Tactics for Tough Fishing Spots

Every angler knows the frustration of seeing fish at a prime looking spot and not being able to catch them. “At this point you have 2 choices, 1) Give up on the spot or 2) Stay and try to figure out how to catch those fish.” In this post, Dan Zazworsky outlines five tactics to try before giving up on a fishing spot. Via The Wade.

Secrets of a Knot Junkie

Drew Price knows the importance of knowing how to tie good knots. “Knots are your connection to the line, the fly, and ultimately the fish. Knowing what knots to tie, how to tie them well, and how to check them will help you land more fish. There is no question that knots can be a challenging part of fly fishing, but there are tricks that will help make a...

Video Hatch: “Fly Fishing Skiff Starting Position”

In this video, learn some basic things to do while standing on the bow of a skiff, waiting to spy the next fish. Via Huge Fly Fisherman.

Video Hatch: “How to Catch Trout Rising in Flat Water”

In this episode of Master Class Monday from Orvis, Amelia Jensen of Jensen Fly Fishing explains how to catch trout rising in flat water. “Her step-by-step approach–involving stealth, observation, and accurate casting–will help you hook and land more trout in many different angling situations.”

Flats Boat Etiquette

Fishing from a boat is a team endeavor. “Whether you’re out fishing with friends, out with a guide or on a trip to a fishing lodge, you’re never out on the boat by yourself.” Read about flats boat etiquette and how to be a good fishing partner in this article by Louis Cahill via Gink & Gasoline.

Fly Fishing Air Travel 101

From carry-on gear to prepping a fly box, Dan Zazworsky writes about air travel 101 for fly anglers in this recent article via Postfly Box.

How to Fight Big Fish

For a great strategy for fighting big fish, don’t miss this article by Domenick Swentosky. “Bringing a trout to the net requires a series of accurate calculations, thoughtful moves and a good dose of luck. But with a few guiding principles and a bit of experience, you can minimize the luck required and get a good handle on the outcome. One of the best...

How to Pick Fishing Spots

“When fishing time is precious, it’s important to take a few things into consideration when picking your fishing locations for the day, in order to give yourself the best odds of having a great day out on the water.” From wind and sun direction to hatches and crowds of other angles, read more from Dan Zazworsky on “What to Consider Before Picking...

Ten Casting Tips

When it comes to casting, technique always trumps power. In in this article, Louis Cahill details 10 tips for improving your fly casting stroke. Via Gink & Gasoline.

Video Hatch: “Prospecting for Trout on Streams”

In this classic video from The New Fly Fisher, Tom Rosenbauer outlines his process for determining where trout can be found, and then demonstrates by fishing a pocketwater stream.