Author: johnnysain

"Four Moments to Shoot Line"

"One of the most overlooked skills in fly fishing is shooting line. When should we shoot the line back through the rod guides? No one ever seems to talk about these options. But there are four of them."

"Trout Spotting"

"Nothing is finer than to walk a stream in search of the subtle rise of a trout taking a fly off of the surface."


"Hemsila, one of the finest trout streams in southern Norway, is known to be very hard to fish."

"Single Spey Trout"

"The water is low and clear, but I really had my mind set on swinging flies with the single Spey rod so decide to go with that anyway. Small tube-style flies and keeping on the move was the name of the game."

"Fly Fishing The Upper McKenzie"

"Such a beautiful spot."

"Millions Visit Every Year & Rarely Ever Fished"

"One of my favorite subalpine lakes in the PNW—pristine and one of the most unique fisheries in the U.S."

"When You Mix Up Fly Fishing Techniques"

"Throwing dry flies all the way to Euro-nymphing with streamers, you'll see fish crush every rig."

"Cruising Trout in Alpine Lakes"

"Alpine lakes offer a short season, by nature. Late in the year to shed snow and ice, there's often a short boom of productivity of only a few weeks to a few short prime months."

"Never Go Fishing Without This Stuff"

"I never go fishing without this stuff."

"Beaver Pond Browns"

"This creek has a unique set of beaver ponds that allows the wild brown trout inside of them to grow far larger than they ever would in the tiny creek they inhabit."