Podcast Episode: Ben Bulis on The Articulate Fly

In this episode of The Articulate Fly, Ben Bulis, president of the American Fly Fishing Trade Association is the guest. The conversation ranges “from his passion for saltwater fishing, to AFFTA’s industry outreach to everything you need to know for IFTD 2019.” Listen here.

Podcast Episode: Yvon Chouinard on Belonging to Nature

In this podcast episode, guest Yvon Chouinard joins host of the Meateater podcast, Steven Rinella, in a conversation ranging from tenkara and fishing with one fly, to conservation and karma. Listen here.

Podcast Episode: “The Secret Life of Steelhead with John McMillen”

In this episode of The Orvis Fly Fishing Guide Podcast, guest John McMillen joins host Tom Rosenbauer to talk about all things steelhead. “Besides being a lifelong steelhead angler, John has spent hundreds of days snorkeling steelhead rivers observing them, and at one time he was fishing about 345 days a year. John has worked professionally for the US...

Podcast Episode: “Protecting America’s Salmon Forest”

In this recent episode of The Fly Fishing Consultant podcast, “Rob interviews Kayla Roys of Trout Unlimited Alaska about the current administrations attempt to allow logging in the Tongass. Kayla hunts, fishes, forages, explores, and lives within the Tongass.” Tell Decision Makers: Expanding clear-cut logging of old-growth timber by eliminating the...

Podcast: How Mokelumne Fish Hatchery Survived California’s Ten Year Drought

As many of you know California experienced one of the worst droughts on record this past decade. Many native fish species suffered through this period while others did much better – like on the Mokelumne River. In this episode we sit down with Jose Setka, Manager of the Fish and Wildlife Division at East Bay Municipal Utility District, colloquially...

Podcast Episode: “Alberto Rey Talks Lake Erie Steelhead”

Alberto Rey is a guide and fine artist, and is a guest on this episode of the Orvis Fly Fishing Guide Podcast. “He gives us tips on seasons, fly patterns, techniques, and tackle needed to chase steelhead in the eastern portion of Steelhead Alley—although steelhead anglers will learn tips they can use on smaller rivers anywhere steelhead are found....

Podcast Episode: Brian O’Keefe on His Life of Fly Fishing Adventure

In the new “Waypoints” podcast from Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures, guest Brian O’Keefe sits down with host Jim Klug, to talk about his photography, extensive travels, and industry experience. Listen here.

Podcast Episode: Bill Fitzsimmons on Anchored

On the most recent episode of Anchored, guest Bill Fitzsimmons sits down for an interesting conversation with host April Vokey. “From Christmas Island in the early 1980s, the early days of fly fishing for tarpon, and owning a fly shop in Basalt, Colorado, Bill knows the fishing industry as much as anyone. In this episode, we discuss the early days of...

Podcast Episode: “Oliver White on The Sustainable Angler”

In this recent episode of The Sustainable Angler podcast, Oliver White joins host Rick Crawford for a discussion of “everything from the history of Abaco Lodge to some of the awesome sustainability initiatives at Abaco and Bair’s Lodge, climate change and even “the one” fly Oliver would bring to a deserted island.” Listen here.

Backpack Fly Fishing

In this recent episode of Ask About Fly Fishing Internet Radio, Dan Steere talks about a minimalist approach to fly fishing. “If you want to catch a wide variety of fish with simple, minimalist equipment that can fit into a daypack or backpack you'll want to listen to Dan's ideas and methods.” Listen here.