Author: sdurrant

Pattern vs. Presentation

In a recent post over on Troutbitten, Dom Swentosky discusses the age-old pattern vs. presentation debate. Are trout really as picky as we make them out to be, keying in on a select few bugs at any given time of day? Or are they more opportunistic, and willing to eat just about anything that floats by? The answer lies somewhere in the middle, as usual...

Feature on Fernie, British Columbia

Chris Santella put together a feature on the outstanding fishery in the Fernie, British Columbia area, for The Washington Post. He does a good job telling the story of why so many anglers are enamored with this corner of British Columbia. Read the story in full here.

Targeting Rising Trout With Terrestrials

Kent Klewein, over at Gink & Gasoline, put together this story on 10 tips for targeting rising trout with terrestrial fly patterns. The tips are great to use when fishing big terrestrial patterns, because fish feed on them differently than aquatic insects. You can find the story in full here.

Catskill Museum Appoints New Director

The Catskill Fly Fishing Center and Museum, in Livingston Manor, New York, appointed Ali Abate as its new executive director. Abate has worked with similar cultural and educational non-profits for 15 years, according to Hudson Valley 360. You can read more about Abate and her position here.

Orvis Pro Tips: Late Summer "Hoppertunities"

John Way, of The Tackle Shop, put together a fun post for the Orvis blog about how to make the most of what he calls late-summer "hoppertunities." As you can imagine, the story details how to find the most success in the rest of hopper season that we'll still have here in the West. You can read John's story in full here.

Best Towns for Trout Fishing in the U.S.

Sage Marshall, over at Field & Stream, put together this fun story that looks at the five best towns to be "if you're a diehard trout angler." Not surprisingly, Bozeman, Montana made the list, as did Durango, Colorado. To find out the other places that made the list, read the full story here.

Story: Lessons From the Salt

Dom Swentosky has a great new piece over on Troutbitten about the lessons he learns as a trout angler from fishing saltwater. If you've ever spent time in trout rivers and fishing the salt, you've likely noticed a few similarities. Dom takes those similarities, digs into them, and figures out how to use the experience in saltwater to become better in...

Gear: Skwala RS Waders

I recently had the chance to use and fish in the new Skwala RS waders. These are a bomber-level wader option, built for the most intense of situations. I think Skwala knocked it out of the park with the RS waders, and you can find my full thoughts here.

DIY Magnetic Fly Box

Louis Cahill, over at Gink & Gasoline, put together a fun story on how you can create your own DIY magnetic fly box. As Louis says, one thing all fly anglers have in common is that we carry way too many flies. For those of us who carry smaller flies, magnetic boxes are particularly great, says Louis, because it's easier to get the flies off a magnet...

Organizing Your Fly Box

George Daniel put together this great piece on some different ways anglers can organize their fly boxes. I've always found keeping my boxes orderly and full of the right flies to be a challenge, and I reckon tons of other anglers feel the same way. You can read George's story about it here.