Skwala Debuts Backeddy Wader

January 17, 2024 By: Spencer Durrant

Skwala has officially launched — after teasing it for a while now — their newest wader, dubbed the Backeddy.

I have a pair myself (and an in-depth review will be forthcoming here at MidCurrent) and I’ve been impressed in my limited time with them so far. The Backeddy waders are designed as the do-it-all wader for Skwala, filling a niche that neither their current Carbon nor RS waders do.

Of particular note are the two bucket-style pockets on each side of the wader. These are a Skwala staple, as you’ll find them on the Sol Tactical Hoody and other garments. One of the folks at Skwala described these pockets to me as “dump truck pockets” where you can toss everything you need for a day on the water. On my Sol Tactical Hoody, at least, I’ve found that to be true.

The Backeddy also features a new and improved magnetic shoulder yoke attachment, which should be familiar to anyone who’s used their Carbon waders.

As I mentioned earlier, a full review of the Backeddy will be coming soon. Until then, you can browse the wader here.