Author: johnnysain

"High-Water Carp"

"Respect these amazing fish."

"How to make an Adjustable Dry-Dropper System"

"Here is a simple, quick way to make make an adjustable dry-dropper system. It allows you to slide your dry fly up and down your tippet to give you the perfect length."

"Meat-Eating Trout"

"Headed back into the hills with my good mate Ciaran to strip big streamers for big trout."

"Appalachian Brook Trout"

"These little fish rarely get over 10 inches but live in some of the most beautiful areas on Earth."

How to Tie the Superfine Sulphur Spinner

The sulphur hatch this season on many rivers in Northwest New Jersey was the best it’s been in recent years. Watching the number of egg-layers come back to deposit their little yellow egg sacks gives me hope that next year will be a banner year as well. Here, most of the activity, whether it’s emergence, egg-laying or the spinner fall, happens right...

"Roll Cast Recovery Tempo for Upstream Casting"

"Moving fast and shooting line back upstream in a fast and efficient manner is essential."

"Deadly Euro-Nymphing Techniques"

"George Daniel teaches Tom Rosenbauer the essentials of Euro Nymphing."

"Late Spring Transition"

"In this video we fish the same reach of river on two separate days in different conditions as the river goes from gin-clear and low flows to bursting out of its banks with muddy water."

Benjamin Brady and the Brook Trout Bodhisattva

What you are about to read is a true story or at least as true as any fish story can be. Scheduled to leave the following Monday for Ireland where he was to fish for salmon while staying at Ashford Castle (the one-time home of the Guinness family) Benjamin Brady decided to spend a weekend at his family’s cabin. Built of rough-hewn logs by Benjamin’s...