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“Anchored” with April Vokey

April Vokey’s new podcast series features interviews with influential people in the fly fishing industry. In the candid conversations, anglers like Lani Waller, Dave McCoy, and Simon Gawesworth talk about their careers and life on and off the water. The Anchored podcast …

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“Itinerant Angler” Podcasts Starts New Season

Back for its 8th season, producer Zach Matthews leads out the new series of The Itinerant Angler podcasts with an interview with Kirk Deeter, “editor extraordinaire.” Talking fly shops, Guyana, and the future of the sport, this season’s line-up is …

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Podcast: Tom Rosenbauer on “Should I Stay or Should I Go?”

After talking a bit about panfishing, Tom discusses when to move and when to stay put when fishing everything from trout streamers, nymphs, and dries, to Atlantic salmon, bonefish, and steelhead [Audio clip: view full post to listen] Direct download: “Should …

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Podcast: Rosenbauer on Fishing Wild and Hatchery Trout

Tom Rosenbauer talks where fly-tying materials come from, getting wet flies to swing deeper, fishing logs, and fishing small flies underwater. The main portion of the podcast focuses on different kinds of trout and how to fish for them—hatchery vs. …

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Podcast: Tom Rosenbauer on Road Kill and Caddisflies

Tom Rosenbauer talks about the legalities of collecting road kill, “sloppy” flies, and tailwater insects, and offers ten tips for fishing caddisflies.  “Caddisflies are one of the most abundant aquatic insects in trout streams, and the fishing can range from …

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Podcast: Rosenbauer on Filling a Nymph Box

Tom Rosenbauer talks about filling your nymph box with the right patterns for most fishing situations, and recommends a classic book: Gary Lafontaine’s Caddisflies.  (Read an excerpt on MidCurrent.) He also talks about finding and identifying fish redds or breeding beds. …

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Podcast: Rosenbauer’s Last-Minute Christmas List

Tom Rosenbauer’s holiday podcast offers “better gift ideas” for fly fishers: memberships to conservation groups like Trout Unlimited or Bonefish and Tarpon Unlimited, tuition to a fishing school, a trip to a lodge or a guided excursion, a tying kit, …

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Podcast: Slimming Down, Filling Up the Fly Box

In his latest podcast Tom Rosenbauer talks about effective ways to either pare down your fly selection or turn your box into virtual library of patterns.  But he starts with a few suggestions, for a book about avoiding danger in …

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Podcast: The Guiding Life

Tom Rosenbauer interviews a couple of top fly-fishing guides about what it’s like to be a guide and how to get into guiding: how a guide prepares for their day, what they agonize over, and what stories are worth repeating. [Audio …

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Podcast: George Daniel on European Nymphing Techniques

As part of his weekly podcast, Tom Rosenbauer interviews international competitor George Daniel and gets the expert’s take on Czech, Polish, French, and Spanish nymphing techniques.

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