Author: sdurrant

Tires Slashed Along Madison River

In some surprising news out of Montana, at least 15 vehicles had their tires slashed while parked alongside the Madison River below Ennis. The tire slashings came right at the time of day when guides are getting off the water, due to strict hoot-owl restrictions that prohibit fishing past 2pm. You can read more about the incident here.

Hardy Ultralite MTX-S Reel Review

Colin Kearns, over at Field & Stream, recently reviewed the new Ultralite MTX-S reel from Hardy. The review is thorough, and Kearns is a trusted name in the fly fishing world for a good reason. Read it in full here.

Guides Adapt to New Fishing Schedules

This story from Buck Rail, a new source for the Jackson, Wyoming area, is right on par with what guides and outfitters across the West are facing. Traditional guide trips have been upended this year due to drought and oppressive heat waves. Normally, trips would start between 8-9am, and go until late afternoon. Booking a late-afternoon start ensured you'd...

Orvis H3 Blackout Reviews

Orvis debuted their new H3 Blackout rods last week, and reviews are already in. I had the chance to fish the rods for a few months prior to their release, and I'm pleased with what I saw. You can read the reviews in full here.

Tying Tuesday: Beadhead Water Boatman

This week's Tying Tuesday post comes to us from Avid Max. It's a tutorial on tying a pretty cool nymph - the Beadhead Water Boatman.

Marlin Spotted off NJ Coast

In one of the rarest sightings of a big fish you'll ever hear of, a white marlin was spotted feeding off the surf in New Jersey. You can view video of the fish, and read more about it, here.

Book Review: "The Optimist" by David Coggins

"Is there fish in there?" A southern drawl spooked me, and I looked up to see an older man climb out of his Jeep. He approached me with an easy smile. From behind my sunglasses, I glared in return. "A few," I relented. I'm not normally prickly like this, but the southern man's Jeep was the third vehicle in a small dirt pullout off a gravel highway. Behind...

Fishing Small Water in Late Summer

Tom Rosenbauer always has something great to say about fly fishing, but I really enjoyed this recent piece from him at the Orvis blog. Tom gives you some great tips on how to fish small, cool water during late summer. That's a situation almost all of us are in, so Tom's tips are very timely. Read the tips in full here.

Troutbitten: Euro Nymphing Skills

As part of his ongoing series on Euro nymphing skills, Dom Swentosky over at Troutbitten has released a post on collecting slack line. For me, Euro nymphing doesn't come naturally or easily. Great educational pieces like this really help me broaden my angling horizons, and I'm sure you'll feel the same. Read the story here.

Skagit Indian Tribe Calls for Dam Removal

According to Rico Moore over at High Country News, the Upper Skagit Indian Tribe is putting pressure on the Washington state government to remove the Gorge Dam. Removing the dam will restore salmon and steelhead habitat in Puget Sound, as well as allow Upper Skagit tribe members the chance to live a life more in line with that of their ancestors. The...