Stories & Essays

Story: 'Unbroken Anglers'

This piece comes to us from Beau Beasley, the director of the Virginia and Texas Fly Fishing Festivals, and an active member of Project Healing Waters. In this story, Beasley reminds of us the healing power of fly fishing, and provides what I think is a gentle nudge to get us all back out on the water - veterans included. Read the story here.

Essay: Tell a Story

Louis Cahill has some poignant thoughts to share about how you can better document your fishing adventures - without grip-and-grin photos. Instead, Cahill suggests you focus on the smaller details of the trip. The little things that really add up to make something unforgettable. Read the story in full here.

Essay: "The Silent Act of Knowing"

Steve Ramirez, who wrote the acclaimed novel Casting Forward, has a sequel coming out. Fly Fisherman Magazine published an excerpt from that sequel, which you can read here.

Story: "Obsessions"

Domenick Swentosky posted this great story over the weekend over at Troutbitten. In it, he details his obsession over fishing line. Not fly lines, but the monofilaments that make up our leaders and tippet. If you're not aware, Dom has long been a pioneer of a multi-use mono rig, which you can read about on his site. You can read this story here.

Opinion: Fly Fishing's Lost Heart

In the ongoing debate over influencers and their role in the fly fishing world, Madson has some slightly different comments on the state of fly fishing as an industry. That it is an industry, he argues, means that fly fishing has lost most of what made it so unique in the first place. Read all of Madson's musings here.

Story: "Canyon Caddis"

This piece from Domenick Swentosky over at Troutbitten is a great way to start off your Monday. Canyon Caddis tells the story of an epic caddis hatch, which really gets me looking forward to those bugs coming off soon here in my neck of the woods. Read the story here.

Column: Hope and Fly Fishing

Anglers have a few things in common, regardless of where we come from or what species we chase. One of them is an attitude of hopefulness. This concept of being eternally hopeful is examined through the lens of a friend with cancer in  by Domenick Swentosky at Troutbitten. Take a few minutes and read it in full here.

Essay: Red Dirt Revival

This fantastic story by Nick Basaraba in The Flyfish Journal is a spectacular commentary on the value of fishing buddies. It's also a great story of perseverance, of patience, and of the unflappable humor anglers seem to find in even the darkest of times. Read it in full here.

Why We Keep Fishing Spots Secret

For whatever reason, this topic has been on my mind a lot lately - that of secret fishing spots. So, I wrote about what drives us to keep places like this close to the vest. I think I got to the heart of the matter, but I'm not sure. Give it a read and let me know what you think.

Essay: "Pyramid"

I recently wrote an essay on my three-year streak of getting skunked while fishing Pyramid Lake. The piece is a bit long, but I think the story is something we can all relate to. You can read it in full here.