Video: How To Fish Woolly Buggers in Rivers

Jensen Fly Fishing consistently produces some of the best instructional fly fishing videos you'll find anywhere on the internet. This recent video from them takes you into the world of fishing woolly buggers - one of the most effective flies ever - on rivers.

Midge Fishing 101

While some anglers pine for the big bugs of early summer, I look forward each year to the hatches of tiny midges on my local tailwaters. I don't know why, but there's something immensely satisfying about catching trout on dry fly midges - especially in the dead of winter. I'm not the only one who feels this way, as evidenced by Kent Klewein's latest piece...

Tying Tuesday: Easy RS2

The RS2 is a fly that works better than it should if we're basing things on looks alone. It's not much - just thread, a thin tail, and a wispy wing. But what it lacks in material, it more than makes up for in fish caught. Many a tough day on the water has been saved by an RS2 swung or fished deep. The folks at About Trout just released this video on how to...

The 10 Best Trout Flies for Late Fall Fishing

Morgan Lyle, with Field & Stream, put this piece together about what he thinks are the 10 best trout flies to use during this late fall season; that is, if it's actually cooled off in your part of the country. Here in the Rockies, the leaves have turned, but the temps don't suggest that it's fall quite yet. Regardless, this piece is worth a read if...

An Ode to the Adams

Chris Hunt wrote this great piece about what is arguably fly fishing's most iconic symbol - the Adams. This fly has probably caught more fish than anything other than a woolly bugger, and there's a reason it's stuck around on fly store shelves for nearly a century. Read Hunt's piece in full here.

Fly Tying Tips: Thread

If you're new to fly tying (or if you're largely self-taught, like I am), there's a lot to the art that you just don't know. This video from Fly Fishing the Ozarks, however, helps clear up a lot of the questions beginning tiers have about thread.

Fly Tying: Olive Perdigon Nymph

My good friend Svend Diesel has some of the best fly tying videos on the internet. His most recent is on tying the Olive Perdigon, a Euro nymphing staple.

Fly Tying with Tom Rosenbauer in October

Earlier this year, in an effort to help stave off cabin fever for those of us stuck inside due to local pandemic-related mandates, Orvis' Tom Rosenbauer started tying flies on Facebook Live, with the goal of teaching folks how to tie patterns that work well for a variety of species. Rosenbauer is continuing that series in October, every Monday from 3-4pm...

Tying the Zonker Stickleback Baitfish

This is a really unique fly pattern that comes to us from Nordic Anglers. I've long been a fan of the Zuddler (a zonker/muddler combo) and this fly takes it to an entirely new level. The production value on this tying video is great, too. Give it a look.

Making Sense of Fly Hooks

When you're new to the world of fly fishing, everything seems overwhelming. That's even truer when you get started with tying flies. And that confusion is the basis for Charlie Craven's newest piece for Fly Fisherman Magazine, where he gives you a great education on fly hooks, from the barb up. Read it in full here.