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Tippets: Catch & Release, Corps to Monitor Pollution, Beaver Island

Mid-summer, when fishing is often at its best, is also one of the most vital times for proper catch-and-release techniques. The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources shares best practices via The Fishing Wire. After a lawsuit filed by a conservation … more

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Tippets: It’s a Fly Life, Tailings Breach, One Thousand Casts

Is it any coincidence that the states scoring the highest for “Best Places to Live” in a recent Gallup poll also have some of the best fishing in the United States? Chad Shmukler has more via Hatch Magazine. A tailings pond … more

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Tippets: Lake Huron Salmon, Weed and Water

Howard Meyerson reports on the Lake Huron Atlantic salmon program in a recent article on The Outdoor Journal. While success is coming slow, “Our program is still young,” said Todd Grischke, Michigan DNR’s Lake Huron Basin coordinator. Marijuana grow operations … more

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Tippets: Honoring Victor Atiyeh, Choosing Lenses, Pollution of Midwest Streams

Former Oregon governor  Victor Atiyeh was also an involved fly angler and conservationist. He was instrumental in purchasing the lower section of the Deschutes and creating the Oregon Wildlife Heritage Foundation. Atiyeh recently passed away, and an exhibition of papers, … more

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Tippets: DIY Beaver Island, Yukon River Salmon, Youth Fly Fishing Team

Catch a recent piece by Dave Hosler about a DIY trip to the famed Beaver Island, accompanied by top-notch photography. Salmon populations on the Yukon River have been decreasing, and researchers point to a possible culprit: northern pike. “Although it … more

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Tippets: Water Use, Tips for Small Streams, Salmon By-Product Protein

A national survey has revealed that the states with the highest water use are also the ones in most severe drought. Data shows much of the use is for agricultural purposes: irrigation and power generation and watering plants and lawns. … more

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Tippets: Climate Change and Lakes, Photography Tips, Record Setting Dobsonfly

From water levels to algae growth, a warming climate is having clear impacts on European Lakes. Lisa Borre highlights research and strategies in a recent article on National Geographic NewsWatch. Photographer Jess McGlothlin  of Fire Girl Photography details the top … more

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Tippets: Mayfly Millions, Skeena Land Rights, New Katadyn Filter

Massive summer mayfly hatches are reaching “Biblical proportions” in Wisconsin. They’re causing traffic accidents and even appeared on a meteorology radar as a rain squall. Check out some incredible photos of the insects via The Week. Sport anglers are being … more

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Tippets: Freshwater Lionfish, Terrestrial Patterns, Draining the Colorado

A sixth-grader’s science fair project resulted in an important discovery about lionfish—specifically, that the historically misunderstood saltwater species can also survive in freshwater. As an invasive species, lionfish present a serious threat to Florida waters, and this discovery has researchers … more

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Tippets: Control and Spread of Didymo, First-Aid Kits, Florida Snook Recovery

Didymo, commonly called “rock snot,” can have devastating impacts on fish populations and stream ecosystems. However, recent research suggests its cause and spread may not be as well-understood as previously thought. Whether you’re going on a multi-day backpacking trip or … more

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