AFFTA Announces Fisheries Funds Grants

The American Fly Fishing Trade Association (AFFTA) has announced the winners of grants from their conservation-focused Fisheries Fund. The Fund awarded $20,000 to eight different projects across the country. You can read more about them here.

Scientific Anglers Debuts New Line Spools

Fresh off the heels of their discontinuing the use of individual plastic packaging for leaders, Scientific Anglers has announced another new sustainable product. The company's fly lines won't come spooled on plastic anymore. Instead, the spools will be made from 100% biodegradable paper. You should start seeing these for sale at your local fly shops soon...

'Stripers In Our Hands' Initiative Announced

Announcing Stripers In Our Hands,  a new grassroots effort to empower recreational anglers to better protect striped bass. Keep Fish Wet, Confluence Collective, and Soul Fly Outfitters  have collaborated to highlight how people can safely play, handle, and release a striper to improve its chances of survival after it swims away.  The challenge:  The...

Indifly Funds Makhangoa Solar Project

Indifly - the nonprofit that helps fund fly fishing-centered economies in rural, indigenous communities across the world - recently announced their funding of a solar project in Makhangoa in Lesotho, Africa. Read more about the project here.

China Dominates Pacific Resource Extraction

By now, we're all aware of the need for sustainability in our use of the earth's natural resources. No one wins - in the long term - if we overuse what we currently have at hand. That's the main focus of this piece by Josh Nicholas in The Guardian. In it, he details how China regularly claims more resources from the Pacific than the next 10 countries...

Conserving Menhaden, Other Saltwater Fish

Rarely in fisheries management do we think about taking an active role in managing baitfish. It's not a popular thing to spend money on, and game and fish departments ultimately answer to the public. But the public is behind a new initiative to manage menhaden, a bait fish that's critical to the entire Atlantic Ocean ecosystem. Hilary Hutcheson has more...

Drought Leads to Fishing Ban on Yampa River

In what is likely the first of many similar bans across the West this year, Colorado Parks and Wildlife enacted an emergency ban on fly fishing a certain stretch of the Yampa River. The section below Stagecoach Reservoir, to where the Yampa leaves Stagecoach State Park, is now closed to fishing. You can read more about the closure here.

Eating Fish Isn't 'Carbon Friendly'

The BBC recently ran this piece about the carbon footprint associated with eating fish. According to their statistics, commercial fishing emits as much Co2 annually as the airline industry. I find that difficult to believe, but the nugget of wisdom in the BBC story is when they knock the effort it takes to drag nets across the bottom of the ocean to scoop...

The Tiger King of Alpine Lakes

I had a bunch of fun putting this story together recently for Hatch Magazine. In it, I detail an effort to curb brook trout populations by utilizing sterile tiger muskie. It's an interesting tactic that's shown promise in reducing stunted brook trout, and increasing the number of larger, healthier fish available for anglers. Read the story here.

Video: Wild Fish Need Activists

Patagonia recently put together some new content that's part of their Patagonia Actions Works campaign to promote conservation. The emphasis of this new movement is on wild fish. You can read more about it here, and watch a promo video below.