AFFTA Statement on Loss of Clean Water Rule Protections

The American Fly Fishing Trade Association has released a statement in response to the Trump administration’s rollback of “protections afforded under the 2015 Clean Water Rule, leaving millions of stream miles across the country vulnerable to pollution and degradation.”

Video Hatch: “Salmonology”

In this film, Brothers on the Fly “take a look at a specific Salmon river in Iceland, focus on the lifecycle of the Atlantic Salmon and find out what needs to be done to preserve these magnificent fisheries.”

New Viruses Found in Salmon Populations

Researchers have discovered three new viruses in endangered Chinook and sockeye salmon populations. “While the impact of the viruses on salmon health isn't yet known, all three are related to viruses that cause serious disease in other species.” Via Phys.org.

Economic Benefits of Helping Pacific Northwest Salmon

A new study provides evidence that increasing the abundance of a threatened or endangered species can deliver large benefits to the citizens of the Pacific Northwest. “The study, published today in the journal PLOS ONE, finds that a two-thirds increase in the average annual number of returning coho salmon to the Oregon coast would generate up to $51...

Salmon Otoliths Show Dependence on Bristol Bay Watershed

Results from a new study examining data from sockeye and chinook otoliths show that the salmon and the fisheries they support depend on the entire watershed of the Bristol Bay region. “The study coincides with renewed efforts to gain permits for the Pebble Mine, a proposed copper and gold excavation near the headwaters of the Nushagak River. The U.S. Army...

Help BTT with Juvenile Permit Research

Juvenile permit are difficult to locate in the Florida Keys. The Bonefish and Tarpon Trust has current research focused on tracking these 4 to 14 inch fish, which “might be absent because the habitats that those size fish use are becoming degraded, and as a result, there are less of that size. Or, we haven’t yet looked in the right places for them....

Swamped in the Everglades

In this article, Geoff Mueller writes about fishing the Everglades and the environmental issues facing the region. “Entire ecosystems don't die suddenly or easily. They are born to endure, and for eons the Everglades had survived raging wildfires, biblical floods, and extended droughts. Then it met us.” Via The Drake.

New Book: "Same River Twice"

Dam removal projects continue to gain momentum and also generate controversy. “Proponents see restored ecosystems and fish runs. Opponents see diminished irrigation water for agriculture and a loss of beloved recreational lakes.” The Same River Twice, a new book by Peter Brewitt, “presents invaluable case studies for scholars of environmental...

EPA Withdraws Bristol Bay Protections

The EPA has announced their decision to withdraw the Obama-era 2014 Proposed Determination, which if finalized, would have protected the Bristol Bay region from the proposed Pebble mine and other large-scale industrial development by placing limits on the amount of mine waste that can be disposed of in Bristol Bay’s rivers and wetlands. Via The Hill.

Research Study on Angler Interactions with Sharks

A new research study out of the University of Massachusetts Amherst is recruiting survey participants to better understand angler interactions with sharks. “Anyone who is 18 or older with saltwater recreational angling experience can participate in this study. We are interested in hearing from anglers of all skill levels, from the casual angler to fishing...