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Tippets: Wilderness Fishing, Tactics for Strike Indicators

Ecologist Jono Winnel writes about his endless search for wilderness in this piece on The Adventure Handbook. Follow his journal entries and amazing photographs here. “Today I returned to a river I haven’t seen for 12 years,” Winnel writes. “This … more

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Tippets: Missed Opportunities, Basics of Dubbing

Fishing trips can be about more than just the fish you catch or even accompanying friends. Sometimes meaning is made through whom you meet once you get to your destination. Mike Sepelak writes about a trip to Reindeer Lake in … more

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Tippets: Bear Creek Porter for Native Trout, Tying Foam Hoppers

Pikes Peak Brewing Company has created a new beer, the Bear Creek Porter, named for the home of the greenback cutthroat trout. The porter was created to spark conversations about native trout through beer and is a cooperative mission with Cheyenne … more

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Tippets: Cowen on Carp, Fish Every Cast

Henry Cowen, a Georgia-based fly fishing guide, spends winters guiding for stripers and summers chasing carp. Cowen talks about techniques and tactics for chasing carp on the fly in a recent episode of the Fishing with a Fly podcast. Not … more

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Tippets: Guide Rigging Secrets, North 40 Magazine, Freshwater Fish of America

Guides and veteran anglers learned long ago that small things add up on the water. In a recent post, Ben Duchesney writes about guide secrets for preparing and rigging for spending time on the water. “Instead of repeating the same … more

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Tippets: Evolution of Fins to Hands, Understanding Bass Ponds

A new gene-editing technology called Crispr has made it possible to follow the evolution of human hands. Researchers at the University of Chicago found that along with bat wings and horse hooves, our hands also share an evolutionary connection to … more

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Tippets: Cherokee Students Learn to Fly Fish, Flies for Colorado Freestone Streams

Scott McKie reports on Cherokee Middle School sixth graders who recently learned to fly fish from Michael Bradley, an EBCI tribal member. They are “learning about a sport that will take them into rivers and streams connecting them to the … more

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Tippets: McCormick Wins World Fly Casting Gold, Worth the Wade, Innovative Forceps

Maxine McCormick recently became the youngest gold medal winner at a world-class sporting event when she won gold at the World Championships of Fly Casting held in Estonia. McCormick, San Francisco’s 12-year-old fly-casting prodigy, tied with her coach, Chris Korich, … more

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Tippets: A New Look at Indicators, “Brood V” Film, Understanding Access Laws

While strike indicators are the common term, Domenick Swentosky writes about them as “suspenders,” a term introduced by George Daniel in his book Dynamic Nymphing. “It’s a brilliant distinction that eliminates confusion and defines the purpose of these small items that we … more

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Tippets: Making Regal Vises, Patterns for Hopper Season

The TV show “How It’s Made” recently featured Regal Vises. If you’ve ever wondered how Regal fly tying vices are made, this short film gives a glimpse of the process. Late summer is prime hopper season, and Louis Cahill runs … more

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