Author: sdurrant

Costa Debuts New Gold 580G Lens

Costa del Mar, makers of some of fly fishing's best sunglasses, recently announced the release of a new lens - the Gold 580G. This glass lens features a rose-colored base, finished with a gold mirror, which Costa says allows for more light transmission than the beloved copper/amber lenses. "The distinctive gold mirror treatment is inspired by life after the...

Gear Review: Orvis Helios Fly Rod

By now you've seen the social media posts, web banners, and videos telling you that the latest and greatest rod from Orvis is "four times more accurate" than their previous flagship, the H3. It's supposedly 25% stronger, more enjoyable to cast, and will only run anglers $100 more than the now-discontinued H3 lineup. The new rod - simply called the Helios...

Tying Tuesday: Dorsey's Top Secret Baetis

This week's edition of Tying Tuesday comes to us from Fly Fisherman Magazine. Charlie Craven shows you how to tie a pattern that needs little introduction - Pat Dorsey's Top Secret Baetis.

The Wild Trout Debate

Chris Hunt sparked some serious discussion with his latest story in Hatch Magazine. Hunt wrote a wide-ranging story that, at its heart, can be summed up in this paragraph towards the end: "It is time to stop palpitating over which trout belong where and start ensuring functional rivers have the resiliency needed to withstand a climate that’s not going...

Orvis Podcast: California's Diverse Wild Trout Populations

In this recent episode of the Orvis podcast, Tom Rosenbauer chats with Charlie Schneider, of CalTrout, about the diverse trout populations in California. CalTrout is an effective conservation organization within California, and Orvis has supported their work for years. You can listen to the podcast here.

Fly Fusion Announces Trout Film Tour

The folks over at Fly Fusion have announced the dates for their new Trout Tour. This tour features trout-focused films from the likes of Gilbert Rowley, Phil Tuttle, The Braker Bros, Todd Moen, RA Beattie and Fly Fusion Films. The tour will premiere at Sundance in March, then continue through the American and Canadian West. You can view the dates and tour...

Grundens Launches 2 New Waders

Grundens has their new spring line out, but of particular note to fly anglers are the two new waders the company has released. Their Boundary wader was one of my favorite new waders, so I'm intrigued by their two new releases: the Bedrock and Vector. Both the Bedrock and Vector are built from new, non-Gore-Tex fabrics. The Bedrock retails at $349.99, and...

How A Cuban Exile Changed Fly Fishing

If you're not familiar with Chico Fernandez, then you can't miss this recent story from T. Edward Nickens in Garden & Gun. He takes readers through Fernandez's story, and how the man from Cuba helped shape fly fishing. It's an excellent read, and you can find it here.

How to Choose the Right Popper Fly

It might still be February, but early summer fishing will be here before we know it. And if your fishing revolves around bass, then you need to read this recent story from Joe Cermele over at Field & Stream. He breaks down everything you need to know about fishing with poppers.

Bloomberg's Take on Orvis Helios

Kyle Stock, writing for Bloomberg, put together a story about the attempt Orvis is making with the new Helios to woo anglers who started fly fishing during the pandemic, but have waning interest in the sport. Stock's argument seems to be that the $1,098 Helios is somehow a lure to keep anglers in the sport. While I've fished - and been duly impressed by ...