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Gear: New Korkers River Ops BOA Boots

Korkers' River Ops boots are some of the best the company has ever made - a high compliment, considering their product history. The only knock I had on the River Ops when they launched last year was the lack of a BOA system. Korkers has rectified that with their updated River Ops BOA boots, available this coming January. Take a look at the product video...

Korkers Announces BOA River Ops Boots

Korkers made waves recently with the launch of their River Ops wading boots. They've been well-received, and for good reason. They're a solid, dependable product that's among the best set of boots Korkers has ever built. And Korkers isn't content to rest there. Today, they announced the addition of BOA-equipped River Ops boots to their lineup. Below is a...

Wet Wading Tips

Dom Swentosky's latest over at Troutbitten goes into some great detail on what you need to know about wet wading. From gear to technique, it's all covered in this informative piece. Read it here.

Gear Review: Korkers River Ops Boots

I had the chance to review the newest boots from Korkers - their River Ops wading boots. These boots really impressed me. You can read the entire review over at Hatch Magazine. 

Choosing Wet Wading Gear

It hit 90 here in Salt Lake City this week - an unfortunate sign that a hot, dry summer isn't just coming, but finally arrived. Thankfully, that means my usual wet wading season has been expanded substantially. If you're new to wet wading, or just want to upgrade your gear, this piece from Phil Monahan over at Orvis is a great places to start. Read it here.

Best Gear for High Country Fly Fishing

Adam Bible, over at Men's Journal, recently put this piece together that details the best ultralight wading and fishing gear needed for high-country fly fishing. Read the roundup here.

"Popular Mechanics" Best Gear of 2021

It always makes me chuckle when mainstream publications with little connection to fly fishing publish gear guides. Enter the latest iteration from Popular Mechanics.  Their gear guide for 2021 features no real surprises, but writer J.R. Sullivan does a good job of delivering puns and making the guide worth reading. Give it a look in full here.

Patagonia Intros New Swiftcurrent Waders

Patagonia released a brand-new line of waders for 2021 - the Swiftcurrent waders. Designed for men and women, these new waders feature Patagonia's commitment to using recycled materials, as well as the company's longstanding guarantee of durability. You can learn more about them in the video below.

Gear Review: Muck Wetland Pro Snake Boots

Good ol' rubber boots don't near the love they deserve in the fly fishing community. And these new Wetland Pro Snake Boots from Muck are a great example of how these overlooked pieces of gear can really serve a great purpose for a variety of anglers. You can read the review in Hatch Magazine here.

Gear Review: Simms Flyweight Boots

The folks over at Gear Junkie just released a review of the new Simms Flyweight boots - ultralite footwear built with athletic movement in mind. You can read the full review here.