Advice on Fly Finishes

Tim Flagler produced a great video for Orvis on the different ways you can finish a fly's head. He focuses on the difference between glossy and penetrating finishes, including why you'd want to use one over the other. You can view the video here.

Tying Tuesday: Turkey and Partridge Jig Nymph

This week's edition of Tying Tuesday features a pattern from a channel I don't believe we've shared here before. The folks at Spawn Fly Fish tie up a great little turkey and partridge jig nymph that looks like right at home in many boxes.

Tying Tuesday: Hi-Lo Streamer

In this week's Tying Tuesday, we're treated to a wonderful streamer pattern that I've personally used, to great success. The Hi-Lo streamer has the right kind of flash and contrast to really grab a fish's attention - especially the big ones.

Tying Tuesday: Blue-Winged Olive Size 18

In this week's Tying Tuesday, we're treated to a wonderful little pattern just in time for the best of the fall blue-wing hatches. Tim Flagler takes you through the simple process of tying this easy, yet productive, little fly.

The 101 on Catching Trout With Streamers

Streamer season is upon us, and if you're wanting to try out this method of fly fishing, you should read this story from Joe Cermele over in Field & Stream. Cermele takes readers through all the basic info you need to know about fly fishing successfully with streamers. A resource like this can certainly help lower the learning curve for anglers who...

Tying Tuesday: Sika Comparadun

Davie McPhail has a wonderful comparadun pattern that I'm sharing for this week's Tying Tuesday. The smaller bugs are hatching in earnest again in my neck of the woods, so I've been tying up some smaller emerger patterns to have on hand. After watching this video, it's clear that I need to grab some sika hair and tie these up.

Tying Tuesday: The Year's Easiest Nymph

I'm not the most gifted fly tier, and I'm a huge fan of simple, easy flies. That's why I got excited to see the video I'm sharing for this week's Tying Tuesday. It's "The Easiest Nymph Nymph You May Tie All Year" according to Savage Flies. The fly is Dave Hughes' Midge Nymph, and it looks like it'll put plenty of extra trout in the net.

Tying Tuesday: Armored Chironomid

This week's edition of Tying Tuesday features the Armored Chironomid from the folks over at AvidMax. I'm a big fan of chironomid patterns because they're so simple, and so effective. This pattern has a really unique bit on the thorax that separates it from other chironomid patterns out on the market. Give it a look, and tie some up for the last of the open...

Tying Tuesday: The Zola Bug

The folks over at Fly Fish Food have another great pattern for us to tie this week - the Zola Bug! This fly is dead simple, and has a lot of the attributes that makes the perdigon such an effective fly. I'm a big fan of simple ties (why complicate something you don't have to?) and the Zola Bug looks like one that'll work effectively in a variety of waters...

Whip Finish Wednesday: October Caddis Pupa

Instead of Tying Tuesday this week, we had the pleasure to run a wonderful piece from Beau Beasley about a new Lefty Kreh memorial and statue unveiled over the weekend. So, not to let a week go by without some more fly tying fun, I decided to do a Whip Finish Wednesday. The pattern we'll see today is from the one and only Tim Flagler over at Tight Line...