Author: sdurrant

Orvis Unveils Affordable Bamboo Fly Rod

In an effort to make bamboo more accessible to the general public, Orvis has unveiled an entirely new product - the Orvis Bamboo HG. These fly rods are actually grown right at home from seeds. Thanks to some genetic engineering, the bamboo grows into a perfect fishing taper, which is ready to harvest - and fish - after just 90 days. And, Orvis went the...

Why You Need a Smooth Drag

In this most recent video in the How to Fly Fish series over at Orvis, Tom Rosenbauer walks us through why we need reels with a smooth drag. For most trout fishing, reels are nothing more than fancy line holders, but there are occasions when you need a solid drag. You can watch the video here.

Story: The Greenhorn

If you're in the mood for a fun, whimsical story that pokes fun at some of angling's greatest cliches - all while teaching you a good lesson - then you need to read this piece by Tim Schultz in Hatch Magazine. The story should be familiar to anyone who's fished for more than a few years. You can read it here.

Grundens Launches Boundary Wader Collection

Grundens - a brand well-known for building excellent rain and foul-weather gear - has just launched their new Boundary Wader collection. These waders are built from GORE-TEX, and come in both men's and women's sizes. An option for a zip-front wader is available for men only. The waders feature four layers of GORE-TEX material in the lower portion, and three...

Korkers Debuts New Wet Wading Collection

Korkers, the brand behind some of the best wading boots in the industry, recently announced a new lineup of wet wading products. These products include new wet wading socks, shoes, and sandals, all geared towards anglers as the weather warms up and wet wading becomes a reality. Specifically, Korkers has launched the Swift Sandal, All-Axis Vented Shoe, a Wet...

Species-by-Species Guide to Fly Rod Weights

In this informative article over at Field & Stream, Morgan Lyle breaks down the right fly rod weights to use for many different species of fish. This is especially helpful for those who are just getting into fly fishing and looking for some clarity on what fly rod weights actually mean. You can read this story here.

All About Colorado River Cutthroat Trout

If you've ever wanted to learn more about the Colorado River Cutthroat trout, then you need to read this story from Phil Monahan over at the Orvis blog. Phil goes into great detail about this native fish, sharing information about the trout's history, and how they came to exist in the populations we recognize today. You can read the whole story here.

Kathryn Vallilee is First Woman to Win March Merkin

The March Merkin is one of the preeminent permit tournaments in the world, but it's never been won by a woman. That is, until this year. Kathryn Vallilee is the first woman to take home top honors in the March Merkin, which she did by landing a 21-inch permit on the last day of fishing. You can read more about her incredibly win here.

Tying Tuesday: The Renegade

Today's Tying Tuesday highlights one of the all-time classic flies - the renegade. This dry fly is a favorite among anglers of a certain vintage, although I think younger anglers will easily see the appeal to this longstanding pattern.

Alaska's Collapsing Fisheries

This story by Adam Federman in Politico is worth the time to read. Federman details the current issues facing the Alaskan fishing scene, focusing mostly on the battle between direct and trawl fisheries. Direct fisheries target a species with a specific set of tackle, like crab pots. Trawl fisheries drag huge nets across the ocean floor, catching millions...