Steelhead Listed Under State Endangered Species Act

April 24, 2024 By: Spencer Durrant


Photo: Tom Hart/Flickr

Southern California steelhead were recently listed under the state’s Endangered Species Act, according to California Trout.

The listing under California’s Endangered Species Act expands protection for the Southern California steelhead, giving fisheries managers more tools to help stave off extinction than what they currently have available. Since 1997, Southern California steelhead have been listed under the federal Endangered Species Act as well.

“Southern steelhead are crucial indicators of watershed health and river ecosystem integrity,” said Sandra Jacobson, PhD, South Coast and Sierra Regions Director for California Trout. “Historically, tens of thousands of these fish swam in Southern California rivers and streams. Today, it’s rare to see even a few. Their numbers have dipped dangerously low due to impacts from habitat loss, fragmentation, and urbanization.”