Author: sdurrant

Podcast: The Fly Culture with Steve Cullen

In the most recent episode of The Fly Culture podcast, host Pete Tyjas sits down with Steve Cullen, a British angler and guide. The conversation between Cullen and Tyjas is a wonderful insight into fly fishing across the pond. Give the episode a listen here.

How to Make a Bamboo Fly Rod

I had the chance to write a story about building bamboo fly rods, for a website based out of New Zealand. I've been building rods for a few years now, and it was fun to share the process of building cane rods. You can read the story in its entirety here.

An Array of Blades

This piece from Johnny Carrol Sain in Hatch Magazine got me thinking about all the blades I have in my possession. As a rodbuilder, I have a lot of plane blades, but I don't think I have enough pocket knives. I definitely don't have enough fillet knives. Anyways, this is a fun read from Sain, and a good way to kick off the weekend. Give it a read here.

Orvis Pro Tips: A Good Downstream Drift

Orvis' pro tips are among some of the best instructional writing on fly fishing that the angling community has access to. And in this recent piece written by Phil Monahan, we're treated to an in-depth look at how to achieve a good downstream drift. You can watch the video below and read the entirety of Monahan's post here.

Fly Casting in NYC

It's not every day that I pick up The New York Times and find truly fantastic writing - the kind of writing that's rare these days, in the era of I-have-to-be-first journalism. But Jon Gluck's recent piece is wonderful - and wonderfully written. Gluck's article is about fly fishing on the city streets of Manhattan. Or, more accurately, fly casting. Since...

Beyond BOW Fly Fishing Seminars Announced

The Becoming an Outdoors Woman (BOW) Beyond program announced that it will be hosting three fly fishing seminars for anglers in the coming months. The seminars are geared towards women, but all are invited to attend. These seminars are made possible by the Iowa BOW program, and some help from the Iowa Department of Natural Resources. You can read more about...

SPS Outdoor U Students Learn Fly Fishing

This is a fun story that comes to us from the Ozarks Independent, in Missouri. The Springfield Public Schools district has a summer "Outdoor U" program that, among other skills, is teaching students fly fishing. The school focuses on teaching middle-school aged students about the outdoors and outdoor sports, including survival skills. It's heartening to...

Podcast: The Fly Fishing Insider with Spencer Durrant

I had the chance to chat with Greg Keenan over at The Fly Fishing Insider Podcast recently, and the episode just dropped. Greg was kind enough to invite me on to talk shop on writing about fly fishing, building bamboo rods, and I gave my two cents on a few of the big issues facing anglers today. You can listen to the show here.

RIO Turns 30

Fly line, leader and tippet company, RIO Products, proudly announces its 30th anniversary. RIO was “born” on July 27th, 1990 and started its fly fishing business in Blackfoot, ID. Founders Jim & Kitty Vincent named the company “RIO” after the Rio Colorado in Costa Rica where they ran a tarpon camp. RIO’s beginning was innovative, evolving to a...

'Keep Fish Wet' – New Name and New Program

Announcing Keep Fish Wet, nonprofit (501c3) status and rebranding for the organization formerly known as Keepemwet Fishing.  Keep Fish Wet will continue the strong social media heritage, and education and outreach initiatives to create an accurate, consistent, and persistent message about science-based best practices for catch-and-release fishing.  As a...