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RIO Releases New Creek Line

RIO Products has announced the release of the new Creek Line, designed specifically for fishing small creeks, streams and brooks.

RIO Makes Rigging Easier

RIO Products has announced its new Fly Clips and Fly Twists, accessories to make rigging easier and quicker for anglers.

RIO’s DirectCore Gets Introduced Into Its Best-Selling Bonefish Line

RIO Products has announced a new line designed specifically for chasing bonefish. The DirectCore Bonefish Line was the the winner of the Best New Saltwater Fly Line at IFTD.

Video: RIO Products Summer and Winter Redfish Flylines

RIO products just won best new saltwater fly line at the 2016 IFTD industry trade show for their Redfish Line. Brand manager Simon Gawesworth gives us the specific differences in "winter" and "summer" redfish lines in the video above.

Video: New Trout Tippet and Leader Technology from RIO

The ever gracious Simon Gawesworth took some time at this year's industry trade show to tell MidCurrent why the newest trout tippets and leaders from RIO Products are much much stronger than they used to be.

Podcast Interview: Simon Gawesworth of RIO Products

This week MidCurrent had the pleasure of chatting with uber-caster and one of the industry's nicest people, Simon Gawesworth. Simon is the brand manager for RIO Products, and aside from dogging our praise for his casting ability he chatted with us about the expanding roll of RIO's Connectcore technology and how it's been received by consumers, as well as...

Video: Simon Gawesworth explains the new "In Touch" RIO Lake Lines

Simon Gawesworth explains the new RIO In Touch lake lines that feature a unique camouflage color, a built in "hang marker" that lets you feel when the proper time to cast is, and most importantly a core with a 6% stretch rate that makes them especially sensitive for invisible lake-fish eats.

Video: Simon Gawesworth Explains the New Rio UniSpey Fly Line

While you might not be able to cast like Simon Gawesworth after watching this video, it does help explain the new UniSpey Fly Lines from RIO and the confusion that sometimes comes with modern spey casting lines. This short film shows the UniSpey in action and illustrates the different models available. "RIO's UniSpey is the ultimate mid-length, general...

Far Bank CEO Talks Fly Fishing and Protecting Bristol Bay

Travis Campbell says, "No fish, no fishing, no us…."  He's referring to the fact that without EPA protection projects like Alaska's proposed Pebble Mine could have hugely negative impacts on his business. He goes on to say that, "both as an angler and business person what I'd like to see this year is for the president and congress to really support the...

RIO Products Introduces New Package with Skagit Flight VersiTip

RIO Products just announce a new Skagit package with the Skagit Flight VersiTip, a system specially designed for casting large flies with heavy sink tips. Read the extended entry for the full press release. Skagit lines are designed to be very easy to cast and, in particular, cast large flies and heavy sink tips with the utmost of ease. RIO’s Skagit...