Winning the War Against Lake Trout in Yellowstone

Twenty-five years ago invasive lake trout arrived Yellowstone National Park, threatening not only native cutthroat trout populations but the larger ecosystem as well. Park service staff have tried myriad ways to eradicate them, “everything from nets to electrocution to suffocating eggs with dead fish,” writes Christine Peterson. Read more about how...

Costa Sunglasses Partners with SweetWater Brewery

Costa has announced its collaboration with SweetWater brewery, “to continue to bring awareness and action to the growing issue of plastic pollution in our waterways through its new Kick Plastic Pilsner.”

Conservation Hawks Announces Media Challenge Winners

Conservation Hawks has announced the winners of the Outdoor Media Climate Challenge, a contest “designed to recognize and reward media members who shared an accurate, compelling climate message with hunters & anglers in the Southeastern U.S.

Utah's Successful Cutthroat Restoration

“In spite of our current problems, like habitat loss and climate degradation, Utah’s fishery managers are less than two decades away from wrapping up cutthroat restoration,” writes Spencer Durrant. And that is a success story we all can celebrate. Read more about Bonneville cutthroat restoration in Utah, via Hatch Magazine.

Podcast Episode: “Protecting the Montana Headwaters, with Scott Bosse”

In this episode of The Orvis Fly Fishing Guide Podcast, Tom Rosenbauer sits down with Scott Bosse of American Rivers. They talk about the Montana Headwaters Security Act, a 7-year program that will hopefully come to fruition in 2020. “It’s draft legislation for new Wild and Scenic river designations on some of the best rivers and streams on public lands...

How Fish Skins Could Lower Plastics Pollution

Lucy Hughes, a product design student at the University of Sussex, “has invented a bioplastic created from fish skin and scales and red algae which could have a huge impact on limiting the amount of non-biodegradable plastic waste created in the world.” Via Phys.org.

Video Hatch: “SCHOOL: The Joseph Rossano Salmon Project”

"School," an exhibition spearheaded and conceptualized by artist Joseph Rossano, casts light on the diminished state of global salmon and steelhead populations. This film features his unique and important art installation.

Saving Columbia River Salmon

“The fight to save Columbia River salmon could hinge on a major battle taking place in the basin’s biggest reservoir,” writes Courtney Flatt. “It pits biologists against a fish: The invasive northern pike.” Read about the work being done to protect the native salmon species via Oregon Public Broadcasting.

Proposed Expansion of Hunting and Fishing Access

The Department of the Interior has announced a major expansion of hunting and fishing access. “The White House announced plans this week to open hunting and fishing access on 74 national wildlife refuges and 15 national fish hatcheries; in total, roughly 1.4 million acres of public lands will be affected.” Via Adventure Journal.

Costa Sunglasses Adds to OCEARCH Collection in Support of Shark Research

Costa sunglasses has announced the launch of new sunglasses, optical frames, frame colors and apparel as part of its growing OCEARCH Collection, which supports “OCEARCH, an at-sea lab led by explorers and researchers who generate critical data and put science on the side of sharks.”