Easter Egg Ties for Fly Fishing

This fun piece comes to us from the Capital Journal, based out of Pierre, South Dakota. The piece, by Nick Simonson, is a fun look at some must-have patterns in your fly box when spring rolls around. Take a read through the piece here.

Fly Tying with Tom Rosenbauer

In an effort to help anglers battle cabin fever in the coming weeks, Tom Rosenbauer is starting fly tying classes held on Facebook live. Per a news release, the classes start at 3 p.m. EDT on the Orvis Fly Fishing Facebook page, which you can find here. They'll run every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for the next few weeks.

Garners Carp Dancer

This is the time of year where a lot of my fishing buddies leave me for carp. I get invited to join, but I just don't really like carp fishing - especially when I can fish for trout, instead. But, I don't begrudge anyone who likes chasing carp on the fly, and that's why I'm sharing this post from Louis Cahill, over at Gink and Gasoline. In the video in his...

Podcast: Trout and Flies

Pete Tyjas, who runs The Fly Culture Podcast, just released a new show with authors Peter Hayes and Don Stazicker, to talk shop about their new book. The podcast episode is a closer look at what trout eat, and their behavior when eating. As we get read for spring, this is an absolute must-listen piece of audio. Take a listen here.

The Only Nymph You'll Ever Need

McFly Angler - a popular YouTube channel featuring fly fishing tips and tying videos - put this up a while back, but I'm just now finding it. The title alone was enough to pique my curiosity. While I don't agree that it's the only nymph you'll ever need, I do think this pattern has a place in just about anyone's fly box.

The Importance of Fly Tying

In a recent piece for the Montrose Press, reporter Joel L. Evans details exactly why it's so important that us anglers also work at becoming competent fly tiers. Evans begins his piece with an anecdote about the good ol' days, when fly rods were fiberglass, the fish were dumb, and it seemed everyone fished a size 10 elk hair caddis, simply because they...

Tying Tuesday: Gartside Splitwing CDC Cripple

Jim Misiura is one of my favorite fly tiers for a variety of reasons, a prominent one being that he doesn't gravitate towards too many flashy patterns. He sticks to the classic, murky world of mayflies, caddis, and soft hackles, that don't necessarily have the highest "bin appeal" but in my experience, catch plenty of trout. His most recent video is below ...

Build your Own Fly Tying Desk

If you're the DIY type, and you don't already have the fly tying desk you've always wanted, then this video is definitely for you. This video comes to use via the folks at Beyond the Fly, and it's a fun way to look at reusing an old table to build something really useful. If I ever get around to building the tying desk I want, I may just have to put...

Mary Orvis Marbury - A Fly Fishing Legend

If I asked you to tell me what Mary Orvis Marbury did for the fly fishing community, could you answer? I couldn't, when I first came across her name. I reckon most anglers can't. But she's someone you absolutely need to know about. Mary's contributions to fly fishing are varied, but perhaps her greatest achievement was creating a classification system for...

Women's Fly Tying Group in Bozeman

This story from the Bozeman Daily Chronicle is, I think, a great indication of just how far the sport of fly fishing has come in being inclusive to women. Reporter Shaylee Ragar did a wonderful job telling part of the story of MT Fly Gals - a women's fly fishing group in Bozeman. The group hosted a tying clinic, which attracted tiers of all ages and...