Podcast Roundup

June 16, 2024 By: Spencer Durrant


Photo: Matt Keefe/Flickr

This week’s Podcast Roundup features a show about Reeling in Serenity, setting the hook, and reflecting on how you prepare for a fly fishing trip. As always, if you have suggestions of great podcasts you’d like featured here, let us know!

Articulate Fly: Reeling in Serenity

Marvin Cash, host of the Articulate Fly, sat down with Sylvia and Ian Huron to talk about Reeling in Serenity, a group the mother-son duo started to help people use fly fishing to recover from addiction. This is a great show to help remind you about the other, equally important, aspects of fly fishing.

Troutbitten: Set the Hook!

In this episode, Domenick Swentosky and his crew discuss the merits of different hook sets, and when you might to need use one versus the other. This is a great resource to help you improve the finer points of your technique.

CastingAcross: Trip Preparation Reflections

Matthew Lourdeau is the host of CastingAcross, a great fly fishing podcast that focuses on the experience of this wonderful sport. In this recent episode, Matthew looks at how he prepares for trips, and how that impacts his fly fishing adventures.