Waterworks-Lamson Announces New Guru and Speedster Reels

Waterworks-Lamson has announced new reels for 2020: the Guru and Speedster, which have undergone “complete structural changes to produce lighter and higher-retrieve performance.” Read more in the press release below. America’s Best Selling Reel Brand Sets a New Standard For immediate release  America’s best-selling reel 1 offers the most...

Loon Outdoors Introduces The Rogue Zinger

Loon has announced the release of their new Rogue Zinger accessory, designed to hold nippers, hemostats, floatant, and more.

RIO Sweeps Lakes with Its New Line

RIO Products has announced the release of their new Fathom CleanSweep lines, a family of sinking lines designed specifically for the lake angler. Read more in the press release below.  RIO Sweeps Lakes with Its New Line FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  IDAHO FALLS, IDAHO (September 3, 2019) – Once again, RIO rises to the demand of anglers this time by...

The New Winston ALPHA+

The Winston Rod Company has announced their newest rod series, the ALPHA+. “With wicked fast action, ALPHA+ rods have been designed to cast aggressive rigs – including big flies, heavy lines, shooting heads and sinking tips. These rods will cast these big rigs further with minimal false casts and effort.”

Umpqua Unveils ZS2 Packs and Bags

The new Fall 2019 lineup of new products from Umpqua have been announced, featuring the new ZS2 series of packs, X-Series Hooks, and much more.

Crossfire Textured Rubber Grip Clamps, Prism-Finish Scissors New from Dr. Slick

Dr. Slick has announced the release of two new product lines for 2020, “Clamps and scissors, tools found on every fly fly-fisher’s vest and tying bench, have been re-imagined.”

John Gierach on Bamboo Rods

Bamboo rods have a religious following among anglers. “Part of it is the way we value the Yankee workshop-like tradition of fine handwork done with what we now consider to be primitive tools, as well as the antique virtues of skill and patience,” writes John Gierach. “But there’s also some unapologetic nostalgia at work here. Bamboo fly rods can...

Sector Series from Scott Fly Rod Company

Scott has announced the release of the new Sector series of fly rods. “Sector rods are fit with newly designed components that defy harsh saltwater environments, redefine reliability, and enhance angler experience.”

New From Scientific Anglers

Scientific Anglers has announced their new product list for 2020. Ranging from fly lines to apparel, new products will be available to ship starting October 1st. Read more in the press release below.  New From Scientific Anglers Greetings from the Scientific Anglers Pro Desk! We're excited to announce our NEW products for 2020! From the Amplitude Infinity...

Feed Picky Fish with RIO’s New Technical Trout Fly Line Family

The Technical Trout series of fly lines from RIO Products recent won Best New Fly Line at the European Fishing Tackle Trade Exhibition, and is now available for purchase.