Tying Tuesday: Crystal Sedge Pupa

For today's edition of Tying Tuesday, I wanted to share this video from Philip Rowley, a tier who has a great take on a classic pattern - the Caddis sedge pupa.

5 Great Small Streams in Yellowstone

Chris Hunt knows Yellowstone well, and his recent piece in Hatch Magazine shares a bit of his knowledge of small streams within the park. Hunt is a fellow small-stream lover like myself, and I thoroughly enjoyed this piece. Read it in full here.

The Magic of Soft Hackles

Louis Cahill put this article together recently about the magic of fishing soft-hackle flies. Soft-hackles are an important tool for most anglers, but few use them effectively. For years, I never even knew what one was, let alone how to fish it. So, take a look through Cahill's piece and see what you decide about adding a few to your box - and trying them...

Podcast: Fly Culture with Peter Knox

In this episode of the Fly Culture podcast, host Pete Tyjas sits down with Peter Knox, a member of the rod design team over at Sage. For anyone who loves gear, this is a unique insight into how fly rods are made, and the amount of effort it takes to make the high-ends ones we all enjoy. Listen to the show here.

Interview: The Future of Conservation with Roman Dial

Earlier this year, I had the chance to sit down with legendary Alaskan explorer Roman Dial. I reviewed his book The Adventurer's Son, and in addition to discussing his book, I set aside some time to delve into one of our shared passions - conservation. Dial is a professor of biology at Alaska Pacific University, and is more keenly aware of the natural...

How to Do the Hauling Tuck Cast

George Daniel, a contributing editor over at Fly Fisherman Magazine, just put out a new video showing anglers how to complete the hauling tuck cast. This technique is meant to help your flies hit the water at a steeper angle, thereby increasing how quickly they end up in a trout's strike zone. Watch the video here.

How to Fly Fish Lakes in Summer

Mickey Anderson is one of the most intelligent anglers I've had the pleasure to meet, and he recently shared some of his knowledge on KSL Outdoors. The show is a local broadcast in Utah, but the tactics Mickey gets into about fishing lakes during summer are worth your time to watch. You can watch the show here.

Guides Have Mixed Views on Returning to the Water

This story is a few weeks old, but it's still worth reading and thinking about. Per the Adirondack Explorer, some fly fishing guides in New York are hesitant to open up shop again. The pandemic is, of course, responsible for the measured return to normal. This article gives a unique viewpoint for anglers on the East Coast. You can read it in full here.

When Rigging for Bonefish, Less Can be More

Louis Cahill has posted a ton of great content lately about bonefishing, but this piece is the one that really stood out to me. There's a lesson, I think, in realizing that rigs for all fish - bonefish included - shouldn't be more complex than they need to be. Read Cahill's latest here.

Orvis Appoints Simon Perkins President

Orvis, the family-owned outdoor retailer, announces the appointment of Simon Perkins to president, effective immediately. Perkins will assume full strategic and operational leadership of the company as president, and is the third generation of the Perkins family to lead Orvis since 1965. Outgoing president/CEO Bill McLaughlin, who has worked closely with...