Tying Tuesday: Crystal Sedge Pupa

For today's edition of Tying Tuesday, I wanted to share this video from Philip Rowley, a tier who has a great take on a classic pattern - the Caddis sedge pupa.

The Magic of Soft Hackles

Louis Cahill put this article together recently about the magic of fishing soft-hackle flies. Soft-hackles are an important tool for most anglers, but few use them effectively. For years, I never even knew what one was, let alone how to fish it. So, take a look through Cahill's piece and see what you decide about adding a few to your box - and trying them...

Tying Tuesday: The DP42

For this week's edition of Tying Tuesday, I found a really interesting pattern from yet another tier whose work has flown under my YouTube radar. This comes to us from the channel "Trout Juice" and features what the tier calls the offspring of the RS2 and WD40. To me, it looks like it'll fish. What do you think?

Tying Tuesday: Hot Spot Black Pheasant Tail

Today's edition of Tying Tuesday comes to us from a tying channel I've never seen before - Makflies. This is a unique twist on a classic fly that's still a staple in the boxes of most fly anglers I know.

Throwback Thursday: LaFontaine's Double Wing Dry Fly

Gary LaFontaine did some of the most important work in fly fishing with his book Caddisflies. Anglers today owe a debt of gratitude to LaFontaine. Today, I wanted to throw it back to a tutorial from one of LaFontaine's DVDs, where he shows viewers how to tie a Double Wing Dry Fly. Take a watch below.

Orvis Pro Tips: Top 5 Topwater Flies for Largemouth Bass

The folks over at Orvis always have great fly fishing advice, and their latest Pro Tips post is no exception. If you're trying to snag that trophy largemouth on a topwater fly this season, then you need to read this piece.

30th Annual Fly Tying Symposium Scheduled for 2020

SOMERSET, Penn. – Fly tiers from around the globe will meet, greet and demonstrate their art at the 30th annual International Fly Tying Symposium, Nov. 21-22 in the Parsippany Hilton Hotel, announced event founder and director Chuck Furimsky. The host hotel, 1 Hilton Court in the Mack-Cali Business Campus, provides the Symposium more space, a pre-function...

Understanding Trout Rise Forms

With dry fly season fully underway, I thought it was a good time to remind everyone of the importance of learning about and understanding rise forms. You can learn a ton from the way a trout eats off the water's surface, and decoding those rise forms can often mean the difference between success and failure during a big hatch. The details are all in this...

Tying Tuesday: No Hackle Emerger

Emerger patterns are one of the absolute must-haves for any trout angler. In fact, I'd argue you could fish any hatch in North America with just emergers and cripples - but that's a discussion for another day. What we're looking at here is a great pattern from Barry Ord Clarke. This no-hackle emerger is a unique spin on a classic style of fly, and while I...

Tying Tuesday: Hare's Ear Variant

The Hare's Ear is one of my most dependable patterns here in the Rockies. Trout love it, and the fly has stood the test of time exceptionally well. This new take on the classic pattern from Loon Outdoors is interesting. While I tend to be a bit of a purist when it comes to classic fly patterns, I can't help but think this unique Hare's Ear variant is worth...