishing's classic films online. They're now free to view, and feature videos from folks like...

Tying Tuesday: Swing Sculpin

Today's edition of Tying Tuesday features the Swing Sculpin, from Matt over at Loon Outdoors. This looks like a fantastic pattern, especially as we move into fall when fish are traditionally much more aggressive.

Sports Medicine and Fly Fishing

This is a unique story that comes to us from Matt Markey, over at The Toledo Blade. The story talks about Dr. Jason Smith, a Toledo-based sports medicine physician, and his research into sports-related injuries that fly anglers often sustain. It's a fascinating story that you can read in full here.

Story: Mining's Impact on Today's Rivers

Jody Martin wrote a great story over in Hatch Magazine about the impact of abandoned mines on our rivers today. It's an insightful story that frames the rich mining history of Colorado in terms that anglers today are familiar with. Read through it here.

Greenback Cutthroat Spawning in Native Range

Chris Hunt has some great news detailed for anglers over in his most recent piece at Hatch Magazine. His story details how greenback cutthroat trout were observed spawning in their native range for the first time since restoration efforts began years ago. The spawning fish were observed in Herman Gulch, west of Denver, Colorado. You can read the entire...

Story: The Good Wader

This story from Dom Swentosky over at Troutbitten gets to the heart of what good waders do while walking a river. Folks who are comfortable wading in a river are often great anglers, too. You can read the story here.

Steelhead Considered for EPA Inclusion

Steelhead on the Olympic Peninsula are being considered for listing under the Endangered Species Act, per Joshua Bergan over at Fly Fisherman Magazine. If listed, fly fishing should essentially "shut down" for steelhead on the Olympic Peninsula. Obviously, this is a layered issue with many facets to it, and Bergan does a great job breaking it all down...

Wildfire and Wild Fish

This story from John Flesher and Brittany Peterson with Fox 13 Seattle does an outstanding job highlighting the dangers wild fish face from wildfires. As wildfires grow in severity and frequency, native fish like the Rio Grande cutthroat trout are severely endangered in watersheds where they're being reintroduced, or struggling to survive. You can find the...

Video: Straightening Your Leader

The latest installment in the Basic Fly Fishing Tips video series from Orvis is about how to straighten your leader. Tom Rosenbauer walks you through all you need to know about uncoiling leaders without getting them tangled. See All Orvis Learning Center Fly Fishing Video Lessons

Gear: Old Town Fishing Kayak

If you've ever thought about fly fishing from a kayak, then you'll want to check out this review of the Old Town Sportsman PDL 106 from Zach Burton at Gear Junkie. According to Burton, this kayak is stable enough that you can comfortably stand up and cast from it. To read the whole review, click here.