Tips for Brood X Cicadas

Everyone is getting in on the Brood X cicada hatch that's just around the corner, including the folks at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. In a recent piece, they discuss the upcoming hatch with entomologist, including what to expect, and what patterns to tie. Read the story here.

Nymphing in Off-Color Water

Tim Linehan, of Linehan Outfitting Co., recently wrote this piece for the Orvis blog about nymphing in off-color water. It's a good primer as we get into the swing of spring across most of the country. Read the story here.

Orvis Launches Virtual Fly Fishing Courses

Last year, Orvis launched their first-ever all-virtual Fly Fishing 101 course. This was, of course, a response to the pandemic. But it proved so popular that Orvis is bringing it back again this year, even as a lot of in-person activiites are resuming across the country. Per a press release, Orvis is offering classes that will help anglers: Learn...

Debating the Hero Pose

This is a topic that's still hotly debated in fly fishing, although I'm not sure why there's much of a debate. The age-old hero pose - holding a fish out in front of you for Instagram proof that you caught something - isn't great for the fish. I've been guilty of this for years, but recently, I've made an active effort to try and change how I photograph...

Summer Workshop for Fishing Writers

Have you ever wanted to improve your outdoor photography and writing skills? Have you dreamed of catching a Yellowstone cutthroat on a dry fly?  This August, the National Bighorn Sheep Center in Dubois, WY is holding its first ever Wind River Writers Retreat for adventurous people who want to explore Wyoming and hone their skills. Strung Magazine’s fly...

Tips to Catch Trophy Browns

We all want at least one trophy brown trout in our angling careers - if not more. So that's why this piece from Louis Cahill is so timely. I don't know an angler who's not looking for a chance to land a trophy brown trout. In his latest at Gink & Gasoline, Cahill goes over some simple ways you can stack the odds in your favor to help land a true giant...

Tips: "You Need Contact"

Domenick Swentosky, of Troutbitten, put together this collection of tips on why you need "contact" with your flies while fishing. It's a great read, and a good reminder of some of the basics of trout fishing that I think we forget all too quickly. Read it in full here.

5 Best Trout Fishing Spots In The World

Ross Purnell, the editor-in-chief of Fly Fisherman Magazine, recently put together this piece in which he ranks the five best trout fishing spots in the world. Do you agree with Purnell's list? Let us know in the comments. Read the article in full here.

Column: "Turnover"

Domenick Swentosky, the guy behind Troutbitten, put together yet another fantastic column this week, this time on the topic of turnover. Leader turnover, to be specific. This is well worth your time to read, as it presents some tactics we all need to consider if we want to become better anglers. Read the piece here.

New Musky Fly Fishing Website Launches

According to Gregg Thomas over at Musky Hunter, Dan and Jenn Donovan - a husband-and-wife couple - have launched a new website dedicated to fly fishing for muskies. I've never caught a true muskie. The closest thing we have here in Utah is a tiger muskie - a sterile cross between a northern pike and a muskellunge. You can read all about the Donovan's new...