Podcast Roundup

June 30, 2024 By: Spencer Durrant


Photo: Matt Keefe/Flickr

This week’s Podcast Roundup features a fun collection of topics. We start with a discussion on fly fishing sunglasses with the folks at Smith Optics, then get into fly casting with a champion fly caster, and some tips about fishing with long leaders. There’s a lot here to digest!

As always, if you have a podcast you’d like to see featured in this weekly roundup, please let us know!

Wet Fly Swing Podcast: Finding the Perfect Fishing Sunglasses

In this episode of the Wet Fly Swing podcast, Dave Stewart chats with Allie Flake and Michael Simboski of Smith Optics. They discuss how to pick the best sunglasses for fly fishing, and why Smith’s ChromaPop lenses are still so popular. They also highlight some affordable options, as well.

Wade Out There Podcast: The Basics of the Casting Stroke

Jason Shemchuk talks about fly casting with Maxine McCormick, a champion fly caster. She goes through the five basics of the casting stroke, and gives some wonderful advice on how you can improve your own fly cast.

SVS Fly Fishing Podcast: Using 15 Foot Leaders

The SVS Fly Fishing Podcast is hosted by a group of friends who enjoy the fly fishing lifestyle, and on this episode, they chat with Captain Sam Persutti about trout fishing. The talk about long leaders is interesting, and this is a show a lot of trout anglers can probably learn from.