Pattern vs. Presentation

In a recent post over on Troutbitten, Dom Swentosky discusses the age-old pattern vs. presentation debate. Are trout really as picky as we make them out to be, keying in on a select few bugs at any given time of day? Or are they more opportunistic, and willing to eat just about anything that floats by? The answer lies somewhere in the middle, as usual...

DIY Magnetic Fly Box

Louis Cahill, over at Gink & Gasoline, put together a fun story on how you can create your own DIY magnetic fly box. As Louis says, one thing all fly anglers have in common is that we carry way too many flies. For those of us who carry smaller flies, magnetic boxes are particularly great, says Louis, because it's easier to get the flies off a magnet...

Organizing Your Fly Box

George Daniel put together this great piece on some different ways anglers can organize their fly boxes. I've always found keeping my boxes orderly and full of the right flies to be a challenge, and I reckon tons of other anglers feel the same way. You can read George's story about it here.

Go Naked When Nymphing in Still Water

Phil Rowley has some fantastic advice for anyone looking to find more success when nymphing still water - go naked. What exactly does Phil mean by "going naked?" To find the answer, read this story from the Orvis blog.

Fly Fishing Tactics for Fall Bass

While most trout anglers get excited for fall fishing because of the potential for big brown trout, there's another big fish waiting to be caught during the cooler months - bass. The great bass fishing that happens during fall is largely why Kent Klewein wrote this piece for Gink & Gasoline, which outlines eight of the tactics he uses to catch bass...

Best Fly Patterns for Hopper Season

Chris Hunt put together this list of his favorite five patterns to use during hopper season. I'm always on the lookout for ways to diversify my hopper boxes, so this is a great - and timely - piece of writing from Chris. Read it in full here.

10 Tips for Fishing Small Streams

Tom Rosenbauer recently put together this story on ten of his tips for fishing small, cool-water streams in late summer. With water temperatures soaring in a lot of trout fisheries as much of America deals with a heat wave, this is timely advice. You can read it all here.

Podcast: Articulate Fly with Steve Ramirez

Steve Ramirez sat down with Marvin Cash on The Articulate Fly podcast to talk about writing, fishing, and meaningful work. The conversation was so great that this episode is split into two parts. You'll find part one here.

Guide Secrets for Late-Summer Trout

Morgan Lyle put together this list of eight fly fishing guide secrets for late-summer trout fishing over at Field & Stream. As the weather heats up and the furious hatches settle into more of a predictable rhythm, fishing can start to get tricky to figure out. That's where these tips should help you out. Read the story here.

The Crash of Florida's Tarpon Capitol

This story is adapted from Monte Burke's novel Lords of the Fly, and it details how some of Florida's best tarpon fishing has disappeared in recent years. You can read the story here.