"Outdoor Life" Lists Top Fly Rod Picks

"Even choosing the best fly fishing rod and fly fishing gear is tough, because new fly rods are coming out all the time. What is the best fly rod length? What is the best all-around fly rod weight? How much should I spend on a fly rod?" Outdoor Life offers a list of their favorite fly rods for everything from saltwater to spey.

Trout Deformities

This is an interesting read from Louis Cahill over at Gink & Gasoline. In it, he goes through trout deformities and what causes them. Give it a read here.

Stream Etiquette

Stream etiquette is a topic anglers love to discuss, but fewer of us actually love to practice as we should. This recent piece by Louis Cahill in Gink & Gasoline is a great refresher on what stream etiquette looks like, and why we need more of it these days. Read the piece in full here.

"Skunk Week"

Chris Hunt's latest in Hatch Magazine details an entire week he spent in the Bahamas - not catching fish. It's an interesting piece, and a good reminder that all of us could do with a bit of humility now and then. Read the piece in full here.

Strategies for Fooling Suspended Trout

In an article that ran in the August print version of Fly Fisherman Magazine, Pat Dorsey details some great tactics for targeting suspended trout. These are the fish you see midway in the water column, but aren't sure exactly how to fish for them, or which flies to use. Dorsey takes you through a few tricks you can use next time you find suspended trout...

How to Stop the Dreaded Bird's Nest

Kent Klewein writes: "'In the film A River Runs Through It,' Jerry Siem (one of the casting stuntmen) never watched his backcast. It’s important to note that his fly casting skill level ranks among the best in the world, which allowed him to get away without doing this. It’s also pertinent to point out he was casting a single dry fly in the movie scene...

John Juracek: "There is No One-Size-Fits-All Casting Stroke"

"Here’s how this works. The length of the casting stroke is a function of the length of the line being cast. The relationship works like this: Short line, short stroke. Longer line, longer stroke. So every time we change the length of our line we also change the length of our stroke." Casting instructor and former Blue Ribbon Flies proprietor John Juracek...

Fly Fishing: The Big Escape

Veteran journalist Ian Brown writes about fly fishing in The Globe and Mail, describing it is both an antidote and a patience-builder. "Fly-fishing is an escapist alternative to facing such realities. My only caution, should you chose to take up the sport and pastime in today’s apocalyptic atmosphere, is to remember what happened to Simon Peter and his...

2020 Robert Traver Fly Fishing Writing Award Results Announced

The John D. Voelker Foundation and the American Museum of Fly Fishing (AMFF) are pleased to announce the winner of the 2020 Robert Traver Fly-Fishing Writing Award: “Blue Lines” by Alexander Benoît. Mr. Benoît’s essay describes how he creates rough hand-drawn maps of places he has fly fished to help him remember those places and events, and to...

"How 4 of the State’s Most Colorful Fishing Flies Got Their Names"

This fun story from 5820 Magazine out of Denver, CO delivers the backstory on four fly patterns whose names will make you smile. As author Lily Capstock says,"Intricately designed flies aren't the only way Colorado tiers show off their imaginations."