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Tippets: Simple Fly Design, Fighting Fish

Morgan Lyle, author of the book Simple Flies, joins D. Roger Maves on a recent episode of the Ask About Fishing podcast. Learn about why simple fly design is so effective and more. Listen or download here. Fighting larger fish … more

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Tippets: Choosing Fly Lines, Engler’s WD-40

Anglers often concentrate on rod and reel choice, but more consideration should be given to the fly line, says Kirk Deeter. “A good fly line can make a budget rod dance, while crappy line will knock the performance straight out … more

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Tippets: How Fly Rods Break, Fish Handling Techniques, Dry Fly Design

In part two of a series on understanding how and why fly rods break, Tim Rajeff explains the details of rod failures and the different angler mistakes at fault. The Limp Cobra. From the fight to the photo, learn proper … more

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Tippets: Saving the Northwest’s Salmon, Colorado’s Gold Medal Waters, Bonefish & Sunscreen, Serving Sustainable Fish, Bluegill Management

For generations, tribes in western Washington  state have depended on salmon runs. This video from Northwest Now features local tribal members and fisheries managers discussing plans for increasing salmon population numbers and conserving habitat. Colorado boasts 322 miles of Gold … more

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Tippets: History of Entomology and Fly Fishing, Science of Shade

Michael P. Parrella follows the history of entomology in fly fishing, from the first recorded artificial fly that dates back to historian Claudius Aileanus describing an insect Macedonians were trying to imitate with feathers, to modern-day fly design. Read the … more

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Tippets: Tail Scale, Jim Murphy Consultancy Business, Tenkara Flies

The Nørre Tail Scale™ is a new, easy way to accurately measure fish. View their kickstarter campaign for more information. Former Hardy North America head and founder of Douglas Outdoors, Jim Murphy has announced his own consultancy business for the worldwide … more

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Tippets: Harrison Poem, Rights to Water

A new poem by Jim Harrison is featured in Narrative Magazine. “Only two more months to the fishing opener and the dry flies and streamers are impatiently waiting.” Read “Weak Winter Sun” freely online here. While access to waterways is … more

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Tippets: Care for Reese, Art of Josh DeSmit, Choosing & Using Indicators

Reese Ferguison (Hank Patterson’s sidekick in his series of videos) has battled cancer for over 3 years. Now in hospice, Reese is in real need of some support. Visit the GoFundMe page to help“Care for Reese.” Josh DeSmit is an artist whose … more

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Tippets: Anatomy of a Fly Rod, Fish as Athletes, Chasing Trophy Browns

Even for experienced anglers, fly rod terminology can be difficult to decode. In a recent piece rod-maker Larry Kenney helps define the gear lingo of the sport. Fish might be the world’s best athletes for their ability to use and release … more

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Tippets: Understanding Fly Lines, Animas Fishing Report, North 40 Fly Shop Magazine

Different tapers of line will of course, cast and fish in different ways. From basic anatomy of a fly line to de-coding of standard tapers and designs, Louis Cahill writes a detailed article on understanding fly lines, in a recent … more

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