Fishing Boom Felt Across America

One of the upsides to pandemic has been the rise in popularity of fishing. Fly fishing, surprisingly, has seen some immense growth as well. And it's not just evident on social media, or when you hit the river. Local businesses are feeling the growth of the sport. This article details how one fly shop in Pennsylvania is seeing a huge boom in fly fishing, and...

Tying Tuesday: Baby Baetis

I'm a sucker for good mayfly nymph patterns. In my opinion, you can never have too many of them in your trout box. This pattern from TroutFlies on YouTube is a great, simple tie that'll put plenty of trout in the net.

Tying Tuesday: Realistic Quill Bodies

This is a fantastic tying tutorial from Gundog & Fly on YouTube about making realistic-looking quill bodies.

New Fly Shop in Dallas

There's a new fly shop opening in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. You can get more information here.

Tying Tuesday: Balanced Leather Leech

This fantastic pattern comes to us from Matt Winkler, by way of his good pal Charlie Craven. Charlie's eye for great flies is one of the best in the business, so it's no surprise that he's the one to share this fantastic new stillwater pattern with the wider angling world. Take a look at the fly, and how to tie it, here.

Picking the Correct Fly

The first story this week comes to us from Don Oliver of The Durango Herald. In it, he details tips for picking the correct fly. Especially during winter, this is something anglers can struggle with, so his advice is timely. Read it in full here.

Video: Tying the Straggle String Caddis

Svend Diesel does some of the best fly tying videos on Instagram and YouTube. This is one of his more recent posts, featuring the Straggle String Caddis. I think I'll be tying a few of these up for guide season this year. What do you think?

Video: Tying the Slim Grizzly Nymph

This video from The Fly Fiend showcases a mayfly nymph that looks like an absolute winner. It's slim, realistic, and sturdy, which is all you can really ask of a fly.

Jon Baiocchi to Talk Skwalas on the Yuba

The Fly Fishers of Davis Club announced that they're having Jon Baiocchi address the skwala hatch on California's Yuba River. The Yuba is arguably one of the best winter fisheries in the Golden State, and Baiocchi is the guy to talk about the skwalas. He's been a guide in California for decades, and a published fly fishing author. The event will be held on...

4 Ways to Fish a Streamer

Louis Cahill is at it again with another great read. This time, he gives us advice on four proven ways to effectively fish streamers. This is timely advice, since winter can be one of the more productive times to swing big bugs. Give the article a read here.