Why We Fish

In an article recently re-published online from the August 1972 issue of Field & Stream, Nick Lyons explores the topic of why we fish. “What sends a person away from the comforts of his hard-earned home to fight insects, rain, cold, and other disasters in the name of fishing?” Find out via Field & Stream.

The Kid's Playlist

When it comes to kids, says Kirk Deeter in this week's Fly Fishing Jazz column, you can't teach affinity for fly fishing.  Sometimes all that is needed is letting them hear the music--and letting them make their own choices about the playlist.

Leaving the Comfort Zone

There are two kinds of water, says Kirk Deeter in this week's Fly Fishing Jazz column: rivers to fish when you want to pretend to be a great angler, and others where you actually become a great angler.  Both have their place in fishing, but if you want to become a better fly fisher, reading sheet music won't take you there.

"Sparring Partners"

Many of us have fished the same waters through a string of seasons or years.   But the notion of fishing to one fish in particular, and doing so with a single-mindedness and intensity that fooling the same fish more than once requires, is a special case.  It raises awareness of the fish's moods and ours, the cycle of weather and season, and opportunities...

Fly Fishing Jazz: The Three Basic Notes

You can play jazz with only three notes, says Kirk Deeter in his weekly column.  And fishing too has it's own three fundamental building blocks, starting with the G: "The “G” chord is the grip.  As with golf, more good—and bad—things start and end with how you hold a fly rod in the first place.  It doesn’t matter how long you’ve fly fished...

Fly Fishing Cover Art

In this week's Fly Fishing Jazz column, Kirk Deeter questions how our sport is portrayed in popular media these days: why do we seem stuck on the idea that fly fishing is so "white-bread"?  It's not as if there isn't some excellent inspiration lying around.  Take a look at classic album covers--but not John Denver's.

You Can Always Do Better

As writer Kirk Deeter says in his new Fly Fishing Jazz column, "The factor that connects a truly great angler and a truly great musician is that both would concede that there is no such thing, actually, as 'truly great.'” A few of us at MidCurrent have fished with anglers who could claim to be in the upper one percent of fly fishing "experts."  That also...

Fly Fishing Jazz: Recognizing “Mood Indigo”

When it comes to flies, we all like alternatives, especially when the fishing seems to have shut down or our favorite patterns aren't pulling their weight. In this week's Fly Fishing Jazz column, Kirk Deeter lets out a little fly-color secret that can turn a slow day into a productive one.  Fish, like people, have those "Indigo Blue" moods, and sometimes...

Dropping the Bomb and Coming Tight

In this week's Fly Fishing Jazz column Kirk Deeter explores the moments that occur in both music and fly fishing when you just know things are going to happen.  "There are times and places where the spot in front of you just looks so juicy… so tender… you know, the fishing gods know, and I think even the fish themselves know, that if you drop the...

"Improv" Flies

Kirk Deeter explores "improvisational" flies and how to fish them: "My favorite improv fly of all time is the Muddler Minnow. Strip it under the surface streamer style, and it looks like a sculpin or some other baitfish. Grease it up and let it float on the surface, and it’s a grasshopper...."