Five Great Warmwater Flies

In the height of warmwater season, this post by Dan Zazworsky outlines five great patterns to get you started. “No matter if you’re chasing smallies, bucket mouths, carp or good-old-fashioned panfish, these flies can get you hooked up wherever you’re fishing, and they’re super simple to whip up on your own.” Via The Wade.

Video Hatch: “Learn to Tie Harrop's CDC Ant”

In this video from the North 40 Fly Shop, learn to tie Rene Harrop’s CDC Ant pattern. “The ant is tied with light materials, giving it a delicate presentation when casting to wary trout.'

Loon Live August 15th

This week on Loon Live, learn to tie two great nymph patterns: the Glass Stone and PMD Perdigon. Tune in August 15th, at 6:00 p.m. PST.

Video Hatch: “Blane Chocklett's Polar Game Changer”

In this fly tying tutorial from Fly Fishing the Ozarks, learn to tie the Polar Game Changer, a pattern designed by Blane Chocklett.

Michigan’s Hex Hatches

In this recent essay, Tom Hazelton writes about a trip to catch one of Michigan's famous Hexagenia hatches. “News of the good spinner falls had percolated downstate and the nine-to-fivers — us, most years — were up north en masse, a sudden shift in human biomass, like the one that Hexagenia limbata makes as it migrates from streambed to sky every...

Video Hatch: “Tying the Buford in Cotton Candy for Pike and Musky”

In this tying tutorial, learn to tie the Buford, designed by Brad Bohen. “There is no right or wrong way,” says Paul Monaghan, “though hopefully through this tutorial you will get a good idea of material placement and proportion. All you need is bucktail, feathers, optional flash and some imagination.”

Video Hatch: “Zug Bug”

In this tying tutorial from Trident Fly Fishing, learn to tie the Zug Bug. “This pattern can be dead drifted to imitate a Stonefly or Cased-Caddis, stripped to imitate a small baitfish, or swung to imitate an emerging insect.”

Video Hatch: “Half N’ Half”

In this tying tutorial, learn to tie the classic baitfish imitation, the Half N. Half. Via TaleTellers Fly Shop.

Video Hatch: “Reece's Glo Worm”

In this tying tutorial, learn to tie the Glo Worm from Bob Reece.

Video Hatch: “Tying The Lightning Bug”

In this tying tutorial, Barry Ord Clarke demonstrates how to tie a lightning bug pattern.