Carp on the Fly

From rod and reel to fly selection and sun protection, read great advice for what you need to chase carp on the fly in this article by Dan Zazworksy via Postfly Box.

Achieving a Powerful Cast

Making the transition from freshwater fly fishing to saltwater comes with many challenges. And perhaps top of that list for many anglers is improving the power and reach of their cast. In this article, Louis Cahill dives into the physics of a good cast, and offers helpful tips for how to improve yours. Via Gink & Gasoline.

Eight Tips from Tom Rosenbauer

In this article, Tom Rosenbauer, Marketing Director for Orvis, shares his top 8 tips for becoming a better angler. From observational skills and fly tying to stream etiquette and pure enjoyment of the sport, read more via Gink & Gasoline.

Video Hatch: "Fly Fusion Cast Like a Pro Series: #7 Pick Up and Lay Down”

In this episode of the Fly Fusion Cast Like a Pro series from Scientific Anglers, Fly Fusion Field Editor Jeff Wagner and fly-fishing icon Bruce Richards cover how to pick up and lay down line on the water.

Video Hatch: “Streamer Fishing Tactics with Bob Jacklin”

In this video legendary guide Bob Jacklin talks tactics for streamer fishing, including information on structure, fly patterns, retrieves and more. Via The New Fly Fisher.

Fishing the Mother’s Day Hatch

“Each year at about this time, a great natural wonder occurs,” writes John Way of The Tackle Shop, “huge clouds of small, dark caddisflies appear on most of Western rivers. Mother’s Day caddis (Brachycentrus americanus) emerge in huge numbers and are the first really big hatch of the year.” Read a great article on preparing for fishing this hatch...

When to Change Flies

From color and size to weather and flows, Domenick Swentosky tackles the topic of when you should change flies in this article. “Whatever the fly type, and whatever part of the water column you’re targeting, there should be a reason for every fly change,” he writes. “The next fly should solve a problem, or it should test an idea you have about what...

Limit Line on the Water

Line on the water creates drag, which complicates presentations to fish. In this article, Domenick Swentosky writes about limiting line in and on the water. “Wind and other real-world variables may complicate this objective, but the principle remains. Do whatever you can to keep line and leader off the water and out of the water, and good fishing will...

Video Hatch: “How to Fish a Boulder Garden”

In this how-to video, Dave and Amelia Jensen show how to fish pocket water during late spring conditions.

Emergers and Soft Hackles for Spring

Emergers and soft hackles are particularly effective fly patterns for spring fishing conditions. In this article, Dan Zazworsky details good patterns to use, as well as strategies for fishing them both using a  tight line method and on the swing. Via Postfly Box.