Top Flies for Trout Spey

With fall approaching, it's the perfect time to bust out a trout spey rod and start swinging flies for fish as they pack on the pounds ahead of winter. Drew Nisbet, over at the Orvis blog, put together a list of his top 10 flies for trout spey, but they'll work even if you don't have a spey rod. You can read the entire story here.

12 Tips for Cheap Fly Fishing Trips

If you're trying to find a way to take an incredible fly fishing trip - but you want to do it on a tight budget - then you need to read this story from Louis Cahill over at Gink & Gasoline. He describes 12 tips to help take an epic fly fishing road trip on the cheap - including renting a U-Haul van as one option. You can read the story here.

Orvis Podcast: Montana Trout With Wade Fellin

In the most recent episode of the Orvis podcast, guide and lodge owner Wade Fellin joins Tom Rosenbauer to talk about the issues facing the Big Hole River in Montana. Fellin runs the Big Hole River Lodge, and has years of experience with the trout fishery. His insight is invaluable in helping us understand, and ultimately find a solution to, the problems...

Fly Fishing for Bluegills

While most of us are focused on chasing trout after a long, cold winter, there are plenty of anglers looking at another species - bluegill. These small fish are fun to catch on a fly rod, provided you know what you're doing. That's where this latest story from Joe Cermele, over at Outdoor Life, can help. Cermele lays out a complete guide to fishing for...

Orvis Podcast: Foraging Along Trout Streams

In the most recent episode of the Orvis podcast, Tom Rosenbauer sits down with Sam Thayer to discuss foraging along trout streams. Sam is a writer who has written more than a few books about foraging, which is an activity that Tom says has a lot of overlap with fly anglers. "It makes sense that stream anglers would be interested in foraging, since we're...

Fighting Big Fish With Side Pressure

For a long time, I always thought the idea of using side pressure to fight trout was a bit overkill. After all, could the angle of your rod really impact how quickly you're able to bring a big fish to hand? Well, Domenick Swentosky answers that question - and dishes out plenty of other tips on this technique - in his latest over at Troubitten. You can...

3 Nymphing Questions to Solve Any Problem

If nymphing proves challenging at times for you, or presents problems that you're not quite sure how to solve, then you need to read this story from Dom Swentosky over at Troutbitten. Dom goes over three questions you can ask to help solve any nymphing problem. You can read the story here.

Essential Tips for Catching Largemouth on the Fly

If you've wanted to fish for largemouth bass on a fly rod, but weren't sure where to start, then you need to read this story from Tim Romano. He goes through eight essential tips to help you catch largemouth bass on a fly rod. You can find them all here.

Using The Roll Cast for Dry Fly Fishing

The roll cast is one of the most effective tools in an angler's arsenal, but it's rarely utilized to its full potential. In a recent story over at the Orvis blog, Phil Monahan walks us through how to use the roll cast for efficient upstream dry fly fishing. You can read the story here.

5 Early-Season Tips for the Northern Rockies

Tim Linehan, who owns Linehan Outfitting Co., put this story together over at the Orvis blog, where he shares five tips for fishing the early season in the Northern Rockies. It's great information, and applicable to a wide variety of trout fisheries. You can read it here.