Column: "Turnover"

Domenick Swentosky, the guy behind Troutbitten, put together yet another fantastic column this week, this time on the topic of turnover. Leader turnover, to be specific. This is well worth your time to read, as it presents some tactics we all need to consider if we want to become better anglers. Read the piece here.

New Musky Fly Fishing Website Launches

According to Gregg Thomas over at Musky Hunter, Dan and Jenn Donovan - a husband-and-wife couple - have launched a new website dedicated to fly fishing for muskies. I've never caught a true muskie. The closest thing we have here in Utah is a tiger muskie - a sterile cross between a northern pike and a muskellunge. You can read all about the Donovan's new...

Picking the Correct Fly

The first story this week comes to us from Don Oliver of The Durango Herald. In it, he details tips for picking the correct fly. Especially during winter, this is something anglers can struggle with, so his advice is timely. Read it in full here.

Jon Baiocchi to Talk Skwalas on the Yuba

The Fly Fishers of Davis Club announced that they're having Jon Baiocchi address the skwala hatch on California's Yuba River. The Yuba is arguably one of the best winter fisheries in the Golden State, and Baiocchi is the guy to talk about the skwalas. He's been a guide in California for decades, and a published fly fishing author. The event will be held on...

4 Ways to Fish a Streamer

Louis Cahill is at it again with another great read. This time, he gives us advice on four proven ways to effectively fish streamers. This is timely advice, since winter can be one of the more productive times to swing big bugs. Give the article a read here.

How to Catch Trout on Streamers This Winter

Every year, it's common to see a few pieces penned about fishing streamers in the dead of winter - and for good reason. This is one of my favorite times to fish those big bugs, and it's worth every minute of cold fingers. You can read what Dave Karczynski, in Outdoor Life, has to say on the subject here.

Video: Does Fly Line Color Matter?

I've long held the belief that color is the  least important thing to consider when picking a fly. But what about when picking fly line? The folks over at Mad River Outfitters discuss this topic in their most recent video, which you can watch below.

How to Layer for Winter Fly Fishing

Mickey Anderson, of Fish Tech Outfitters in Utah, was recently on KSL Outdoors to discuss winter layering techniques for fly anglers looking to spend time on the river when the snow flies. Mickey, as usual, has great tips, and you can view them here.

Orvis Pro Tips: Solving a Big Trout Riddle

When you stumble onto really big fish, catching them often requires the correct approach. But how do you decide what that is? This recent post from Dave Jensen over at Orvis gives some fantastic detail into how you can go about solving the big-trout riddle the next time you're faced with it. You can also view the video below.

Fly Fishing Island Beach State Park

I've not had the chance to fish the salt, save for a bit of casting to pink salmon and dolly varden in the surf in Alaska. But this piece from Ross Purnell over at Fly Fisherman Magazine makes me want to head to New Jersey and give the salt another shot. Read his piece in full here.