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Chota Release New Wading Shoe Cover

Chota Outdoor Gear has announced the release of a new product that should catch the eye of fly anglers - a wading shoe cover. The Cloak, as Chota has dubbed the product, is "designed to transform any shoe, sandal, or boot into a felt-soled wading shoe," per a press release from Chota. The Cloak zips on over existing footwear and has an attached felt sole...

Gear: Skwala RS Waders

I recently had the chance to use and fish in the new Skwala RS waders. These are a bomber-level wader option, built for the most intense of situations. I think Skwala knocked it out of the park with the RS waders, and you can find my full thoughts here.

Review: Skwala Carbon Waders

I had the chance to get my hands on the new Carbon waders from Skwala. I think they're among the best reasonably-priced waders currently on the market, due to their build quality and innovative design. You can read the full review here.

Miss Mayfly Launches New Wading Boot

Miss Mayfly, the company to produce the world's first line of fishing and wading gear designed exclusively to fit all women, has launched a new wading boot. This wading boot, called the Moxie, is available for purchase now. Below is a press release from Miss Mayfly on this new product. Miss Mayfly® is excited to announce the launch of its new “Moxie...

Gear: Korkers River Ops BOA Wading Boots

I had the chance to review the Korkers River Ops BOA wading boots for Hatch Magazine. The boots are the same as the original River Ops boots, but with the BOA lacing system added on. So, this review functioned in part as a way to see how well the River Ops boots have held up after a year of heavy use. You can read the review here.

Orvis Expands PRO Lineup

The Orvis PRO lineup of gear is one of the most advanced and sophisticated currently on the market. Some of their stuff has made its way into my personal lineup of gear, and I'll personally vouch for it. As expected, Orvis announced the release of new products to expand their existing PRO lineup. You can read all about the new gear here.

Thoughts on Wading Staffs

Wading staffs are one of the few pieces of fly fishing gear I haven't used extensively. I thankfully haven't needed to, but I know plenty of anglers who do need them. If you're wondering how one could help you, I suggest reading this great piece from Dom Swentosky at Troutbitten. 

Skwala Enters Outerwear Market

As reported earlier in this week by other news outlets, there's a new outerwear manufacturer on the block. Headquartered in Montana, Skwala aims to offer intuitively-designed gear for fly anglers. A quick glance through their product catalog shows waders, jackets, and other accessories that will soon be available for purchase. You can peruse their unique...

Gear: New Korkers River Ops BOA Boots

Korkers' River Ops boots are some of the best the company has ever made - a high compliment, considering their product history. The only knock I had on the River Ops when they launched last year was the lack of a BOA system. Korkers has rectified that with their updated River Ops BOA boots, available this coming January. Take a look at the product video...

Korkers Announces BOA River Ops Boots

Korkers made waves recently with the launch of their River Ops wading boots. They've been well-received, and for good reason. They're a solid, dependable product that's among the best set of boots Korkers has ever built. And Korkers isn't content to rest there. Today, they announced the addition of BOA-equipped River Ops boots to their lineup. Below is a...