Making Sense of Fly Hooks

When you're new to the world of fly fishing, everything seems overwhelming. That's even truer when you get started with tying flies. And that confusion is the basis for Charlie Craven's newest piece for Fly Fisherman Magazine, where he gives you a great education on fly hooks, from the barb up. Read it in full here.

Figuring Out Fall Streamers

Lance Egan recently wrote this piece for Fly Fisherman Magazine about fishing fall streamers and a few different patterns to use as well. I'm lucky to know Lance, and he's an amazing angler. Take some time to read through what he has to say here - it's worth it.

The Case for Stoneflies

Louis Cahill put this piece together over at Gink & Gasoline a couple days ago, and I found it somewhat surprising that he has to make a case for stoneflies. I always have a few dozen of these in my fly boxes, and a lot of anglers I know do as well. Regardless, it's an interesting piece, and worth a read. View the piece in full here.

Tying Tuesday: Morrish Mouse

The folks over at Trident Fly Fishing put this fly tying tutorial out this week on tying the venerable Morrish Mouse. With fall right around the corner, the season for mouse eats during daylight hours isn't far off. You'll want a few of these in your fly box - just in case.

Tying Tuesday: Hot Orange Stillwater Nymph

This week's Tying Tuesday comes to us courtesy of Mak Flies, a channel we've featured here before. This week, the pattern is a useful hot-orange variant of the timeless Hare's Ear. Billed as a great stillwater nymph, this is easy to tie, and should spruce up your fly box this fall.

Tying Tuesday: "Jungle Tarpon Fly"

Jesse Males demonstrates out to tie a backwater tarpon fly that would probably also work well for almost any large swimming critter, including musky.

Tying Tuesday: Mayhem Midge

Today's edition of Tying Tuesday features a pattern that's new to me, from a fly tying channel on YouTube that's also new to me. The pattern is the Mayhem Midge, and the channel is Avid Max. I really like the way this midge looks, and it's something I could see using often here on the Green River in Utah.

Fishing the Dry-Dropper-Dropper Rig

Yesterday, I wrote a piece for Hatch Magazine about fishing with three flies. Where it's legal, I've found that using three flies is almost always better than one or two. To understand the reasoning behind it, and to learn more about the rig, you can read the article in its entirety here.

Fly Tying: Bead Green Serendipity

Since I missed Tying Tuesday yesterday, I figured why not share a new tying video on Wednesday? Today's tie comes to us from Smitty's Monthly Fly Box, and it's a fun little caddis pupa imitation.

Tying Tuesday: Crystal Sedge Pupa

For today's edition of Tying Tuesday, I wanted to share this video from Philip Rowley, a tier who has a great take on a classic pattern - the Caddis sedge pupa.