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Matt Guymon
Photographer: Matt Guymon

Video Hatch: “The Forgotten Salmon”

Lake Ontario once held a thriving population of Atlantic salmon. However, due to overfishing and environmental degradation we lost them.  A new proposed documentary, “The Forgotten Salmon,” will tell the history and continued story of this unique species, including what …

Video: Douglas Outdoors Argus Reel

John Shaner, VP of Client Services for Douglas Outdoors, explains the new company’s USA-handcrafted reel, the Argus. Keep your ears peeled for more news from Douglas Outdoors; it’s a company that will be making waves in the fly world in … more

Video: Umpqua Tailgater Organizer

Jeff Fryover, president and CEO of Umpqua Feather Merchants, explains the company’s newest offering in the “gear organization” category, the Tailgater Organizer. Umpqua has devised a surprisingly affordable option for gathering all your fishing equipment in your car. You can … more

Video: Tacky Fly Fishing Silicone Fly Box

Tim Jenkins from Tacky Fly Fishing explains the company’s fly box, which won Best New Fly Box at this year’s International Fly Tackle Dealer show in Orlando last week. The box is made with a slit-silicone insert, rather than regular … more

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  • Josh Greenberg, owner of Gates Au Sable Lodge
    Interview with Josh Greenberg

    Michigan lodge owner and author Josh Greenberg answers questions about Rusty Gates, fishing tactics, and his new book, "Rivers of Sand."