Tippets: Fallacy of Strip Setting, Stretches for Better Casts

February 24, 2019 By: Erin Block

  • When fishing streamers, “strip set” is drilled into an angler’s brain. However, a short rod jerk can be equally effective, writes Domenick Swentosky. “Whichever one I’m in position for when a trout takes, that’s the one that happens. On a trout, both methods are equally as effective at driving the hook home, and I’m not about to change over to strip setting exclusively.” Via Troutbitten.
  • A few stretches before heading out on the water can help improve your casting and success. Don’t miss this video from Louis Cahill, demonstrating two stretches to help you loosen up for a day of hard fishing. “Louis jokingly refers to these stretches as “fly-fishing yoga,” but the truth is that shoulder mobility is one of the keys to a good cast. So give these a shot the next time you pick up a fly rod, and see if they don’t help you cast straighter, longer, and more easily.”