Bent Fishing Podcast: Raining Blood on High Mountain Rainbows

You may remember that earlier this year, the folks at Meat Eater announced the launch of a new fishing podcast called Bent. Well, the most recent episode - entitled "Raining Blood on High Mountain Rainbows"-  is out and ready for your listening pleasure. Give it a listen here.

Podcast: Ask About Fly Fishing with Anthony Carruesco

In this latest edition of the Ask About Fly Fishing Podcast, Roger Maves sits down with guide Anthony Carruesco to discuss fishing in Northern California. If you're from the area, or have an interest in fishing there, this podcast is worth a listen.

Podcast: The Articulate Fly with Patrick Robinson

In this episode of The Articulate Fly, host Marvin Cash sits down to talk all things steelhead with Patrick Robinson, the director of operations for Steelhead Alley Outfitters. You can listen to the entire show below.

Podcast: The Articulate Fly with Blane Chocklett

Marvin Cash, of The Articulate Fly podcast, just released a new episode where he sits down with Blane Chocklett to discuss Chocklett's new book, Game Changer. 

Podcast: The Articulate Fly with Monte Burke

Monte Burke is a man who needs little introduction, and his latest novel Lords of the Fly is getting plenty of attention in angling circles. He was recently on The Articulate Fly podcast with host Marvin Cash to talk shop about Burke's book - which details the story of hunting for the world-record tarpon.

MeatEater Launches "Bent" Fishing Podcast

I've long been a fan of the MeatEater crew. They get folks involved in the outdoors - and conservation - in a lot of the right ways, and do it with class. MeatEater hasn't ever felt like an exclusive club, which is part of why it's so hugely popular. Enter the new podcast "Bent." Hosts Joe Cermele and Miles Nolte team up to deliver a fast-paced, fun fishing...

Podcast: The Fly Culture with Steve Cullen

In the most recent episode of The Fly Culture podcast, host Pete Tyjas sits down with Steve Cullen, a British angler and guide. The conversation between Cullen and Tyjas is a wonderful insight into fly fishing across the pond. Give the episode a listen here.

Podcast: The Fly Fishing Insider with Spencer Durrant

I had the chance to chat with Greg Keenan over at The Fly Fishing Insider Podcast recently, and the episode just dropped. Greg was kind enough to invite me on to talk shop on writing about fly fishing, building bamboo rods, and I gave my two cents on a few of the big issues facing anglers today. You can listen to the show here.

Podcast: The Articulate Fly with Kate Crump

Marvin Cash and the team over at the Articulate Fly Podcast have released another episode in their "People of Bristol Bay" series. This on focuses on Kate Crump, co-owner of Frigate Adventure Travel. Per the show notes, Crump and Cash discuss Crump's fishing and writing journey, and what's led her to end up in Bristol Bay.

Podcast: Fly Culture with Peter Knox

In this episode of the Fly Culture podcast, host Pete Tyjas sits down with Peter Knox, a member of the rod design team over at Sage. For anyone who loves gear, this is a unique insight into how fly rods are made, and the amount of effort it takes to make the high-ends ones we all enjoy. Listen to the show here.