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Tippets: Trout Season, Fishing the Salmonfly Hatch

Kyle Toyama writes about the annual start of trout season, fishing the celebrated waters of the Yellowstone Valley. “This ritual and these experiences have become such an ingrained part of my life and especially my spring,” he writes, “it brings … more

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Callan Wink on The Guiding Life

For better or worse guiding and drinking go hand in hand. In this essay, Callan Wink writes about the guiding life and all the pitfalls therein. “Eventually, after their trip, all the clients go home, back to their lives in … more

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Zimmerman Talks Carp

For author and fly tier Jay Zimmerman, carp are not a side show, writes Zach Matthews, “they are the main event.” Zimmerman talks fly patterns, carp behavior, and different fishing environments in this interview via American Angler.

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Tippets: Heraclitus Fly Approach, Jim Waddell on Dams, Skeena Steelhead Flies

The “one-fly” approach has become popular in tenkara fishing circles. However, Jason Klass wonders what would happen if anglers did the opposite: “What if instead of committing to a single signature pattern […] you committed to never tying the same … more

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Video Hatch: Kelly Galloup Talks Leaders for Streamer Fishing

Streamer expert Kelly Galloup gives the lowdown on what kind of leader to use for what type of fly line when streamer fishing.

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Five Stages of Fly Fishing

From being happy with catching anything at all to chasing the biggest fish we can find, and in the end reaching “the piscatorial equivalent of the wise man on the mountain,” Todd Tanner writes about the “Five Stages of Fly … more

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Of Whips and Fly Lines

In a recent interview with Variety, actor Jamie Dornan compares learning to use a whip for his upcoming role in the film “Fifty Shades of Gray” to casting a fly line. And while the crack of a fly line usually … more

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Video Hatch: How to Make a Water Haul

Pete Kutzer of the Orvis Fly Fishing School demonstrates how to use water tension to load the rod and make a quick upstream cast. The water haul is particularly useful when you’re fishing a rig prone to tangling, such as a …

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The Company You Keep

Perhaps the best advice on how to improve your skills on the water is to fish with anglers who are more accomplished and knowledgeable than yourself. “Successful fishing begins in your head,” writes Matthew Copeland. “What’s in there is influenced … more

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Fish Key in on Shrews, Study Finds

“Mousing” has developed a unique following of anglers who head out after dark to draw fish out with big, topwater mouse patterns. And a new study published in the journal Ecology of Freshwater Fish proves the effort may indeed be worth … more

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