Author: johnnysain

What Is Fly Fishing With Simon Gawesworth

"Host Simon Gawesworth discusses the basics of learning fly fishing."

The Super Pause: A Favorite Streamer Presentation

"This is the companion video for the Troutbitten LIVE Stream event about a streamer presentation we call the Super Pause."

Tying a March Brown Dry Fly Pattern

"This simple March Brown mayfly dun is a great option in spring trout waters when the hatch is on."

Dipping Shoveler Soft Hackle

"Shoveler Flank Feathers have a huge range in size and color for trout fishing and soft hackle flies."

Fly Tying The Palomino Midge

"I love the look of this simple little fly and so do the fish that I'm after."

Petejean CDC Caddis

"This fly is such an easy and quick fly to tie when you have the Petejean Magic clip system."