Turneffe Flats Resort in Belize Adds Solar Panels for 80% of Energy Needs

Turneffe Flats Resort in Belize has announced their installation of solar panels. “Recently, we fired up our new off-grid solar system with 288 solar panels providing approximately 80% of our energy needs,” says founder and owner Craig Hayes.

Podcast Episode: Tricia Bratcher Talks Weed and Watersheds

In this episode of Barbless podcast, biologist Tricia Bratcher talks about the impacts of DIY “off grid” marijuana farmers on anadromous waterways in Northern California. “Tricia is a biologist with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) and helped develop the information and tools needed to define the potential stressors caused by...

Pebble Mine Impact Tool

A new informational tool aims to make critiques of the Pebble Mine project’s draft environmental review more accessible. “The Pebble Salmon Impact Tool is a 607-page document put together by the Bristol Bay Native Corporation. It compiles state and federal agency comments on the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ draft environmental impact statement for...

Swordfish as Oceanographers

Researchers from the University of Washington are using high-tech tags to record the movements of swordfish and get a window into the ocean depths they inhabit. “The researchers tagged five swordfish in late August off the coast of Miami: Max, Simone, Anthony, Rex, and Oliver. Their movements can now be viewed in near-real-time.” Via UW News.

Video Hatch: “COSTA x TBF Blue Marlin Satellite Tagging Expedition”

Costa has partnered with The Billfish Foundation to promote essential science for blue marlin in the Gulf of Mexico. “Getting tags on those fish means so much to the management and conservation,” says Ellen Peel, President at The Billfish Foundation, about the effort to place satellite tags on blue marlin to learn more about their habitat, migratory...

Video Hatch: “Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing + Ocean Conservancy”

The Ocean Conservancy and Project Healing Waters have teamed up to host an ocean cleanup in Key West and sponsor the Lower Keys Guides Association’s Sugarloaf Showdown fishing tournament. “Together, we collected more than 4,000 lbs of trash and the fishing tournament went single-use plastic-free for the first time – bringing us that much closer to our...

Evolutionary Link Between Grizzlies and Salmon

Malnourished grizzly bears on the coast of British Columbia have been linked to climate change. “But this particular salmon-run collapse is likely the result of a suite of influences, not the least of which is the failure to protect wild salmon in B.C. from fishing pressure, habitat degradation, hatchery impacts, fish farms and more.” Read more via...

Animas River Fish Population Plummets After Fire

Colorado Parks & Wildlife is reporting that the Animas River in southwest Colorado suffered an 80 percent loss of its fish population due to the 416 Fire that occurred in 2018. “The decline in fish population was caused by ash runoff into the river, which suffocated the fish, triggered by heavy rain that hit following the fire.” Read more in this...

RepYourWater Introduces Ethically Sourced and Organic Cotton Products

RepYourWater has announced a line of flannel shirts that are ethically sourced and made with organic cotton for their Fall 2019 collection.  “RepYourWater continues to lead by example and has been working diligently on ethically sourced flannels made from sustainable fabric.”

Insecticides Shown to Cause Decline in Fish Populations

New research suggests neonicotinoids, a class of toxic insecticides, “can seep into aquatic ecosystems and significantly disrupt fisheries, dramatically reducing their yields.” Read more via National Geographic.