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Snot Hill

Before the pandemic shut down the world, I was fishing with my buddy Bridger Lyons in Utah, chasing blue-winged olives. We were riding one of those rare warm spells that show up every spring here in the Rockies. The warmth makes it feel like spring is right around the corner. Then, disaster strikes - and that's exactly what happened to us while on top of...

A Quarter-Century of Fly Fishing

This is a heartwarming story about a father and son who've been fishing together for 25 years. Written by George Liset, it ran in the Patch, in Exeter, NH. Read the story in full here.

Pursuit As Happiness

I have yet to meet an angler who doesn't enjoy reading Ernest Hemingway (although I have met a lot of fellow English majors who dislike him). This fictional piece ran in The New Yorker and is a classic example of why anglers everywhere enjoy Hemingway's prose. Give it a read here.

The Taimen of Siberia

Taimen are a fish on my bucket list, and I'm sure just about every other angler has them there, too. Taimen grow to immense sizes - according to Russian folklore, some weigh up to 200 pounds - but for Keith Rose-Innes, all he wanted was a fish over 6 feet long and denting the scales at 100 pounds. The story he wrote about his 17-year trip to find and catch...

The Fish That Took Three Anglers to Land

It's been a while since I shared a good story, so when I came across this piece over at Gink & Gasoline by Kent Klewein I just knew I had to share it. This is the story of three anglers, one steelhead, and, as Klewein wrote, one hell of an adventure. Give it a read here.

Virus Diary: On A River

The Associated Press isn't known for its fly fishing coverage, but this recent piece by Rob Jagodzinksi tells a great story of how one man is finding solace during these unprecedented times. This story is really interesting, and written in a more creative way than most everything else I read.

It's All in the Heart

I'm always partial to a good story, and few tell fly fishing tales as well as Louis Cahill. His latest article for his blog Gink & Gasoline about tarpon fishing on the fly is a great read to get you through this Wednesday. Read the piece in its entirety here.


Jon Tobey is a hell of an author. In a recent piece over at Hatch Magazine, he treats us to a story that's as real and vivid as the last time you were on the river yourself. This isn't your typical fly fishing story, either. There's a layer of filth and grime to the setting, the characters, that lends an authenticity to the work that's impossible to...

Penn State Fly Fishing Club Reflects on Successful Year

It's always good to hear that fly fishing is a serious activity on college campuses across the country. We need more young people - a demographic myself fall into - involved in the sport now more than ever before. This recent article from The Collegian details the successes that the Penn State fly fishing club enjoyed over the past year, in spite of all...

Podcast: Healing Through Fly Fishing

So, I almost never get this opportunity, but I couldn't pass it up. A politician (former, in this case) discussed fly fishing on a podcast, and did so in a thoughtful, caring way. Former NBA player and senator Bill Bradley (D, N.J.) hosts an intriguing podcast entitled "American Voices." In a recent episode, he interviews veterans about fly fishing, and how...