Tying Tuesday: Hare's Ear Variant

The Hare's Ear is one of my most dependable patterns here in the Rockies. Trout love it, and the fly has stood the test of time exceptionally well. This new take on the classic pattern from Loon Outdoors is interesting. While I tend to be a bit of a purist when it comes to classic fly patterns, I can't help but think this unique Hare's Ear variant is worth...

The March Brown and Gray Fox

The River Reporter is quickly becoming a favorite publication of mine, thanks to some truly insightful work like this recent piece on the March Brown and Gray Fox mayflies. Tony Bonavist sheds some light on apparent confusion between the two mayflies in his most recent piece. Give it a read here.

5 Flies That Catch Trout Across the Rockies

As I get ready for summer fishing here in the Rockies, I've cleaned out my fly boxes and made sure I have things relatively organized. That got me thinking about which flies I need to tie more of, and which flies I'd fish if I could only pick a few to have in my box. That line of thinking spawned this article for Hatch Magazine, wherein I detail my go-to...

A Few Old Reliable Flies

We all have a few flies that we love - our confidence flies. But if you're new to the game, or just can't decide which flies are your go-to ones, then this column from John Pitarresi can help. Give the article a read here.

Video: Tying a Deer Hair Midge

I'm a huge fan of new midge patterns, and this one from Barry Ord Clarke is pretty interesting. I wouldn't think of it sitting down to the vise myself, which makes it all the more intriguing. What do you think? Will this fly fish, and would you throw a few in your box?

Scud Patterns for Trout

Whenever Pat Dorsey talks fly patterns, the angling world listens. With spring runoff underway, lots of us need what he's recently said in Fly Fisherman Magazine about scud patterns for trout. Give the piece a read and add some of Dorsey's patterns to your box this spring. Nymphs are the name of the game right now, and I haven't met a trout yet that...

Up Versus Down

This is one of the more insightful technique-focused pieces I've come across in a while. Tony Bonvasit, of The River Reporter, discusses in his latest piece the inherent dilemma in fishing nymphs and wet flies. The bugs, when hatching, swim "up." However, we tie flies that sink "down," creating a discrepancy that must be rectified. Read his article in...

Problem Child

Charlie Craven's flies are among some of the most innovative patterns available - and for good reason. In this latest piece in Fly Fisherman Magazine, Craven details how to tie his Problem Child nymph. Read the article here.

If it Ain't Chartreuse, Is It Any Use?

Tom Keer writes some great stuff over at The Meat Eater, and his most recent piece from the beginning of the month is a must-read for fly anglers. In it, he discusses the fascination we have with fishing chartreuse flies, and whether or not there's anything other than anecdotal evidence to support doing so. The article is interesting. Give it a read here.

Casper Fly Shop Streaming Tying Lessons

I love Wyoming - both the empty stretches of prairie, and the people who make up the Cowboy State. This story from Wyoming News Now just makes me love Wyoming that much more. The Ugly Bug Fly Shop, based in Casper, is streaming fly tying lessons for kids during this pandemic. According to the article, the shop has been streaming fly tying videos for years...