Rare Cutthroat Stocked in Colorado

Colorado Parks and Wildlife officials announced that they've successfully stocked cutthroat into small streams in the Arkansas River drainage. These fish are descendants of ones that were rescued from the Hayden Pass Fire in 2016. They've spent the past few years at a hatchery near Crested Butte, and are now going back to the wild. These fish are important...

Poll Shows Support for Snake River Dam Removal

Breaching these dams has long been a rallying point for conservationists in the Pacific Northwest - even those who aren't ardent fly fishers. Breaching the dams will open up hundreds of miles of historical habitat and access to spawning ground for the rapidly dwindling population of Pacific Northwest salmon and steelhead. You can read more about the poll...

Skeena River Closed to Steelhead Fishing

According to an Instagram post by the Wild Steelhead Coalition, the fishery managers in British Columbia have closed the Skeena River to all steelhead fishing due to low return numbers. In almost seven decades of record-keeping, 2021 has been the worst year on record for both steelhead returns and escapement. Read more of the announcement here.

Montana Anglers Call for River Task Force

It's no secret that this past summer was atrocious for fisheries here in the West. Extensive heat, low water, and little-to-no precipitation led to one of the worst droughts on record. That led to groups of Montana anglers and some guide and outfitter associations calling on the governor to create a river preservation task force. Whether that task force...

ODFW Advances Plan to Harvest Steelhead

If approved, ODFW would be ignoring over 90% of public comments on its draft Rogue - South Coast Multi-Species Conservation and Management Plan that supported catch-and-release regulations for wild steelhead. To read more about the proposal, and how you can get involved, click here.

Story: An Artery Restored

The American Fly Fishing Trade Association (AFFTA) is one of today's most effective conservation groups. While conservation isn't their only focus, it's certainly one with which they've seen great success. To whit, consider this story they just shared about restoring side-channels on Montana's Bighorn River. Doing this improves the overall streamflow of the...

Oil Spill Closes California Fisheries

In what some are calling a major ecological disaster, California has closed its offshore fisheries after a 126,000 gallon oil spill. All fish and shellfish harvest from Huntington Beach to Dana Point is prohibited while crews work to clean up the oil spill. Read more about the closure here.

Tips for Completing Western Trout Challenge

By now, most of us in the fly fishing world have heard of Daniel Ritz's attempt to complete the Western Native Trout challenge in one year. The challenge is simple - catch the West's native fish in their native waters. The execution, however, is anything but. Ritz managed to complete the challenge, and you can read what he has to say about the adventure...

The Continuing Fight for Bristol Bay

Recent news about Bristol Bay has been positive - the Pebble Limited partnership was denied a crucial permit they need to move the project forward. However, that doesn't mean the mine is completely dead. The possibility of it still happening exists, albeit slimly. Read more about the continuing fight for Bristol Bay here.

Finding Bonefish Spawning Sites

There's some really interesting news out from the Bonefish & Tarpon Trust (BTT). Their scientists are honing in on bonefish spawning sites in the Florida Keys. Locating these sites is another step towards conserving bonefish, by placing protections over potentially delicate spawning grounds. You can read more about the discovery here.