Tying Tuesday: Roza's Violet Tail Jig

As Uncle Cheech says in the opening of Fly Fish Food's latest tying tutorial, everyone needs another jig fly in their box, right? Kidding aside, this fly - the Roza's Violet Tail Jig - is one that's a staple in a ton of boxes.

Tips for Brood X Cicadas

Everyone is getting in on the Brood X cicada hatch that's just around the corner, including the folks at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. In a recent piece, they discuss the upcoming hatch with entomologist, including what to expect, and what patterns to tie. Read the story here.

Tying Tuesday: Copper Top Streamer

Today's Tying Tuesday video comes to us from Trout Tornado, on YouTube. In this video, he shows how to tie a streamer he calls the Copper Top. With ice-off in full swing here in the Rockies, I reckoned this would be a good pattern to reference.

Whip Finish Wednesday: Rusty Spinner

So, I missed our usual Tying Tuesday video. To make up for it, I decided we'd have Whip Finish Wednesday. This week's tying video comes to us from Tim Flagler, of Tightline Productions. The Rusty Spinner is a must-have fly, especially now as the days are longer and the fish are more actively feeding on top.

Fly Fishing's Most Epic Hatches

Morgan Lyle, over at Field & Stream, put this piece together on what he thinks are the five best hatches in fly fishing. While I've not fished Hendrickson or hexagenia hatches, I have to say the rest of the hatches on the list are worthwhile. Give it a read in full here.

Brood X Hatch Gaining Notoriety

Usually, fly anglers are the only folks you'll see take notice of, and celebrate, huge insect hatches. But with the Brood X cicada on the way, everyone, it seems, is taking note. GoErie.com, a news site for southeastern Pennsylvania, wrote a piece about these bugs that are expected to show up around the end of May. If you haven't heard about these bugs...

Tying Tuesday: Barr's Emerger

Today's Tying Tuesday video isn't featured because it's brand new. No, it's finally blue-wing season, and I caught a few on this fly on Monday. I don't fish this style of emerger often, so it was fun to tie it up and immediately bring a few fish to the net. If the blue-wings are popping in your neck of the woods, you need this fly.

"Cheat" Flies for Trout

In this piece for Field & Stream, Ryan Chelius details seven flies that are a bit unconventional, but nevertheless are money for trout. Read the list in full here.

Tying Tuesday: Space X Nymph

Today's Tying Tuesday comes to us from Devin Olson, of Tactical Fly Fisher. Devin is one of the best anglers I've ever met, and a great tier. The Space X nymph is one of his own creations that he uses in competitive fly fishing across the globe.

Tying Tuesday: The Gurgler

Katie Johnstone, of Mad River Outfitters, brings us this timely pattern. Smallmouth will be active before you know it, and if you chase bass on the fly, you'll want a fly like the Gurgler in your box.