Podcast: Newb and The Knower

Lance Egan is the featured expert on this season of The Newb and The Knower, a podcast that pairs an expert in their field with a beginner. In the latest episode of The Newb and The Knower, Lance discusses how to cast a fly rod. You can listen to the show here.

Podcast: Becoming a Pro Fishing Photographer

Tom Rosenbauer sat down with Brian Grossenbacher to talk about a new book they collaborated on, titled Trout. The book features Tom's writing and Brian's outstanding photography. You can listen to the podcast here.

Podcast: Tom Rosenbauer Answers Your Questions

Tom Rosenbauer's latest podcast features tons of questions from listeners. Tom usually has a guest on the show. Due to some technical difficulties, however, Tom only did the portion where he answers questions from listeners. You can listen to that podcast episode here.

Lance Egan Features in New Podcast

Lance Egan, the renowned champion fly angler, features in a new podcast called "The Newb and the Knower." The show debuts on Monday, May 30, and features Pablo Signori, Jen Ripple, and Ray Bley also in the cast. You can sign up for alerts to the podcast - and learn more about the show - here.

Podcast: Beavers and Trout

Tom Rosenbauer sat down on a recent podcast to talk about the relationship between beavers and trout with Ben Goldfarb. Ben wrote a book about beavers, and adds a ton of great insight into a creature that's integral for trout survival. Listen to the podcast below. See All Orvis Learning Center Fly Fishing Podcasts

Orvis Podcast: Dylan Tomine on Fly Fishing

Tom Rosenbauer sat down with renowned fly fishing writer Dylan Tomine to talk shop about the other pleasures of fly fishing. As someone who's working my way through Tomine's most recent book - Headwaters - this was a fun podcast for me. Listen to it here.

Podcast: It Always Come Down to Casting

Dom Swentosky just put out this episode of his Troutbitten podcast, discussing why success always seems to come down to fly casting. As a decidedly average caster myself, I'll concur that Dom's right on this subject, as he usually is. You can listen to the podcast here.

Orvis Podcast: Modifying Flies with Tim Cammisa

This recent episode of the Orvis Fly Fishing Podcast sees Tom Rosenbauer sitting down with fly tier Tim Cammisa to talk about flies. Specifically, they discuss why we start to modify or change flies, and which fly patterns are "untouchable." It's an interesting discussion that'll get the attention of anyone spending more time at the vise than on the river...

Orvis Podcast: Good News From the Everglades

Tom Rosenbauer sits down with Dr. Steve Davis to discuss some much-needed good news from the Everglades. Davis is the chief scientist for the Everglades Foundation, and he gives some updates on the group's projects to restore habitat for fish throughout the region. Listen to the podcast here.

Orvis Podcast: Tips for Fishing Hatches

It's supposed to be downright fantastic weather-wise this weekend here in the Rockies. With temps soaring into the 70s, tons of anglers are chomping at the bit to get into a great spring blue-winged olive hatch. If you're one of them - or you're simply daydreaming for your next great fishing trip - this episode of the Orvis Fly Fishing Podcast is for you...