Author: sdurrant

Column: "Turnover"

Domenick Swentosky, the guy behind Troutbitten, put together yet another fantastic column this week, this time on the topic of turnover. Leader turnover, to be specific. This is well worth your time to read, as it presents some tactics we all need to consider if we want to become better anglers. Read the piece here.

Hatch Magazine: Gear We Love Right Now

Hatch Magazine semi-regularly puts out lists of great gear that its writers are using - gear that may not necessitate a full-blown review by itself. Often, these are the accessories and accoutrements of fly fishing, and the outdoors in general. In their latest edition, Hatch goes over some new sunglasses from Smith, Scott's new Centric, and a few other...

69 Dams Removed in America in 2020

While 2020 wasn't a great year for most of us, there were some silver linings. One is that 69 dams were removed from American rivers. This reconnected 624 miles of rivers. Read more about these dam removals here.

Are Top-Tier Fly Rods Worth the Money?

This is a topic that just about everyone in fly fishing has an opinion on, and I decided to wade into the discussion myself. Are expensive fly rods really worth the cost? Read my full thoughts here.

Fishing Boom Felt Across America

One of the upsides to pandemic has been the rise in popularity of fishing. Fly fishing, surprisingly, has seen some immense growth as well. And it's not just evident on social media, or when you hit the river. Local businesses are feeling the growth of the sport. This article details how one fly shop in Pennsylvania is seeing a huge boom in fly fishing, and...

Bonefish and Tarpon Trust Announce 2020 Award

The Bonefish and Tarpon Trust has announced its 2020 Circle of Honor awards, according to an article from Fly Fisherman Magazine. The 2020 award goes Dr. Andy Danylchuck, Ph.D., a biologist who's been integral in determining areas where bonefish spawn. Read more about Dr. Danylchuck and the award here.

Tying Tuesday: Baby Baetis

I'm a sucker for good mayfly nymph patterns. In my opinion, you can never have too many of them in your trout box. This pattern from TroutFlies on YouTube is a great, simple tie that'll put plenty of trout in the net.

New Musky Fly Fishing Website Launches

According to Gregg Thomas over at Musky Hunter, Dan and Jenn Donovan - a husband-and-wife couple - have launched a new website dedicated to fly fishing for muskies. I've never caught a true muskie. The closest thing we have here in Utah is a tiger muskie - a sterile cross between a northern pike and a muskellunge. You can read all about the Donovan's new...

Ice in the Guides

With how horrendously cold it's been lately, I shouldn't have been surprised when all my guides froze up in minutes last Saturday. I'd been fishing for less than 15 minutes when I had to start picking ice from the guides - an age-old tradition for those of us who fish in the dead of winter. Luckily, there are some ways to mitigate guide ice. Domenick...

Arapaima Shows Up in Florida

Ever since I saw Jeremy Wade catch one on River Monsters, I've had an arapaima on my fly fishing bucket list. They're amazing, mysterious fish that are notoriously tough to hook on a fly rod. But part of the appeal of catching them is traveling to the Amazon basin, where arapaima have remained unchanged for around five million years. Unfortunately, a dead...