Loon Live November 7th

This week’s Loon Live focuses on two different October caddis patterns: the Great Pumpkin and DEA (Dead Emerger Adult). “As we get deeper into fall it's easy to lament the loss of summer, and the inevitable arrival of winter. But take heart! Trout are still willing to move, and even rise, for October Caddis. That can mean lights out fishing, and one...

Video Hatch: “How to Tie the Sandwich Cricket”

In this tying tutorial from Mad River Outfitters, Jerry Darkes demonstrates how to tie a Sandwich Cricket.

Do Big Flies Catch Big Fish?

Do you have a better chance of catching big fish with big flies? Domenick Swentosky addresses the question in this article via Troutbitten. “My most consistent action comes from smaller flies,” writes Swentosky. “The more guides I talk with, […] the more I hear the same thing that I already believed — smaller patterns catch large trout. The...

Video Hatch: “Articulating Streamers”

In this instructional video, Brian Wise goes over different types of connections for articulated streamers. Via Fly Fishing the Ozarks.

Video Hatch: “Learn How to Tie The Zolt”

In this instructional video from the North 40 Fly Shop, learn how to tie The Zolt, a pattern originally designed to imitate salmon smolt to target smallmouth bass.

Top Reason to Tie Your Own Flies

Tying your own flies can give an angler a mental advantage on the water. "Custom flies are confidence flies,” writes Domenick Swentosky. “The slight variations on a Hare’s Ear nymph that a fly tyer wraps on the hook are what connect us to the fly. It’s more personal, more individual and ultimately more effective. We fish our own patterns with...

Two Streamers for Fishing Alaska

If you plan to fish Alaska, always carry the two flies in this post from Kent Klewein. The Green Headed Monster and The Cornelius Special are articulated streamers for attracting big fish. Find more in formation as well as the pattern information via Gink & Gasoline.

Video Hatch: “Tying The Ant Acid”

In this tying tutorial from The Slide Inn, learn how to tie The Ant Acid from Kelly Galloup. “As a searching pattern I am not sure there is anything better, and as an ant imitation, I am certain of it.”

Video Hatch: “Fly Tying: Foxy Game Changer”

In this fly tying tutorial from Fly Fishing the Ozarks, Brian Wise demonstrates how to tie the Foxy Game Changer.

Top 10 Dries for Mountain Streams

When the lower elevations get too warm, Phil Monahan heads to the Green Mountains to fish. In this article he runs down the list of his top ten dry flies for small mountain streams. Via Orvis.