Brown Folks Fishing Launches Angling for All Pledge with Orvis

This morning Brown Folks Fishing (BFF), a community-based organization focused on creating community for Black, Indigenous and People of Color in fishing and its industry, announces the Angling for All Pledge in partnership with Orvis, its inaugural pledgee. The pledge is designed to help brands, organizations, guides, athletes and outfitters identify...

Tying Tuesday: Comparadun

With spring hatches right around the corner, the comparadun is a must-have pattern for every angler. This new video from In The Riffle, where Charlie Craven ties one of these great patterns, is a great tutorial if you're looking for something new to fill your fly box.

Throwback Thursday: Fly Fishing in Scotland

Today's Throwback Thursday video comes from the 1960s in Scotland. This is just flat-out fun footage, featuring old-school bamboo rods on Scottish rivers, where anglers target salmon, pike, trout, and grayling. In true old-school fashion, most anglers are even wearing tweed! And tongue-in-cheek kidding aside, this is really a fascinating glimpse into the...

On Tipping Your Guide

“There's a lot more to tipping your guide than how many fish you caught,” writes Matthew Reilly. Therefore, in this article, he recruits the input of a diverse assemblage of respected guides from around the country, asking them to share their thoughts why, when and how much you should tip your fishing guide. Via Hatch Magazine.

Video Hatch: “Common Thread”

This film is an Official Selection of the 2020 Fly Fishing Film Tour. “Mary Pettigrew is not your typical fly angler. As a 70 year old widow she brings more spunk to the sport of fly fishing than most others out there, making monster Pike on the fly look effortless. Alongside her family, Mary’s trips to Northern Saskatchewan have woven together a web of...

Casting for Recovery Adds BUFF® as a 2020 National Sponsor

Casting for Recovery and Buff, Inc. have announced the expansion of their partnership to include a customized BUFF collection of which ten percent of gross sales will benefit CfR and Buff, Inc. will be recognized as a National Sponsor going into 2020.

Moonlit Glass Fly Rod Giveaway Winner Announced

David Merical of central Iowa was the winner of the random drawing for the Moonlit Lunar S Glass Fly Rod Giveaway sponsored by Moonlit and MidCurrent in October. Says David of his fishing: "I flyfish for everything… bluegills, crappies, trout, largemouth & smallmouth bass, carp, catfish… If it swims, I’ll try to catch it on flies. I had tried to...

Podcast Episode: April Vokey on Tailer Trash Fly Fishing Podcast

In this recent episode of Tailer Trash Fly Fishing Podcast, guest April Vokey sits down with host Larry Littrell for a conversation ranging from parenting, her advice for success in fly fishing to the sport's social media culture. Listen here.

Swing Season: The Winter Crew

The change of seasons often prompts a change of fishing partners as well. “The winter crew is largely absent from the rest of the year’s fishing schedule,” writes Gregory Fitz. “Many of the fair weather trout and bass fishing pals disappear for a few months. Some friends will turn their attention to tropical locations and elaborate crab patterns...

Fly Fishing is the New Bird Watching

A recent article by Alexandra Marvar calls fly fishing the new bird watching, both of which are gaining popularity with a younger generation.  “For those who can afford the leisure time and some rudimentary equipment, it offers a reason to be outdoors, a closer connection to nature, an avenue for environmentalism, built-in community, opportunity for...