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Winged Reel
Photographer: Winged Reel

Video Hatch: “Back Country Fly Fishing the Gunnison Gorge”

This short film features the beauty and wildness of the Gunnison Gorge. Via Shire Life Boys.

Tippets: Winter Dreaming, Safe Travel, Flies for Stillwater Trout

From searching for bull trout to chironomid fishing lakes after ice-off, Greg Thomas offers a guide to “big dreams” to help anglers through the last, often long, stretch of winter. Via Angler’s Tonic. If you’re planning an international fly fishing trip, … more

ConnectCore Added to RIO’s OutBound Short Lines

RIO Products has announced their new InTouch OutBound Short line series for both freshwater and saltwater use. The InTouch OutBound uses RIO’s ConnectCore technology for easy casting over long distances. Read more in the press release below.

How to Tie a Poison Tung

Tim Flagler ties a version of Charlie Craven’s Deep Blue Poison Tung in this week’s featured fly tying video.  The Poison Tung, says Flagler, is a fly “that I’ve found to be remarkably effective during the winter months here in …