Author: sdurrant

New Film Highlights Ranching, Fishing, Conservation

A new fly fishing film currently with the International Fly Fishing Film Festival details a connection between ranching, fly fishing, and conservation. That's not a trio we usually see together, which is what makes this film unique. It tells the story of the Turner family and their impact on conservation and fly fishing in Wyoming's Teton County. You can...

Borderline Flies for Frigid Conditions

If you're looking for a few fly patterns to spice up your usual winter offerings, then you need to read this story from Michael Salomone. He details five "borderline" flies that he uses in the coldest months of the year. These are patterns that you may not reach for right off the bat, and might not even have in your fly box. You can read the story here.

Ask the Experts: Setting Drag

In the latest edition of the popular "Ask the Experts" column over at Orvis, a collection of guides talk about how to set drag before you get fishing. You can read the story here.

Flylords Launches New YouTube Series

Flylords has announced the launch of a new YouTube series that highlights unique stories from fly shops across the West. The series is called "The Fly Shop Tour" and features new episodes every week starting January 23. The series will run for six weeks. Each episode highlights a fly shop in a different area, showing that shop's impact on its local...

The Right Fly Catches "Alpha Trout"

According to this story in Fly Fisherman Magazine by Paul Weamer, learning how to pick the right fly will help you catch more "alpha trout." The biggest, meanest - and consequently, most enjoyable trout - in any body of water you happen to fish. You can learn how to pick these flies by reading the story here.

Roadless Rule Reinstated for Tongass

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has reinstated the Roadless Rule for the Tongass National Forest in Southeast Alaska, according to a news release from Trout Unlimited. The Roadless Rule prohibits road construction and timber harvest on currently roadless areas, preserving critical fish habitat throughout this enormous forest. More information on this...

3 Tips for Winter Trout

If you're itching to try chasing trout this winter, you need to read this story from John Herzer, of Blackfoot River Outfitters, over at the Orvis blog. John goes through three tactical tips to help you put trout in the net this winter. Read it here.

Story: A Day at Horse Creek Ranch

Fly fishing isn't always about public tailwaters or backcountry excursions. Sometimes, the best days are when you know a friend who knows a guy, and you get to fish private water. That's the case with this recent story from Louis Cahill over at Gink & Gasoline, where he shares his experiences fishing Horse Creek Ranch near Cheyenne, Wyoming. Read the...

Should We Promote the Wilderness?

In a recent story for Mountain Journal, conservationist Heidi Barrett asks a tough question of the outdoors community: should we be promoting tourism of our wild places? Wilderness is, after all, finite. It's a tough discussion to have, but one that's worth reading in detail, which you can do here.

Tying Tuesday: Red Worm

This week's Tying Tuesday comes with an ominous title. The folks at Mainely Flies warn that this pattern might upset some folks, because it's a worm. This fly is designed to imitate little bloodworms or midges, and it's one I've personally used frequently, with great success.