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TL Clayborn
Photographer: TL Clayborn

Tippets: Patagonia Takes on Federal Government, Colorado River Faces Record Low Runoff, Puget Sound Salmon on Drugs

Patagonia has always been outspoken in their support of environmental causes. But since the beginning of the Trump administration, the company has increased their activity in messaging about the environment. From Yvon Chouinard as an unlikely CEO, to the recent … more

Video Hatch: “Study to be Quiet”

This short film features beautiful footage of a trip to Maine’s Moosehead region to fly fish for brook trout. Via Tight Loops.

Tippets: Filming with Todd Moen, Top Guide Flies

Todd Moen has traveled the world in pursuit of some of the best fly fishing locales. However, he “can more likely be found behind a video camera filming somebody else fishing,” writes Mark Morical, “or in front of a computer … more

Video Hatch: “Above Barriers”

This video features great footage of backcountry brook trout fishing in Minnesota. Via Blue Forest Films.

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  • Orvis Fishing Pliers
    New and Improved Gear – Spring 2018

    Ergonomics, compactness, functionality, durability: they’re all part of product design and improvement, and it’s what gear designers constantly think about.

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  • Lefty Kreh Tribute
    Lefty: Fly Fishing’s Moonshot Pilot

    When we talk about generational changes in fly fishing, and particularly about the irreplaceable and irrepressible personalities who helped ensure the emergence of fly fishing as a popular sport and expanded its influence, Lefty Kreh will be at the top of any list.

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  • “I Can See Clearly Now”

    "This is the kind of fly fishing I did as a boy in Southern California, and the tiny, gentle waves felt good as they broke around my calves."