Drift Boat Etiquette

Float trips bring their own set of river etiquette norms, which Ryan Scavo outlines in this short post. “If you’re a dedicated wading angler, jumping on a boat and taking on a half or full-day float requires a slightly different perspective,” he writes. “Staples – like stocking fly boxes and bringing your sunnies – will carry over, but adding a...

How to Wet Wade

“Wet wading makes even the hottest days comfortable,” writes Domenick Swentosky. “With the lower half of your body acting as an air conditioner for the upper half while it absorbs the sun, everything balances out.” Read about minimalist gear as well as safety concerns to keep in mind when fishing waters above 60 degress Fahrenheit, in this article...

Flats Fishing 101

"Fishing the flats for any species is one of the most engaging and exciting ways to fish,” writes Dan Zazworsky. “Whether you’re targeting tropical species, redfish or stripers on the flats is an experience like any other.” From choosing the right gear to techniques and tactics, read more in “Flats Fishing 101” via The Wade.

Topwater Flies for Largemouth Bass

In this post, Alvin Dedeaux of All Water Guides in Austin, Texas, shares his picks for the Top 5 Topwater Flies for Largemouth Bass. “When he’s choosing a topwater pattern, Dedeaux says that water clarity is important. If the water is dirty, he uses flies that make a lot of noise, whereas in clear water, he prefers frog patterns that swim on the surface...

Prospecting Small Streams

In this article, Chris Hunt writes about the allure of small streams: “For me, this little ribbon of flowing, tannic water simply beckons. I want to know how it works.” He writes, “This is likely the logic behind “prospecting,” and one of the reasons that 1-weight fly rods exist in the first place.” Read more in “Prospecting 101” via Hatch...

Targeting Underrated Species

Fly fishing isn’t just for trout, and an increasing amount of anglers are embracing that idea. Learn more about five underrated species to target on the fly in this article via The Wade.

Stop and Drop Technique

The “stop and drop” technique is key to a good dead drift with a dry fly. In this article, Domenick Swentosky details the different steps you’ll need to master the “stop and drop” and improve success on the water. Read more via Troutbitten.

Video Hatch: “Hopper Dropper”

In this episode of In The Loop from Redington, “Flat Brim Billy offers harmony within the fly fishing world by uniting both the dry fly purist and the dirty nymphers into a single trout rig.”

Fighting and Landing Trout

In this recent episode of Ask About Fly Fishing, Kurt Finlayson, a former member of the Fly Fishing USA Team and former coach of the US Youth Fly Fishing Team, talks about fighting and landing fish. “Listen and learn his techniques for fighting and landing trout that you can use to bring your hookups to the net.”

Finding Trout in Summer Heat

Once summer heat hits, some waters are best left un-fished. In this article, Dan Zazworsky writes about some alternative places to fish once the water temperatures of rivers become too hot to safely fish. Read “Where to Find Trout During the Summer Heat” via The Wade.