Preparing for Fishing Off the Grid

Often, some of the best fishing can be found off the beaten path. And “whether you’re a few miles offshore in the ocean, or 5 miles up a deep mountain valley,” writes Dan Zazworsky, “being prepared when you head off the grid is paramount.” Read great tips for “How to Prepare for an Off-the-Grid fishing Adventure” via The Wade.

Fall Fishing for Smallmouth

Fall is one of the best times of the year for anglers to target smallmouth bass. “The fall brings positive changes in fish behavior and fishing conditions from cooler air temperatures and increased rainfall,” writes Kent Klewein. “For the first time in several months, water temperatures drop significantly on reservoirs which triggers an increase in...

Science of Stalking Fish

To successfully stalk fish, it helps to understand what they can and cannot see. “There are some fundamental rules of physics which help understand what a fish can see and it is really useful to understand these when stalking.” Read more from Alan Bulmer via Active Angling New Zealand.

Video Hatch: “Tapered Dropper System”

In this instructional video from John Herzer of Blackfoot River Outfitters in Missoula, Montana, learn how to rig a tapered dropper system.

How to Spot More Fish

One of the keys to spotting more fish is to develop your peripheral awareness, “That is, training yourself to spot things in your peripheral vision which alert you to the movement of actively feeding fish.” Read more about “How to Spot Fish More Effective” in this article from Alan Bulmer via Active Angling New Zealand.

Video Hatch: “How to Master Stillwater Retrieves”

In this recent episode of RIO's "How To" series, Phil Rowley talks about the various retrieves that work well when fly fishing in a lake, “breaking down the retrieves by length, speed, cadence and the pause between each pull.”

Importance of Changing Flies

Changing up flies can change a day’s success on the water. However, it can sometimes be difficult to know when changing is necessary. “It can be very obvious to us that changing flies is the answer when we’re able to sight-fish and see fish rejecting our flies. But many times you’ll find yourself fishing in conditions where sight-fishing isn’t an...

Strategies for the Hook Set

Everyone experiences snags and flies lost to trees. “These can be minor hiccups in your day, or they can be major events,” writes Domenick Swentosky. “It’s how you handle the small details of fishing that add up to a frustrating day or one that feels rewarding on the walkout.” Read more in this article about planning for one small detail in...

Catch & Release Tactics

From crimping your barbs to limiting the time spent playing a fish, read some great handling advice for catch-and-release angling in this article via The Wade.

Video Hatch: “How to Double Haul”

In this video, Simon Gawesworth demonstrates how to learn and perfect the double haul cast, which is critical for anglers to learn in order to achieve longer distances. Via The New Fly Fisher.