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Mike Doughty
Photographer: Mike Doughty

Video Hatch: “A Public Lands Story”

In this short film from Russ Schnitzer and Josh Duplechian, Jeff Laszlo, owner and operator of Granger Ranches in Montana, talks about the importance of public lands.

Tippets: Fishing Current, Choosing the Right Indicator

“The best tip for fishing current is to consistently present a team of nymphs low and slow near the riverbed,” writes Lance Egan. And while that sounds simple, the execution is far from easy. In this article on Fly Fisherman, … more

Tippets: Wildfires & Water, North America’s Largest Marine Reserve

As water use worries grow, so does the use of fire retardants to fight wildfires. However these chemicals come with harmful side effects and scant regulation. “The chemicals, largely consist of ammonia compounds, are known toxins to fish and other … more

Video Hatch: “One Day in Capetown”

This short film from Howler Brothers features a behind the scenes glimpse into the life and hometown of Howler Brothers Ambassador Christiaan Pretorius.

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  • “Local Guy”

    "The coastal cutthroat trout is one of most brightly colored of the cutthroat subspecies, and one of the most heavily spotted. I want to see one for myself."

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