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Tippets: Killer Whales Starving for Salmon, Study Finds Larger Fish Produce More Offspring

“The southern resident killer whale, as the apex predator of our Salish Sea, is the canary-in-the-coal-mine of our local waters,” writes Dylan Tomine. There are only 75 southern resident killer whales left, and part of their dwindling population can be … more

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Tightlined Slam Tournament

The Tightlined Slam tournament will take place at Wilson Cove Marina in Norwalk, CT, Sept. 28, 29 and 30. Tournament proceeds will go to benefit the Marine Fish Conservation Network. Read more in the press release below.

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Tippets: Remnant Population of San Juan Cutthroat Trout, Red Tide Worsened by Pollution, Diminished Flows for Colorado River

Colorado Parks and Wildlife biologists have recently found cutthroat trout that are unique to the San Juan River Basin of southwest Colorado. This lineage was previously thought to be extinct. “Careful work over the years by biologists, finding those old specimens … more

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Tippets: Columbia and Snake River Salmon, Fisheries and Climate Change, Florida Faces New Algal Bloom

A recent essay by David James Duncan addresses the plight of wild salmon in the Columbia/Snake river system. The essay was adapted from the author’s talk to representatives of 15 Native American Tribes and First Nations at “One River, Ethics … more

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Tippets: Climate Change and Fishing, Wild and Scenic Rivers Act at 50

Warming water temperatures due to climate change is having harmful effects on even species that can tolerate higher temperatures such as smallmouth and largemouth bass. “With no change in the rate of current greenhouse gas emissions, habitats for all species … more

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Major Victory for Rivers and Clean Water

American Rivers has won their lawsuit against the Trump administration’s attempt to suspend the Clean Water Rule. “The court made clear that the Trump administration cannot ignore the law, science, or the views of the American people in its rush … more

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Tippets: Florida’s Red Tide Declared State of Emergency, Beavers as Ecosystem Engineers

Florida Gov. Rick Scott has declared a state of emergency in seven Florida counties due to the toxic algae bloom that continues to kill marine life in the state. While occasional fish die-offs are a natural phenomenon, there’s a more disturbing … more

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Outdoor Media Climate Challenge

Conservation Hawks in partnership with the Outdoor Writers Association of America is holding a media contest to challenge hunters and anglers to focus on effectively communicating climate change. “The Outdoor Media Climate Challenge is designed to incentivize outdoor media members, … more

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Tippets: Mokelumne River Receives Wild and Scenic Status, Oregon Creates Steelhead Sanctuary, Climate Change Affecting Olfactory Systems of Fish

California’s Mokelumne River has recently been awarded the Wild and Scenic status. “The newly protected segments of the Mokelumne River represent an important recreational resource for residents of Amador and Calaveras counties and their tourism-based economies,” writes Steve Evans on NewsDeeply. … more

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Tippets: Florida’s Red tide, Salmon Move Toward the Arctic, Scant Wilderness Left in the Ocean

The waters of Florida’s southwest coast are experiencing the worst red tide condition in decades, killing fish, birds, and manatees. “Sanibel Mayor Kevin Ruane blamed the tide on a perfect storm of coastal pollution and a hot Gulf ignited by … more

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