Tying Tuesday: Aftershaft Scud

This week's Tying Tuesday features an interesting nymph that I've never seen before, but it's reminiscent of some old patterns I saw my grandpa tie. The Aftershaft Scud is courtesy of the folks at Savage Flies, and it looks like a great all-around nymph pattern.

Tying Tuesday: Top Spring Flies

With spring finally here in most of the country, it's time for many anglers to head back to the water. The folks over at Fly Fish Food put together a video on the top 5 flies they recommend every angler have in their box this spring.

Tying Tuesday: Cased Caddis Larva

This week's edition of Tying Tuesday comes to us from Tim Flagler, where he shows us how to tie a cased caddis larva. Whenever I see a tying tutorial for a cased caddis, I'm reminded that I don't fish with these nearly often enough. They should definitely be in your box, especially as we gear up for the first caddis hatches of the year.

Never Enough Mayflies

Spring has sprung in my corner of the Rockies, which means the mayflies are out in ever-increasing numbers, no longer confined to tailwaters. I fished my local creek this past Friday, too late in the day to catch the hatch, but I saw the remnants of mayflies in backeddies and foam lines. The early-season mayflies in my neck of the woods are a darker, almost...

Tying Tuesday: Bugs We Found on The River

In this week's edition of Tying Tuesday, we treated to a bit of an impromptu masterclass from Brian Flechsig and Tim Flagler. The two discuss how they found some Hendrickson nymphs on the Mad River, and how that led them to tie up their own imitations of that venerable bug. It's fun - and enlightening - to see the thought process of two accomplished tiers.

Tying Tuesday: Picky Eater

This week's Tying Tuesday features an interesting little nymph from Charlie Craven, called the Picky Eater. As its name implies, this bug should help put fish in the net when it feels like they're refusing everything else in your box.

Tying Tuesday: The World's Easiest Fly

This week's edition of Tying Tuesday features a pattern that Cheech over at Fly Fish Food calls "the easiest fly in the world." I've always thought of the zebra midge as the easiest, but this little brassie technically requires fewer materials, so perhaps it really is the world's simplest fly. Regardless, you'll learn a great technique for tying these bugs...

Tying Tuesday: Light Olive Flymph

This week's edition of Tying Tuesday features a pattern that's completely new to me - the Light Olive Flymph. A flymph is a combination of a traditional wet fly and a nymph. Davie McPhail ties up an exceptional example of this style of fly, and it's something I'm eager to try here in the Rockies.

Tying Tuesday: Parachute March Brown

It's about the time of year to start thinking about tying (and fishing) March Browns, which is the fly we're featuring this week on Tying Tuesday. The folks at Savage Flies do a wonderful job explaining this pattern, and getting me excited to fish something other than midges soon!

Tying Tuesday: CDL Peacock Caddis

The folks over at Savage Flies have put together a great tutorial for tying an easy beginner caddis dry fly - the CDL Peacock Caddis. As someone who's not a beginner tier but still struggles with tying an elk hair caddis (I can get elk hair to behave on a variety of patterns just fine; on a caddis, though, I can never get it to look right), this is a...