Hardy Releases 2019 Limited Edition Reels

Hardy has announced the release of a series of Limited Edition Trout Perfects reels, which feature original artwork by world-famous artist and angler Charles Jardine. Read more in the press release below. Hardy Releases 2019 Limited Edition Reels From Hardy: Hardy®, the iconic fly fishing rod and reel company, announces the release of Limited Edition Trout...

Enhance Your Flats Experience With RIO’s DirectCore Permit Line

RIO Products has announced the release of the new DirectCore Permit Line. “The front taper and weight distribution have been designed to give soft presentations so as not to spook wary Perms, while maintaining enough power to easily cast weighted crab patterns and cope with typical saltwater winds.”

The Joy of Unpacking

In this essay, Mike Sepelak writes about the pleasure of unpacking. “And while that might seem odd, it makes perfect sense when you consider that this actually means that I’m just a bit ahead of you in my anticipation of the next trip,” he explains.  “I’m poised, ready to start it all over, eagerly awaiting the time when I can pack it all up...

Rethinking Short Rods for Small Streams

Anglers tend to match length of rod with the size of the water they’re fishing. However, in this article, Kent Klewein writes about why that isn’t always the best strategy. “Most of the time we end up going with the status quo, which is the obvious and most popular method for the fly fishing situation at hand. Sometimes, however, if we’re not afraid...

Fishpond Welcomes Tacky Fly Storage Systems into the Family

Fishpond has announced the welcome of Tacky Fly Storage to the Fishpond brand. “The acquisition fits seamlessly into Fishpond’s mission to provide uncom­promising function, style, and authenticity to the fly fishing community through thoughtfully designed products.”

Nautilus Reels Launches Custom Reel Builder

Nautilus has announced the launch of their new online custom reel builder.From frame color to drag knob color to fish engravings, anglers can now see exactly what they are ordering and easily make changes.

IFTD 2019 New Product Showcase Awards Announced

As voted on by retailers/buyers/guides and credentialed media attending the annual IFTD, which ends today in Denver, CO.   Votes could be cast for products that are either newly available or will become available during 2020. New Product Showcase Awards Accessories – Under $100 Simms Fishing Products, Pro Nipper Accessories – Over $100 RISING, Travel...

Hardy Debuts the New MTX-S Reel

Hardy has announced the release of their new MTX-S reel, their “first fly reel to feature a hybrid carbon fiber and alloy main frame construction with a sealed disc drag system. The new reel is Hardy’s lightest sealed drag reel ever and built for chasing game fish of all sizes.”

Patagonia Announces New Swiftcurrent Line of Waders

Patagonia has announced a new line of waders. The Swiftcurrent Waders are “lighter, stronger, and intelligently designed for active anglers.”

Tips for Fly Line Maintenance

It can be easy to forget about care and maintenance for fly lines, but they are “one of the three critical components to any setup (rod, reel, line), it’s the main artery connecting you and a fish,” writes Ryan Scavo. “So taking care of it is as important as picking the right fly for the piece of water you’re fishing.”  Read more here. Via The...