Review: Tom Morgan Rodsmiths Fly Rod

I've owned and fished a Tom Morgan Rodsmiths rod for the better part of four years now, and it's probably my favorite fly rod. I just put together a review on the TMR rod, which you can read in full here.

MidCurrent's 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

It feels like I wrote the 2020 Gift Guide just a few weeks ago, but here we are releasing the 2021 Gift Guide! If you're looking for something to get the angler in your life - or yourself - this holiday season, our Gift Guide has you covered. Browse the guide in full here.

New 2021 Fly Fishing Accessories

The folks over at Field & Stream, who've made a name for themselves over the years with great gear reviews, put together this continually-updated page for new fly fishing accessories that debut in 2021. Take a look and see what new stuff has popped up lately - and what to keep an eye on during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Read the story here.

Buff Announces Fall, Winter Products

Buff - the company behind the original fishing-centric face and neck coverings - just released their new fall and winter products. You can view them here, or watch the video below for more details.

Loon Debuts New Plasma UV Light

Loon Outdoors, renowned makers of fly tying supplies and tools, recently announced the release of their new Plasma UV Light. This UV light is built to cure all Loon resins quicker, and harder, than any previous UV torch. It also sports a hefty battery and USB charging. Check out the rest of the details here.

Best Saltwater Reels for 2021

The folks over at Field & Stream put together this gear review that details their picks for the best saltwater fishing reels in 2021. A good portion of the reels on this list are spinning or baitcasting, but their roundup of fly reels is worth looking at. You can read the story here.

Gear: New Korkers River Ops BOA Boots

Korkers' River Ops boots are some of the best the company has ever made - a high compliment, considering their product history. The only knock I had on the River Ops when they launched last year was the lack of a BOA system. Korkers has rectified that with their updated River Ops BOA boots, available this coming January. Take a look at the product video...

Fly Fishing Affordably

It's no secret that you can spend thousands upon thousands of dollars on fly fishing gear. Shoot, I've done that more often than I'd care to admit. But it doesn't have to be expensive, as Ross Purnell reminds us in this story over at Fly Fisherman Magazine. In it, he lists some of the best inexpensive gear on the market right now, so you can get on the...

Gear: New Products from Sea Run Cases

Earlier this year, we reviewed Sea Run Cases here at MidCurrent. They impressed us with their build quality, functionality, and storage space. For next year, Sea Run has a bunch of new products out, which you can look through here.

Greys Launches New Fin Reel

Greys hasn't always been a huge name on this side of the pond, but they're consistently a solid brand in Europe. Their new Fin reel is poised to directly hit the holiday shopping market, as it's priced at $100 and features a disc-drag encased in die-cast construction. Read about the new reel here.