Tying Tuesday: Buck-Nasty Leech

It's that time of year when leech patterns are more effective than usual. With trout looking to put on weight before the winter, leeches are a high-demand food source. Enter this interesting pattern from The Fly Fiend. The Buck-Nasty Leech looks promising, and better yet, easy enough to tie.

Gallos de Leon Endangered in Spain

Most anglers probably don't recognize the name Gallos de Leon, but they should. It's the oldest species of bird bred specifically for producing fly-tying feathers - and they're now endangered in Spain. These birds have been grown in Spain for hundreds of years, and this piece from Earth Island Journal gives a great account of the perils the bird is...

Fly Tying: Olsen's Blowtorch

Charlie Craven recently did a feature on Devin Olsen's Blowtorch fly, a pattern that's taken the Euro nymphing world by storm. Olsen is a member of Team USA Fly Fishing, and he gave Craven some great insight into competitive fishing and tips for tying his Blowtorch fly. Read Craven's piece here.

5 Flies to Get You Through November 2020

This is a fun piece from Grant Michaels over at Fly Lords. In it, he details five fly patterns that will get any angler through the rest of November. Give the article a read here.

Fly Tying: The Perfect Clown Egg

It's egg season. Obviously, it's also time to leave actively spawning fish alone, but it's foolish not to fish eggs for the trout that aren't spawning right now. Some of the biggest rainbows I've ever caught came during the brown trout spawn, when rainbows were eagerly scooping up any and all rouge eggs in the river. This tying video, from McFly Angler...

Tying Tuesday: The Duracell Fly

I'll always have a soft spot for fly patterns with great, unique names. After growing up hearing that the caddis and the Adams were the end-all-be-all, it's nice to have my horizons broadened a bit.

Kelly Galloup Launches New Contest

Kelly Galloup - the man behind the Slide Inn in West Yellowstone, MT, and the Sex Dungeon fly - has launched a new fly tying contest. It's time for season two of the successful Kill the Corona Fly Tying Contest. Galloup and his team first did this earlier in the year, and are bringing it back as we get into fall here in the Rockies. You can read more and...

Tying Tuesday: The Incredible Cat

So, I won't lie - this fly piqued my interest solely based on its name. The Incredible Cat? Really? But after watching this video, I think it'll actually fish fairly well. What do you think?

Upgrading Your Vise

If you're anything like a lot of anglers I know, you've spent quite a bit more time than usual this year behind your vise. That's a good thing, since it means you've probably been fishing more. But it might also have exposed some of the deficiencies in your vise that you didn't see before. Ray Kyle's latest in The Vail Daily will help you out if you're in...

Video: How To Fish Woolly Buggers in Rivers

Jensen Fly Fishing consistently produces some of the best instructional fly fishing videos you'll find anywhere on the internet. This recent video from them takes you into the world of fishing woolly buggers - one of the most effective flies ever - on rivers.