Podcast: The Fly Culture with Stan Mankov

Pete Tyjas over at Fly Culture just released a new episode of his podcast, where he sits down with angler Stan Mankov to talk about conservation and fly fishing in Bulgaria. It's an interesting conversation, and has me thinking again about fishing more of Europe. Give the episode a listen here.

Podcast: The Articulate Fly with Tom Rosenbauer

Marvin Cash recently sat down with renowned fly fishing legend Tom Rosenbauer. Marvin said that since Tom's been interviewed so often elsewhere, he took a different tack with their discussion - and focused a lot of time on Tom's chocolate making. The interview is worth your time. You can listen to it below.

Podcast: The Articulate Fly with Joe Mahler

In the latest episode of The Articulate Fly, Marvin Cash sits down with Joe Mahler. Per the show notes, "Joe shares his journey from fishing farm ponds in the Midwest as a kid to his career as an illustrator, an outdoor writer and a teaching guide." Listen to the episode here, or on the player below.

Podcast: Fly Culture's New Episode

In episode 19 of the Fly Culture podcast, I was lucky enough to sit down with Pete Tyjas and talk shop for an hour. He's located in England, and I'm here in Utah, so this "transatlantic" podcast was a first for both of us. What's really fun about this show, though, is how it highlights the similarities between fly fishing in the UK, and fly fishing here in...

Podcast: The Articulate Fly

Marvin Cash just released a new episode of his podcast "The Articulate Fly." As he writes in the show notes, Cash says that he "Catch(es) up with Peter Stitcher of Ascent Fly Fishing. We discuss Peter’s early fishing adventures, Ascent’s science-based approach and Ascent’s relentless focus on community. Get 10% off on your next Ascent order by using...

Podcast: Dan Davala on The Articulate Fly

In the most recent episode of The Articulate Fly podcast, Marvin Cash sits down with Dan Davala, of Orvis Adventures, to talk shop about fly fishing. The two discuss casting geekery, the Tidal Potomac Fly Rodders, adventure travel and getting called home to the Orvis mothership in Vermont. You can take a listen to the podcast below.

Podcast: The Articulate Fly

In the most recent episode of The Articulate Fly, host Marvin Cash sits down with Mike Hogue of Badger Creek Fly Tying. They discuss everything from commercial fly tying to Minnesota pocket gophers. You can listen to the podcast below.

Podcast: Trout and Flies

Pete Tyjas, who runs The Fly Culture Podcast, just released a new show with authors Peter Hayes and Don Stazicker, to talk shop about their new book. The podcast episode is a closer look at what trout eat, and their behavior when eating. As we get read for spring, this is an absolute must-listen piece of audio. Take a listen here.

Podcast: Charles Jardine on The Fly Culture

This podcast is new-to-me, and likely new to a lot of anglers here in the States. Pete Tyjas hosts "The Fly Culture" from the United Kingdom, and recently had Charles Jardine on to discuss all things fly fishing. Jardine is an author, painter, and photographer, and offers some great insight into the world of fly fishing during his time with Tyjas on the...

Podcast: Josh Mills on Fly Fishing Consultant

The most recent episode of the podcast "Fly Fishing Consultant" is live, with guest Josh Mills on to talk shop about steelhead. Mills is a passionate steelhead angler, and in this episode he talks with host Rob Snowhite about the ongoing issues with Washington steelhead. Give it a listen as you start your week.