Fishing for Bass and Panfish in Weeds

In another installment of the Pro Tips series over at the Orvis blog, Phil Monahan goes into some great detail on fishing for bass and panfish among the weeds. With summer temps making trout fishing a less-appealing proposition lately, the opportunity to learn new ways to chase warm-water species is something we should all take advantage of. You can read...

Tenkara Rod Euro Nymphing

George Daniel recently put together an interesting piece over at Hatch Magazine, about using a tenkara rod to Euro nymph with. It's an idea that could save you a ton of money, if you're into the whole Euro nymphing technique. Read Daniel's piece here.

Three Styles of Dry-Dropper

Dom Swentosky, over at Troutbitten, wrote on a topic that's near and dear to my heart - because it's how I fish 99% of the time. His latest story on different styles of dry-dropper setups is a great primer if you're not used to fishing this way, or if you're looking to refine your technique. Read it here.

8 Bonefish Tips

Whether you're brand-new to chasing bonefish, or you're a bit rusty because the pandemic derailed travel plans, Chris Hunt has you covered. His latest piece in Hatch Magazine details eight bonefish tips for new - or rusty - anglers. Read the story here.

Tim Rajeff's Double Haul Master Class

It's ice-off season here in the Rockies, which means a lot of standing on banks and throwing big streamers to cruising trout. If you're anything like me, getting the hang of casting big streamers - especially on a heavy sink-tip line - was more work than imagined. That's where Tim Rajeff's double haul instructions can help. Louis Cahill, over at Gink &...

The Immaculate Drift

When Ed Engle writes anything about fly fishing, I listen. When Ed writes something about another angler - praising their skill - I get interested. Ed is one of the best, and he just penned a story about Devin Olsen, a member of Team USA Fly Fishing. Olsen is well-known for his website Tactical Fly Fisher, book of the same name, and the Modern Nymphing...

The Only Battered Fish Recipe You Need

This piece by Peter Kaminsky caught my eye over the weekend. I made fried halibut and cod for my wife and in-laws Friday evening, and wish I would've read this before trying my hand at the American version of fish and chips. This is a great recipe, and one I'll definitely be trying out soon. Give the article a read in full here.

Single Hand Spey Interview with Matt Klara

Dave Stewart of Wet Fly Swing talks with Matt Klara, who breaks down single-handed spey casting and how you can and should get started with it.

Understanding Trout Rise Forms

With dry fly season fully underway, I thought it was a good time to remind everyone of the importance of learning about and understanding rise forms. You can learn a ton from the way a trout eats off the water's surface, and decoding those rise forms can often mean the difference between success and failure during a big hatch. The details are all in this...

Smoked Trout Fritters Recipe

With ice-off happening at most of the high-country lakes around me here in the Rockies, and plenty of fat, hungry trout throwing themselves at flies, I reckoned it's time to talk about cooking trout. I know a lot of fly anglers don't like to keep trout, and for good reason. We've long had the catch-and-release edict hammered into our consciousness, and our...