Author: sdurrant

The Best Nets for Small Stream Fishing

For the longest time, I never carried a net while on the water. Once, while skipping class in high school, I walked across a field to a river when the net hanging from the back of my fishing vest snagged on some barbed wire. The retractor wire snapped and I fell backwards into the barbed wire. I swore off carrying a net after that. Of course, as I learned...

Story: Fly Guy

Brian Flecshig has made an impressive name for himself in fly fishing over the past 30 years as he's operated Mad River Outfitters. Flechsig started the business in 1994, determined to make a fly shop work in Columbus, Ohio. And work, it has. Mad River Outfitters has a cult following on YouTube, and Flechsig is widely recognized as one of the best educators...

Organize Fly Tying Gear

Tim Flagler, the man behind the wonderful videos from Tightline Productions, put together this short video on organizing tying gear. As anyone who ties flies can attest, it's easy to end up with more materials and supplies than you can ever conceivably use. Thankfully, Tim has a solution for that. You can view his video on organizing tying supplies here.

Alaska Struggles Through Early Fire Season

Alaska is no stranger to large wildfires, but the state is has already seen 1 million acres of land burned, the earliest it's happened in decades. This story from Anchorage Daily News highlights the issues facing Alaska and the serious threats posed by the active wildfire season. Read the story here.

New Film: Pathway for Permit

Bonefish & Tarpon Trust (BTT) and Costa Sunglasses have released a new film highlighting Project Permit, a more than decade-long permit conservation program funded by Costa, with support from the Lower Keys Fishing Guides Association and the March Merkin permit tournament. A Pathway for Permit tells the story of the collaborative efforts of Bonefish...

Tying Tuesday: Two Bit Jig

In this week's edition of Tying Tuesday, Charlie Craven shows us how to tie the Two Bit Jig, a fun take on his classic Two Bit fly.

Beetle Patterns for Summer Trout

In this piece from Rene Harrop over at Fly Fisherman Magazine, we're introduced to some great beetle patterns for trout. You can read the story here.

Troutbitten on Reviving Trout

This story from Dom Swentosky over at Troutbitten is a great primer for all of us as we head into the hottest part of the year. Often, if you have to revive trout after catching them, the odds of the trout surviving aren't great, according to Dom. You can read more of his story on reviving trout here.

Kenai Peninsula Rivers Closed to King Salmon Fishing

In a sadly predictable move, the Alaska Department of Fish and Game had already closed the Kenai River to king salmon fishing this June. However, other rivers have joined the list after further dismal returns. The Kasilof and Ninilchik Rivers, in addition to the Cook Inlet, are closed to king salmon fishing for the rest of the season. You can read more...

Tying Lefty's Deceiver for Tarpon

In this video from Orvis, Tom Rosenbauer shows us how to tie the fantastic Lefty's Deceiver pattern specifically for tarpon. What's interesting about Lefty's Deceiver is that it's not so much a specific pattern, but a method for tying baitfish flies. Regardless, the fly is one of the most effective saltwater patterns ever.