All About Colorado River Cutthroat Trout

If you've ever wanted to learn more about the Colorado River Cutthroat trout, then you need to read this story from Phil Monahan over at the Orvis blog. Phil goes into great detail about this native fish, sharing information about the trout's history, and how they came to exist in the populations we recognize today. You can read the whole story here.

Alaska's Collapsing Fisheries

This story by Adam Federman in Politico is worth the time to read. Federman details the current issues facing the Alaskan fishing scene, focusing mostly on the battle between direct and trawl fisheries. Direct fisheries target a species with a specific set of tackle, like crab pots. Trawl fisheries drag huge nets across the ocean floor, catching millions...

Widely-Used Pesticides Harm Endangered Fish

According to new research from the National Marine Fisheries Service, two widely-used pesticides are harming endangered chinook and coho salmon, along with steelhead. These pesticides are commonly used on vegetable crops in the Snake River basin, which makes them especially problematic. You can read more about this here.

Restoring Utah's Fish Creek

I recently had the chance to chat with a fisheries biologist in Utah who's working on a new cutthroat trout restoration project. Fish Creek is a small headwater stream in south-central Utah, home to native Bonneville cutthroat trout. You can read about all the restoration work that's gone into this creek here.

Lawson Weighs in on Henry's Fork

About a month ago, John McDaniel raised some alarming observations about his most recent season guiding on the Ranch section of the Henry's Fork. In particular, McDaniel noted the lack of aquatic insect hatches and warming water temperatures. Now, Mike Lawson has weighed in on the situation. Lawson is a legend along the Henry's Fork, and his observations...

Grayling Public Comment in Montana Now Open

If you've ever wanted to catch Arctic grayling from their historical native range - but don't want to travel to Alaska or Canada - then Montana is a place to visit. Unfortunately, some of Montana's native grayling are in trouble. The population in Red Rock Creek faces many threats, and public comments are open on proposed initiatives to help save these...

Supreme Court Sides With New Mexico Anglers

News broke this week that the United States Supreme Court declined to overturn a ruling that allows anglers in New Mexico to walk on stream beds that flow through private property. It's a similar law to what's in place in Montana and Idaho. Attempts to pass similar legislation are ongoing in Colorado, as well. You can read more about this ruling, and what...

Montana Stream Access Under Threat

A proposed bill in the Montana state legislature could potentially threaten public access to rivers and streams in the state. The bill in question is vague, but it essentially allows for private landowners to lobby for - and receive - permission to restrict public access to public waters. You can read more about the bill - and learn how to contact Montana...

Is The Henry's Fork in Decline?

John McDaneil posted a recap of his 2022 season guiding and fishing on the Harriman Ranch section of the Henry's Fork. He comes to some startling conclusions, particularly that the fishery in this famed section of river might actually be declining in quality. The post is long, but worth reading in its entirety, which you can do here.

Heavy Snow Offers Drought Relief

Most of the American West is struggling through a drought that's been nearly three decades long, and is the worst drought in 1,200 years in the region. But this winter's fantastic snowpack offers a respite, if not a complete reprieve, from the drought conditions. You can learn exactly what that looks like - and what it will take for this drought to end - in...