Author: johnnysain

"A Day Trip in Harlem | Fly Fishing New York's Central Park"

"Harlem Meer Pond is in the northeast corner of New York's Central Park. Cuban music carried across the water as we targeted monstrous carp and largemouth bass. It was quite the experience, kind of ironic really, an oasis in the middle of a concrete jungle."

"Almost Home | Fly Fishing, Truck Camping, and Exploring Wild Colorado"

"This was the film from a road trip we took through Colorado last summer. We spent our time fly fishing and sight-seeing different mountain valleys. Hopefully you enjoy. And I hope it can inspire you to step outside and explore the world and its natural spaces!"

"The 4 Most Important Knots for Fly Fishing"

"In this video, I show you how to tie the 4 most important knots for fly fishing: The perfection loop, the blood knot, the surgeon's knot, and the clinch knot. I also tell you the single best knot for any fishing situation."

"These Are the Most Beautiful Fish I've Ever Caught (Tenkara Fly Fishing)"

"In this video I return to one of my favorite creeks. Last year, it was incredible."

"Day Trippin': Water Master Float in Southern Ontario for Brown Trout"

"Aldo and Josh, @joshonthefly on Instagram, head out for an early season trout float. They hit the water in their Water Master boats and chase some down some big, beautiful Ontario browns."

"Reconnecting: Fly Fishing a New Zealand Brown Trout Pre-Pandemic and Closed Borders"

"The cicadas are chirping, the brown trout looking up, and we enjoy some incredible brown trout fly fishing."

"How to Care for Your Fly Line"

"Modern fly lines are surprisingly durable and as long as you don’t drag them through gravel or cast them on asphalt, they last for years with minimal care. Learn just how durable fly lines are, and the proper way to keep them slick and high-floating."

"River Em Opening Days 2022 – Fight for the Wild Baltic Salmon and Sea Trout"

"Fishing was a bit better than last year but far away from what it should be. Great company, fantastic surrounding and a few good fish made it still very memorable."

"Fly Fishing: Time Well Spent in North Carolina"

"I got to spend a special day with my son as we attempt to help him catch his first trout on a fly. It was an amazing day on the river and the memories from today will last a lifetime."