Cast With a Purpose

When I first started fishing, the most common feedback I received was to cast less. My line spent too much time in the air, and it was largely due to my casting without a purpose. As Justin Pickett details in this piece for Gink & Gasoline, casting with a goal in mind is crucial for fly fishing success. Read his story here.

Fly Casting Tips

Kent Klewein, over at Gink & Gasoline, put this story together on how you can perfect the timing of your fly cast. As a guide myself, I love the simple steps Kent outlines here, and they'll more than likely help you improve your casting. Read the story here.

Podcast: Troutbitten on Streamer Presentation

Dom Swentosky's Troutbitten podcast is a fantastic resource, and in his latest installment he tackles the topic of different streamer presentations. Listen to the episode in full here.

Should You Cut or Retie Tangled Tippet?

It's interesting to watch how different anglers react to tangled tippet and leaders. Some try to untangle it all, regardless of how bad the original knot was. Others don't even try, and just cut the line and start over. Of course, there's the question of which is the "right" thing to do, and the answer - like others in fly fishing - depends. What it depends...

Opinion: Does Casting Technique on Small Streams Matter?

Louis Cahill put this piece together over at Gink & Gasoline, and it's something I'd encourage every angler to read. Small streams are, in my opinion, the lifeblood of this sport. The big waters might get all the attention, but it's the small streams that spread out the pressure and allow us to find what little hidden treasures still remain in fly...

How to Fly Fish the Backcountry

Tim Huckaby, over at Backpacker.com, put together a great story that'll likely have folks daydreaming all through winter. It's about bringing backpacking and fly fishing together, something those of us here in the Rockies are well accustomed to, but which probably isn't familiar to anglers from other, less remote areas of the country. The story is full of...

Paul Bruun Inducted Into Fly Fishing Hall of Fame

Paul Bruun, a former guide and current columnist for Jackson Hole News & Guide, was inducted into this year's Fly Fishing Hall of Fame class. Bruun has long been recognized throughout fly fishing as an expert on the history of angling, especially in the United States. Read more about Bruun and his induction here.

Story: "Flood Tide Redfish"

Owen Plair put together this story about fishing for redfish during flood tides over at Gink & Gasoline. Plair claims that fishing redfish on these flood tides is one of the most unique experiences fly anglers can find anywhere. Read the full story here.

Opinion: Late Fall's Best Trout Flies

Morgan Lyle, over at Field & Stream, got together with a few fly fishing guides and talked shop about fall fly patterns. Specifically, he wanted to know which flies guides go to when fall fishing starts to wrap up. The list shouldn't surprise anyone, but it's a good reminder of the key elements to focus on if you're looking for success on the water...

Never Get Tangled Again

The folks over at RIO produced this short video last month, and it's likely to make plenty of anglers scoff in disbelief. That's the usual reaction when you claim to have a solution for a problem older than angling itself - tangling your fishing line. But this tip might just do the trick. Watch the video and let us know what you think. Can something this...