Snake is America's Most Endangered River

American Rivers publishes new lists each year of the most endangered rivers in America. For 2021, the Snake tops their list. If you're a fan of this spectacular fishery, there's plenty to be concerned about. Read more information here.

The Good Old Days Are Back

I've always taken stories from old-timers about the good ol' days with a grain of salt. After all, the fishing wasn't ever that good, was it? Well, maybe it was - and it still is, in some places. Louis Cahill certainly thinks so, and you can read all about why he thinks the good old days are back in the Bahamas for bonefish and permit, here.

Native Fish Coalition Rod Raffle

The folks over at the Native Fish Coalition (NFC) are holding another fundraiser raffle, with all proceeds going to benefit native fish. Up for grabs in an Epic 7'6" 4wt Fastglass Pack Light rod. You can buy tickets here.

BTT Holding 7th Annual Expo This Fall

The 7th Bonefish & Tarpon Trust International Science Symposium and Flats Expo, presented by Costa Del Mar, will be held at the Bonaventure Resort & Spa in Weston, Florida, on November 12-13, 2021.  “This year’s Symposium and Flats Expo promises to be the biggest and best yet,” said BTT President and CEO Jim McDuffie. “Internationally...

Florida Bans Nonnative Species

In a move that's viewed by some as long overdue, and by others as too draconian, Florida has moved to ban the possession of nonnative species. From fish - like the recently-discovered arapaima - to iguanas, the Florida Wildlife Commission is moving to ban the personal possession of any animals not native to Florida. This obviously impacts the fisheries in...

Rivers Losing Flow to Aquifers

This is an interesting piece of information from the AFFTA Fisheries Fund blog. It details the relationship between aquifers and rivers. For anglers, this is stuff that's important to know. Read the full post here.

Giant, Native Fish Deserve Attention

This is a great piece by Blane Chocklett in Fly Fisherman magazine. In it, he talks about how some of the less-popular native fish deserve our conservation attention, too. Sturgeon are a great example of this, as are bowfin. Read Chocklett's piece in full here.

Fracking Banned Near Delaware River

According to a news release posted by Fly Lords, fracking has officially been banned in the Delaware River Basin. This isn't a huge surprise, given the Biden administration's stance on fracking in general. You can read more of the details here.

Bid on Art to Help Henry's Fork Foundation

Outdoor artist Dave Hall has long been involved with raising money for conservation, especially in the Greater Yellowstone area. Hall's latest fundraiser is an auction of one of his original paintings, with all proceeds going directly to the Henry's Fork Foundation. Learn more about the auction here.

Teen Angler Wins Vancouver Film Festival

This is a fantastic story that comes to us from Canada. First off, I wish my high school had had a fly fishing team (although, if you count me and the buddies who regularly skipped class to go fishing, we might as well have been a team). Second, I wish I had the gumption at 16 to enter a film about conservation into a youth film festival. That's exactly...