Complete Guide to Tenkara Fishing

Paul Gaskell has put together an amazing comprehensive resource for all you need to know about Tenkara. From the basics of gear and choosing the perfect fly, to casting and the history of the technique, learn more via Discover Tenkara.

Video Hatch: “Martin 00L Fly Fishing Guitar”

Learn more about the new limited 00L Fly Fishing LTD guitar make from Martin in this video from Music Villa in Bozeman, Montana.

Best Songs for a Fishing Playlist

“Music can help set the tempo of the day,” writes Jess McGlothlin, “and luckily there’s no shortage of fishing-themed songs that can get anglers ready for a day on the water.” Read McGlothlin’s top ten picks for best fishing songs for your playlist via GearJunkie.

A River Still Runs Through It

Nearly thirty years after the film debut of A River Runs Through It, “travelers (both fly-fishers and land-lubbers alike) are still making a pilgrimage to Montana to find out if that river will give them the same transcendent experience that lifts the family in the film and haunts the sole surviving brother years afterwards,” writes Gretchen Kelly in...

Video Hatch: “Just be with Me”

This short film features a mother and daughter spending time on the water. Via Jono Blackham.

Special Report on Diversity in Angling

A new study shows that more women and Hispanics are fishing than ever before, highlighting record-breaking diversity for America’s anglers. But fly fishing shows a different trend: “While the overall number of anglers participating in fly fishing has grown over the last two years, all non-white groups have either stagnated or declined in...

Fly Fishers International Names Patrick H. Berry President and Chief Executive Officer

Fly Fishers International has announced Patrick H. Berry as the organization’s new President and Chief Executive Officer. Berry brings over 27 years of experience within the environmental conservation field.

Video Hatch: “How to Properly Attach Spey Lines”

In this great Tips & Tricks video from Gink & Gasoline, Louis Cahill demonstrates how to properly attach spey lines.

Video Hatch: "The nightmarish attack of a phantom midge larvae"

In this high speed video from Science Magazine, watch this “lake predator’s lightning strike.”

3D Printed Bamboo Rods

The application of 3D printing technologies to fly rod manufacture is has gained a foothold in the industry, reports MIDCURRENT's Scott Bowen.  Moreover, it has established a strong following among the most unlikely of craftsmen: the makers of bamboo rods. Read Bowen's exclusive account of what has become known as the "synBAM" movement.