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Book Review: "Casting Forward" by Steve Ramirez

I recently had the pleasure of reading a fantastic new fishing book by Steve Ramirez. Casting Forward details the story of Ramirez as he and his daughter navigate a tough year of life together, doing so by fly fishing through the Texas Hill Country. You can read the review here.

Jimmy Kimmel Buys Idaho Fishing Lodge

Late-night host and comedian Jimmy Kimmel bought The South Fork Lodge, in Idaho's Swan Valley, on the banks of the South Fork of the Snake River. Kimmel, who is apparently an avid angler, partnered with fishing guide Oliver White to buy the property, and plans on opening it for guided fly fishing for the 2021 season. You can read more here.

Fly Fishing the Ernest Hemingway Way

This piece in The Wall Street Journal caught my eye, what with being a writer and all. Apparently, there's a new collection of fishing gear available that's based on the tackle Hemingway himself used. Read all the details here.

Pebble Mine Permit Denied

The news spread far and quickly today, but I first heard it thanks to Phil Monahan over at Orvis. As of November 25, the Army Corps of Engineers has officially denied a permit for the Pebble mine to commence development in Bristol Bay, Alaska. This has been the defining fight for conservationists over the past decade, with seemingly everyone united against...

Column: A Good Age to Learn Fly Fishing

This column by Sue Scheible for The Patriot Ledger is a fantastic read about a lady named Cathy, who finally took up fly fishing during the pandemic. She's in her 50s, and she finally made a dream sparked by her grandfather in childhood come true. You can read the entirety of the story here.

Orvis Pro Tips: Solving a Big Trout Riddle

When you stumble onto really big fish, catching them often requires the correct approach. But how do you decide what that is? This recent post from Dave Jensen over at Orvis gives some fantastic detail into how you can go about solving the big-trout riddle the next time you're faced with it. You can also view the video below.

Tying Tuesday: Buck-Nasty Leech

It's that time of year when leech patterns are more effective than usual. With trout looking to put on weight before the winter, leeches are a high-demand food source. Enter this interesting pattern from The Fly Fiend. The Buck-Nasty Leech looks promising, and better yet, easy enough to tie.

Virginia Fly Fishing and Wine Festival Canceled

On November 18, 2020, the Virginia Fly Fishing & Wine Festival announced its cancelation as a result of new COVID-19-related restrictions. “Vendors were coming out of the woodwork, and we were poised to have our best event ever,” said festival director Beau Beasley. “Advance ticket and specialty class sales were ahead of last year; honestly, I...

2020 Holiday Gift Guide

by Spencer Durrant 2020 HAS BEEN, if nothing else, memorable.  For one, I know I and countless others have had more time to go fishing, and more time to spend with family. Yet somehow this year is almost over, and the holidays are right around the corner. Whether you're shopping for yourself or you need something for a significant other, you've come to the...

Gallos de Leon Endangered in Spain

Most anglers probably don't recognize the name Gallos de Leon, but they should. It's the oldest species of bird bred specifically for producing fly-tying feathers - and they're now endangered in Spain. These birds have been grown in Spain for hundreds of years, and this piece from Earth Island Journal gives a great account of the perils the bird is...