Stories & Essays

Story: America's Fish

Blane Chocklett put together this great story about what he sees as America's fish - and it's not a trout. Redfish, Chocklett says, deserve this title, because there's such an abundance of large ones. It's an interesting argument, and you can read it in full here.

Story: Urban Fly Fishing

In case you need more motivation to explore your local surroundings, this piece from Rob McConnell in Hatch Magazine reminds you why urban fly fishing has a place in the sport. Some fantastic fly fishing opportunities await if you're willing to trade mountain vistas for skyscrapers. Read McConnell's story here.

Story: Those Crazy Rubber Legs

This story is a throwback, originally published in 1987 in Fly Fisherman Magazine. The magazine has been re-publishing old classics online, and "Those Crazy Rubber Legs" by Jack Dennis is a must-read. It details the beginnings of the rubber leg craze in fly tying, and it's not surprising that these bugs were just as effective back in the late 80's as they...

Story: The Magic Stonefly

Louis Cahill has a great short story about a magic stonefly pattern in his latest over at Gink & Gasoline. It's a story that I think all of us anglers resonate with. You can read it here.

Story: Waiting on Luck

This story from Dom Swentosky over at Troutbitten muses on the role of luck in a fishing trip with his dad. It's a typically great story from Dom, and you can read it here.

Story: The Last Moment of Silence

This wonderful story by Matt Harris over in Hatch Magazine is an excerpt from his upcoming book The Fish of a Lifetime. In this excerpt, you'll be taken on a wonderful trip through Mongolia as Matt chases a monstrous taimen. Read the story here.

Go Mouse Anywhere

Kent Klewein wrote this story about how he discovered that you can truly go "mousing" anywhere. After reading about friends catching giant fish on mouse flies all across the country, Klewein decided to try it out in his home state of Georgia, despite not having any solid intel about the mousing in his neck of the woods. I'll let him tell the rest of the...

Story: It's All in the Heart

This wonderful story from Louis Cahill talks about the struggles of a new tarpon angler who may have bitten off more than he could chew - but never got discouraged, either. It's a great tale that reminds us so much of what we love about fishing is hard to articulate. Read the story here.

Story: Never Blame the Fish

In this story from Dom Swentosky over at Troutbitten, he take us through the need to be flexible as an angler. Swinging flies might not be your thing, but that tactic might just be the ticket to put a ton of fish in the net on a particular day. Read the story here.

Who Needs Skiing When There's Still Fly Fishing?

This fun column comes to use from Tracy Ross over at Sky-Hi News. Ross discusses why some fly anglers just can't ditch the river for the ski slopes, even in the dead of winter in Colorado. Ross's story is a fun look at winter fly fishing, and you can read it here.