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Bad Advice in the Outdoors

In this article, Ian Frazier writes about the prevalence of bad advice in the world of outdoor recreation. While looking for brown trout on the small streams of Michigan, however, Frazier stumbles into the opposite. “Regardless of what the people who know tell you or don't tell you, an off-road gathering of parked cars doesn't lie.” Read more via...

Trout Season

Trout season has arrived. Celebrate with Sage in this essay by Chris Dombrowski. “'A season,' we say; a few calendar pages, a span of time whose opening we anticipate and closure we mourn, a finite window that reminds us to number not our fish but our days—the seemingly ordinary, the folly-filled, and the rarest ones that brim with dumbstruck luck.'"

Ed Engle on Spring Creek Solitude and Elusive Trout

"Overnight a light snow had fallen at the trailhead to the spring creek. No one else was in the parking area. Cottontail, coyote and mule deer tracks meandered across the fresh snow in the canyon bottom. When I crossed what appeared to be a frozen stream I worried that I was all wrong and the creek had frozen, but farther down the trail I saw where the...