Tying Tuesday: Beadhead Water Boatman

This week's Tying Tuesday post comes to us from Avid Max. It's a tutorial on tying a pretty cool nymph - the Beadhead Water Boatman.

Tying Tuesday: Pheasant Bugger Jig

This is a really interesting fly that I've never seen before - something I don't get to say all that often. The Pheasant Bugger jig is, according to the tier's description, a great fly for warm water fish. But I don't see why it wouldn't work for trout.

7 Terrestrial Tips

George Daniel, in a recent piece over at Hatch Magazine, shares some great tips on fishing terrestrial flies. With that season right around the corner for most anglers, this is a good reminder of the tips to use when fishing big pieces of foam and hair. Read the story here.

Tying Tuesday: Brent's Grey Stimulator

In this edition of Tying Tuesday, we're looking at a tutorial on putting together a must-have summer fly - the stimulator.

Bipolar Flats Flies

In this recent story over at Fly Tyer Magazine, Dick Brown highlights fly patterns you can use on either dark or light-colored salt flats. It's an interesting piece, and surely helpful if you're planning to chase fish on the flats this year. Read the story here.

Choosing Deer Hair for Flies

In this write-up over at the Orvis Fly Fishing Blog, Phil Monahan highlights a technique you can use to pick the right deer hair for flies. Specifically, he looks at picking deer hair for tying comparaduns - those little emerger patterns that are absolutely stellar during summer evenings. Read the story here.

Tying Tuesday: Free Swimming Caddis Larva

Barry Ord Clarke, over at the Feather Bender on YouTube, recently posted this video on how to tie a timely pattern for summer fly fishing - a free swimming caddis larva.

Tying Tuesday: Gartside Soft Hackle with Jim Misiura

Jim Misiura's tying videos are always a great watch, and his latest features the Gartside soft hackle streamer - a great summer fly for trout and bass.

Tying Guide for Gerbec's Resting Caddis

Charlie Craven, over at Fly Fisherman Magazine, put together this 11-step guide on tying Gerbec's resting caddis pattern. This is particularly timely, since caddis hatches are finally coming into full swing in the West. You can read through the tying guide here.

Tying Tuesday: Dubbing Loop Leech

I'm usually wary to trying out new-to-me fly tying techniques. I've been tying the same way for so long that I reckon it doesn't make sense to change things up. In this case, though, the dubbing loop used to create a Dubbing Loop Leech was worth the time for me to figure out. I bet you'll find that to be true for you as well.