Fly Fishing Island Beach State Park

I've not had the chance to fish the salt, save for a bit of casting to pink salmon and dolly varden in the surf in Alaska. But this piece from Ross Purnell over at Fly Fisherman Magazine makes me want to head to New Jersey and give the salt another shot. Read his piece in full here.

Tightline, Jensen, New Fly Fisher to Join Forces

The wonderful people behind Tightline Productions, Jensen Fly Fishing, and The New Fly Fisher have decided to join forces in order to better position their content for the fly fishing world. Per a release from all three groups: "We are very happy to announce that Tightline Productions, Jensen Fly Fishing and The New Fly Fisher have formed a collaborative...

Kelly Galloup Launches New Contest

Kelly Galloup - the man behind the Slide Inn in West Yellowstone, MT, and the Sex Dungeon fly - has launched a new fly tying contest. It's time for season two of the successful Kill the Corona Fly Tying Contest. Galloup and his team first did this earlier in the year, and are bringing it back as we get into fall here in the Rockies. You can read more and...

Fly Tying with Tom Rosenbauer in October

Earlier this year, in an effort to help stave off cabin fever for those of us stuck inside due to local pandemic-related mandates, Orvis' Tom Rosenbauer started tying flies on Facebook Live, with the goal of teaching folks how to tie patterns that work well for a variety of species. Rosenbauer is continuing that series in October, every Monday from 3-4pm...

Making Sense of Fly Hooks

When you're new to the world of fly fishing, everything seems overwhelming. That's even truer when you get started with tying flies. And that confusion is the basis for Charlie Craven's newest piece for Fly Fisherman Magazine, where he gives you a great education on fly hooks, from the barb up. Read it in full here.

Figuring Out Fall Streamers

Lance Egan recently wrote this piece for Fly Fisherman Magazine about fishing fall streamers and a few different patterns to use as well. I'm lucky to know Lance, and he's an amazing angler. Take some time to read through what he has to say here - it's worth it.

George Daniel Busy at Penn State Fly Fishing

Yes, you read that correctly - Penn State has an accredited fly fishing program. At the end of 2019 - which feels like an entirely different world ago - George Daniel was picked to run Penn State's fly fishing program. This recent article from The Lock Haven Express gives an overview of what Daniel has done so far, Daniel is just one of the many folks...

Throwback Thursday: Glass Rods Then and Now

For today's Throwback Thursday, I figured we'd go retro with gear. Specifically, I came across this cool video from North 40 Fly Shop, where they have Cameron Mortenson from the Fiberglass Manifesto on to talk shop about fiberglass fly rods. In the video, they compare glass rods from the 70s to the rods of today. It's an interesting discussion that's worth...

Best Spots to Find Trout and Bass

Ross Purnell, over at Fly Fisherman Magazine, put together this piece that aims to help beginning anglers identify habitat for trout and bass in rivers, streams, and creeks. Whether you're fishing big water or small trickles, Purnell's advice should help you find fish willing to take your fly. Read it in full here.

5 Reasons to Use the Uni Knot

The merits of various line tapers, rod tapers, and knots will always be sources of endless debate among fly anglers. Kent Klewein decided to weigh in recently, with his list of 5 reasons that he uses the Uni knot for trout fishing. You can read the post in full here.