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Why Is a Swordfish’s Sword So Strong?

Turns out that remodeling–the same process used by mammals to repair bone–happens somewhat differently in rostral bone of marlin and swordfish (their “sword”).   In mammals, two different types of cells are responsible for strengthening damaged bone.  The swordfish, researchers … more

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Teaching Fish to Walk

Recent research has demonstrated how the earliest tetrapod ancestors could have developed the ability to walk on land. Using bichir, a tropical freshwater fish that lives in Africa and is known to often walk on fins, the researchers raised juveniles … more

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IGFA Responds to Critique of World Records

In response to a recent paper published in Marine Policy, which calls for an end to trophy fishing and International Game Fish Association records of threatened fish species, the IGFA has submitted a response to the journal, explaining what it … more

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GPSs Used to Monitor Drought in the West

Scientists are using a network of Global Positioning System (GPS) stations throughout the western United States, which were originally intended for early earthquake detection, to show vanishing water supplies and the impact of drought upon the landscape. “All of a … more

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Desert Dust & Oceans

New research out of the University of South Carolina is shedding light on iron levels in the world’s oceans, revealing that “life in the deep ocean depended on an annual delivery of fertilizer from one of the world’s emptiest and … more

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Steelhead: School of Hard Knocks

What’s in a name? Bill McMillan explains the origins of “steelhead” in a great piece on Oncorhynchus mykiss. “Most came to consider the name’s origin to be a description of the blue gun-metal-steel color along the steelhead’s top of head … more

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Angling on Eight Legs

While anglers are accustomed to birds competing for their quarry, entomologists now have shown that spiders are deadly on the water as well. Get a closer look at how and why spiders prey on fish through a photo slide show … more

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Cutthroat Trout and Climate Change

New research published recently in Nature Climate Change suggests a warming climate is impacting native Westslope cutthroat trout in more ways than just range.  It’s allowing increased hybridization with rainbow trout as well. “Hybridization breaks down, or jumbles up, these … more

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Raised Voices

We all drive, walk and bike over countless bridges each day, but we seldom think about the noise we’re creating for the ecosystem below us.  New research published in the April issue of Behavioral Ecology examines how fish are reacting … more

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“Your Inner Fish”

An upcoming three-part series takes a new look at human evolution to reveal how the human body is connected to ancient fish.  “Your Inner Fish” is hosted by paleontologist Neil H. Shubin, who helped discover the Tiktaalik, a species that … more

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