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Best Gear for High Country Fly Fishing

Adam Bible, over at Men's Journal, recently put this piece together that details the best ultralight wading and fishing gear needed for high-country fly fishing. Read the roundup here.

8 Bonefish Tips

Whether you're brand-new to chasing bonefish, or you're a bit rusty because the pandemic derailed travel plans, Chris Hunt has you covered. His latest piece in Hatch Magazine details eight bonefish tips for new - or rusty - anglers. Read the story here.

Tim Rajeff's Double Haul Master Class

It's ice-off season here in the Rockies, which means a lot of standing on banks and throwing big streamers to cruising trout. If you're anything like me, getting the hang of casting big streamers - especially on a heavy sink-tip line - was more work than imagined. That's where Tim Rajeff's double haul instructions can help. Louis Cahill, over at Gink &...

The Immaculate Drift

When Ed Engle writes anything about fly fishing, I listen. When Ed writes something about another angler - praising their skill - I get interested. Ed is one of the best, and he just penned a story about Devin Olsen, a member of Team USA Fly Fishing. Olsen is well-known for his website Tactical Fly Fisher, book of the same name, and the Modern Nymphing...

Story: "Obsessions"

Domenick Swentosky posted this great story over the weekend over at Troutbitten. In it, he details his obsession over fishing line. Not fly lines, but the monofilaments that make up our leaders and tippet. If you're not aware, Dom has long been a pioneer of a multi-use mono rig, which you can read about on his site. You can read this story here.

Fly Fishing with the Author of "The Optimist"

David Coggins ' new book, The Optimist, comes out this week, and details some of his adventures from a lifetime of fly fishing. The New Yorker magazine did a story on Coggins, about a day spent fishing with the author. It's an interesting glimpse inside the life of a fly fishing writer. Read the story here.

Tying Tuesday: Roza's Violet Tail Jig

As Uncle Cheech says in the opening of Fly Fish Food's latest tying tutorial, everyone needs another jig fly in their box, right? Kidding aside, this fly - the Roza's Violet Tail Jig - is one that's a staple in a ton of boxes.

Madison Valley Ranch Wins Orvis's Lodge of the Year Award

Madison Valley Ranch, a lodge located in Ennis, Montana, has won the Lodge of the Year award from Orvis. These annual awards are given to the best in the business. To see why MVR earned this honor, read more about it here.

Opinion: Fly Fishing's Lost Heart

In the ongoing debate over influencers and their role in the fly fishing world, Madson has some slightly different comments on the state of fly fishing as an industry. That it is an industry, he argues, means that fly fishing has lost most of what made it so unique in the first place. Read all of Madson's musings here.

Robb Report's Best Fishing Destinations

The Robb Report - a luxury lifestyle and travel website - recently listed its top destinations for fly fishing around the world. If you have cabin fever, and want to get out somewhere incredible, this list is for you. Read it here.