Tying Tuesday: Caddis Emerger

This is another great spring pattern that trout anglers should look to have in their box - a caddis emerger. This tutorial comes to us courtesy of Ghjanto over on YouTube.

Video: 12 Must-Have Trout Flies

The newest video from Tom Rosenbauer in his series on fly fishing is about the 12 flies he says are must-have for trout anglers. You can view the video below. See All Orvis Learning Center Fly Fishing Video Lessons

Whip Finish Wednesday: Giant Stonefly Dry

For this week's tying video, we're looking at a great stonefly pattern that should imitate a bunch of different species in one fell swoop. This video comes to us from The Feather Bender and Barry Ord Clark.

Fly Fisherman Throwback: Mother's Day Hatch

This is a throwback story from the September 1987 edition of Fly Fisherman Magazine that tells the story of the legendary Mother's Day caddis hatch. This is a fun glimpse to what trout fishing was like back in the late '80s. You can read the story here.

Fooling Selective Trout

The great Pat Dorsey recently put this story together for Fly Fisherman Magazine, about how to fool selective trout during a blue-winged olive hatch. You can read the story in full here.

Story: Untying

This is a fun story from David N. McIlvaney in Hatch Magazine. The general premise is that the author doesn't tie flies, but can certainly untie them when the situation calls for it. Read the story here.

Fishing a Better Beetle

George Daniel put together this story about fishing beetles on trout streams. It's an interesting take on the idea that technique trumps pattern, because as Daniel notes here, sometimes pattern matters the most. It's a fun read, and you can see it in full here.

Tying Tuesday: Spanish Perdigon

Ben Baxter with Anglers All sat down to give us this new tutorial on tying the Spanish Perdigon, a favorite among the Euro nymphing crowd.

Tying Tuesday: Hare's Ear Emerger

The Hare's Ear is one of the most versatile flies in my box. I've used it everywhere from Alaska to Colorado, catching fish along the way. So, when I saw this video on tying a Hare's Ear emerger, I just had to share it.

Flymen Fishing Co. Takes Home Awards from IFTD 2022

Flymen Fishing Company., a Lowcountry Outdoor and Adventure Group brand is pleased to announce the company has taken home two Best in Show awards from the 2022 International Fly Tackle Dealer, (IFTD) show last week in Salt Lake City, UT.  300 products were entered into 33 categories and Flymen took home the Best Freshwater Fly Pattern for its...