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Gear Review: Muck Wetland Pro Snake Boots

Good ol' rubber boots don't near the love they deserve in the fly fishing community. And these new Wetland Pro Snake Boots from Muck are a great example of how these overlooked pieces of gear can really serve a great purpose for a variety of anglers. You can read the review in Hatch Magazine here.

Gear Review: Simms Flyweight Boots

The folks over at Gear Junkie just released a review of the new Simms Flyweight boots - ultralite footwear built with athletic movement in mind. You can read the full review here.

Simms Launches New Riparian Camo Waders

For years, my fishing buddies gave me a hard time because I wore my camo hunting jackets while fishing in the dead of winter. The way I see it, why buy yet another Primaloft down coat just for fly fishing, when my hunting coats are often better at keeping me warm anyways? Then, Simms released their river camo waders, and I felt some sort of vindication...

Simms Debuts New FlyWeight Waders

Simms recently announced that they'll have a new wader available in January 2021 - a product they've dubbed "FlyWeight Waders." These waders, according to Fly Fisherman Magazine, have stretch panels in strategic places to allow for more flexibility while on the water. Simms is also including a Hex Grid chest that looks like it's supposed to replace the...

Gear Review: Orvis PRO Approach Wet Wading Shoe

Orvis continues to expand upon their existing lineup of PRO gear. Their newest offering is the PRO Approach wet wading shoe. You can read a full review of them here, courtesy of Hatch Magazine. 

The Best Waders of 2020

If you're wader shopping this year, the folks over at American Angler have you covered. They've recently published their list of the best waders available in 2020, which you can read in full here. While I think they overlooked a few brands, the list as a whole is a good starting point if you need new waders this year.

Korkers Terror Ridge Review

Korkers newest boot offering - the Terror Ridge - has been out for months now, and the reviews all seem to say the same thing - that these boots are great. I personally had the chance to review them earlier this year, and I have to concur with the general opinion here. These boots are some of the best Korkers has ever built. Read the review here.

Spring 2020 Fly Fishing Gear Guide

With all of us stuck at home and wondering when we'll be able to get back on the water in earnest, I've been fielding more gear-related questions than normal. So, I decided to put together a Spring 2020 Gear Guide for all the fly anglers out there who are looking for new rods, reels, waders, boots, or tying supplies. You can view the entire gear guide here.

iWader Review

As if anglers didn't have enough choices when it comes to waders, Australian-based company iWader is making a name for itself on the international stage. They were the official waders of the 2019 FIPS-Mouche World Fly Fishing Championship. The waders, according to this review from Fly Fisherman Magazine, are the industry's first highly-elastic waders...

Men's Journal Best Gear Review

Fly fishing gear reviews aren't relegated to fishing-only publications. Men's Journal recently released their roundup of the best fly fishing gear currently on the market. While nothing on their list is a surprise, it's nice to get affirmation that the products you're researching - or already own - are among those that everyone recommends. You can read...