Streamer Technique Borrows from Nymphing

As autumn sets in, anglers turn toward their streamer boxes. In this article, Domenick Swentosky explains a crossover technique for fishing streamers that borrows elements from nymph fishing. Read more via Troutbitten.

Habits of Highly Effective Anglers

Successful anglers share similar traits. From good organizational skills to cultivating a positive mental outlook, Dan Zazworsky writes about the “5 Habits of Highly Effective Anglers” in this article on The Wade.

Complete Guide to Tenkara Fishing

Paul Gaskell has put together an amazing comprehensive resource for all you need to know about Tenkara. From the basics of gear and choosing the perfect fly, to casting and the history of the technique, learn more via Discover Tenkara.

Low Water Fishing Tactics

At this time of year, flows tend to run lower in rivers and streams. In this article, Ryan Scavo writes about key tactics for targeting fish in low water conditions. Read more via The Wade.

Tips to Improve Your Roll Cast

A roll cast is often the first cast beginning anglers learn. However, it is far from easy to master. In this article, Kent Klewein outlines four great tips to help anglers of all skill levels improve their roll casting technique. Via Gink & Gasoline.

Teaching Kids How to Cast

You’re never too young to start learning to fly fish, but there can be challenges with learning to cast at an early age. In this article, learn some strategies for teaching kids how to cast. Via Casting Across.

Pocket Water for Beginners

Pocket water is perfectly suited to beginning anglers of all ages. From habitat and casts to feeding behavior and gear, read more from Kent Klewein via Gink & Gasoline.

The Order of Everything

There’s often a predictable progression of events in a successful day of fishing. “Find trout and don’t spook them. Refine an excellent presentation with a reasonable pattern, and then fight ‘em hard,” writes Domenick Swentosky. Dig into this great advice in this article via Troutbitten.

Podcast Episode: “Brett Zundel on The Fly Fishing Insider”

In this episode of the Fly Fishing Insider podcast, Brett Zundel of Loon Outdoors is the guest. “Brett takes listeners through the emotional past that loon has encountered with how the company came to be and the many many challenges that loon has faced. We learn that loon has always had a super strong focus on eco wise and preservation of the environment...

Fishing and Fog

Understanding different types of fog can help you make an educated decision about heading out on the water. In this article, Alan Bulmer helps anglers understand fog and how it affects fishing. Read more via Active Angling New Zealand.