Podcast: The Articulate Fly with Drew Hamilton

Continuing the Pebble Mine series he launched earlier this year, Articulate Fly show host Marvin Cash has Drew Hamilton on to talk about Bristol Bay. You can listen to the podcast below.

Atlantic Coast Pipeline Project Abandoned in Win for Native Trout

According to a report from Will Poston over at Fly Lords, the controversial 600-mile long Atlantic Coast Pipeline project was officially terminated. The pipeline was supposed to carry natural gas from West Virginia to North Carolina, crossing 40 native brook trout streams on the way. You can read more of the details here.

Pebble Mine: An Interview With a Lifelong Fisherman

As if we needed more reasons to defend Bristol Bay and stop the Pebble Mine, this story out of the Juneau Empire just adds to Bristol Bay's importance. The story highlights Triston Chaney, who is "a Yupik and Athabaskan resident of Dillingham." He started fishing with his grandpa in Bristol Bay when he was only nine years old, and Chaney hasn't stopped...

Second Annual Naked Warrior Project Fishing Tournament set for July 25

South Florida resident John Owens, a retired Navy SEAL, started The Naked Warrior Project as a memorial to his brother, Ryan Owens, also a Navy SEAL, who was killed in action on January 29, 2017, an event widely covered by the media. The Naked Warrior Project, a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization, and 26 North Yachts, have again teamed up to host the...

Smaller Algae Blooms Expected on Lake Erie in 2020

According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, anyone who uses Lake Erie can expect to see a cleaner, healthier lake this summer. Experts are predicting that Erie will experience smaller algae blooms than in past years. For more details, you can read the article in full here.

Cutthroat Eggs Harvested for Conservation

On Monday, I had the chance to accompany fisheries biologists with the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources (UDWR) as they went into the Uinta Mountains to harvest eggs from spawning cutthroat trout. The eggs are used to raise small fish in hatcheries, which are then planted in various lakes and ponds within the cutthroat's historic native range. This is all...

Buying US Gear Helps US Fisheries

In a recent post at Gink & Gasoline, Louis Cahill touches on a topic that many who hunt, or enjoy target shooting, are intimately familiar with. It's the 10% excise tax on all hunting and fishing equipment that goes into a trust fund used only for financing fish and wildlife management. The fund was created by the Pittman-Robertson Act, and Cahill...

Wild Brown Trout Stream Dewatered

According to recent news from Fly Lords, a Class A wild brown trout stream in Pennsylvania was dewatered again, in an apparent ongoing battle between anglers and an Italian cement manufacturer. You can get the full details here.

Wild Steelhead Coalition Comments on Chehalis Dam Proposal

At the end of May, the Wild Steelhead Coalition (WSC) submitted its formal comments on the Draft Environmental Impact Study for a proposed dam on the Chehalis River in Washington. WSC does not support the construction of the Chehalis dam for a myriad of reasons, the foremost being the staggering ecosystem degradation and habitat loss that the dam's...

Montana FWP Moving Ahead with Madison River Regulations

Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks has spent the better part of the past two years attempting to form a recreational use plan for the Madison River. The Montana Fish and Wildlife commission, who are in charge of the drafting and implementation of the recreational use plan, have decided to move ahead with a proposal that would cap the number of guided trips...