Video Hatch: “Birds Nest Caddis Fly Tying Tutorial”

In this tying tutorial from The Fly Fiend, learn to tie the Birds Nest Caddis.

Video Hatch: “Trico Spinner”

In this tying tutorial from Barry Ord Clarke, learn to tie“A small Trico spent spinner with a neat mayfly tailing technique and a segmented moose mane hair body for a semi realistic effect.”

Loon Live: June 6th

This week’s Loon Live focuses on two great patterns for redfish: The Alphonse Crab and the Redfish Ritalin. And even if you don't have plans to hunt redfish anytime soon, tune in to learn about different materials, techniques and patterns. June 6, 2019, at 6:00 p.m. PST.

Video Hatch: “Tying the Snowshoe Hopper”

In this instructional video from Kelly Galloup, learn to tie the Snowshoe Hopper, originally designed to imitate small hoppers on the Madison, it has proved equally as effective for larger caddis and spruce moths in late July and August. Via The Slide Inn.

Video Hatch: “Reece’s J.T.T.”

In this video tutorial from Bob Reece, learn how to tie the J.T.T. streamer, a small, general imitation streamer perfect for fishing still waters for trout and bass.

Video Hatch: “Five Flies for May 2019 - Fly Fishing the Stillwaters”

In preparation for fishing stillwaters this summer season, the folks at Trouts Fly Fishing have put together a great five flies to get you started.

5 Essential Early Season Bass Flies

From topwater flies to baitfish patterns, Dan Zazworsky details his top picks for early season bass fishing in this article via Postfly Box. “As we’ve been kicking off our own bass fishing, we’ve been reaching for the same handful of flies,” he writes, “so we figured we’d share the 5 patterns we’ve been reaching for the most.”

Video Hatch: “Blane Chocklett's Finesse Game Changer”

In this instructional video from Fly Fishing the Ozarks, learn how to tie Blane Chocklett’s pattern, the Finesse Game Changer.

Fishing the Mother’s Day Hatch

“Each year at about this time, a great natural wonder occurs,” writes John Way of The Tackle Shop, “huge clouds of small, dark caddisflies appear on most of Western rivers. Mother’s Day caddis (Brachycentrus americanus) emerge in huge numbers and are the first really big hatch of the year.” Read a great article on preparing for fishing this hatch...

Video Hatch: “How To Tie A Trout Spey Intruder | Mini Trout Intruder Streamer Fly”

In this tying tutorial, David Lisi from Cooper Landing Fishing Guide “shares a Trout Spey Intruder that requires very few fly tying materials, is easy and fun to tie and is also effective for scandi or skagit fishing for trout.”