Author: sdurrant

Are Influencers Harming the Outdoors?

After reading a story in Angling Trade last week that John Dietsch wrote about influencers, I decided to chip in with my two cents. This story is entirely my own opinion, and doesn't reflect that of MidCurrent, or anyone else I'm affiliated with. But, I reckon it's something that needs to be said, and I hope you'll take the time to read through the...

CalTrout 50th Anniversary Gala

The 2021 Trout Camp Gala will celebrate 50 years of taking action for California's fish, water, and people. Tune in for a high-energy virtual showcase of innovative conservation work across the state, cameos from CalTrout staff, and more! Register for the event here.

Podcast: Ask About Fly Fishing with Peter Stitcher

Roger Maves sits down with Peter Stitcher on the latest episode of the Ask About Fly Fishing Podcast. During the show, Maves and Stitcher discuss how to know which fly to use to imitate any given bugs. This is helpful information for anyone - even longtime anglers. Listen to the show here.

RepYourWater Launches Spring Line

RepYourWater, the popular fly fishing apparel company, has launched its new line of gear for the spring 2021 season. Included are new shirts, hats, and hoodies. Read more about the line of gear here.

Brood X Hatch Gaining Notoriety

Usually, fly anglers are the only folks you'll see take notice of, and celebrate, huge insect hatches. But with the Brood X cicada on the way, everyone, it seems, is taking note. GoErie.com, a news site for southeastern Pennsylvania, wrote a piece about these bugs that are expected to show up around the end of May. If you haven't heard about these bugs...

Deadly Ice-off Duo

Ice-off is one of the few times I look forward to fishing lakes here in the Rockies. I'm just not good at fishing lakes, so I need things to be easy when I do spend time on stillwater. When ice-off comes, though, you've got to be prepared to make the most of it. That's where this piece from Bob Reece, over at Gink & Gasoline, comes into play. Give his...

Snake is America's Most Endangered River

American Rivers publishes new lists each year of the most endangered rivers in America. For 2021, the Snake tops their list. If you're a fan of this spectacular fishery, there's plenty to be concerned about. Read more information here.

One Thing Anglers Need to Improve

Todd Tanner, of the School of Trout and Hatch Magazine, recently asked 10 of the best fly fishing instructors in America for their tips on one thing anglers can do to improve their fly fishing game. The results aren't too surprising, but they are wonderfully informative. Give them a read in full here.

Eastern Idaho Fly Tying Expo Canceled

The Eastern Idaho Fly Tying Expo, which has been a mainstay in Idaho Falls for almost 30 years, won't happen in 2021, due to the pandemic. The Expo is usually one of the biggest fly tying shows in the country. You can read more about the show and its cancellation here.

Tying Tuesday: Barr's Emerger

Today's Tying Tuesday video isn't featured because it's brand new. No, it's finally blue-wing season, and I caught a few on this fly on Monday. I don't fish this style of emerger often, so it was fun to tie it up and immediately bring a few fish to the net. If the blue-wings are popping in your neck of the woods, you need this fly.