Improve Fly Tying Efficiency

Louis Cahill, over at Gink & Gasoline, has some great tips for those of us looking to increase our efficiency while at the tying bench. Read Cahill's tips for improving your tying efficiency here.

Tying Tuesday: Missing Link Caddis

The folks over at Avid Max fly tying on YouTube put together a great tutorial on a timely fly pattern - Mike Mercer's Missing Link Caddis. Caddis haven't started fluttering in droves in my neck of the woods, but we all know they're not far off. This is a great way to mix up your usual offering of elk hair caddis patterns.

Tying Tuesday: The Feather Mechanic

Today's Tying Tuesday is a bit different than what you're normally used to. The YouTube channel Oholi's Flies recently posted a review of a book titled The Feather Mechanic, that details some new and intriguing ways to think about fly tying. The video is highly worth your time to watch.

Three Styles of Dry-Dropper

Dom Swentosky, over at Troutbitten, wrote on a topic that's near and dear to my heart - because it's how I fish 99% of the time. His latest story on different styles of dry-dropper setups is a great primer if you're not used to fishing this way, or if you're looking to refine your technique. Read it here.

Tying Tuesday: Dedeaux's Tools

I just read a chapter in Matthew Miller's new book Fishing Through the Apocalypse where he floats a river in Texas with Alvin Dedeaux. So, when I saw this video pop up on YouTube today, I knew I had to share it for Tying Tuesday. If you've ever wondered what tools you need for fly tying, Dedeaux goes through his inventory of them here.

Tying Tuesday: Dedeaux Snake

For Tying Tuesday this week, we have a pattern from guide Alvin Dedeaux - the Dedeaux Snake. According to Alvin, this a more durable, easier-to-tie version of his original Snake pattern.

The Only Fly You Need

Chris Hunt makes a pretty bold declaration in his latest story for Hatch Magazine. In it, he says that the Schminnow is the only fly you need. The Schminnow is a big bait fish streamer, and according to Hunt, it's magic. Read all of the story here.

Looking at Insect Life Cycles

Often, us anglers group all subsurface bugs into the "nymph" category. I'm certainly guilty of this. But the truth is that there's more than just nymphs below the water's surface, and Louis Cahill is here to explain that in a story at Gink & Gasoline.  Read it here.

Tying Tuesday: Klinkhammer

The Klinkhammer is one of my favorite flies, because it works so well year-round. But early on in the season, it's a fantastic mayfly pattern. Barry Ord Clarke, of The Feather Bender on YouTube, shows us how to tie one for this week's edition of Tying Tuesday.

20 Best Flies for Bass

Joe Cermele, over at Field & Stream, put together this great piece about the best bass flies that you need in your box. Even if you don't target bass all that often, you can probably use these for big trout in your area. Read the list here.