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a Terry
Photographer: a Terry

How to Tie the Renegade

Tim Flagler demonstrates how to tie the Renegade, a venerable attractor pattern.  “The Renegade is an attractor pattern that’s been around forever,” notes Flagler. “I even read somewhere that it was Ernest Hemingway’s favorite fly, a pretty solid endorsement if you …

Tippets: Interview with Jess McGlothlin, Casting Accuracy

Photographer and writer Jess McGlothlin sits down for an interview with Jennifer Sparkman on The Articles of Antiquity. McGlothlan talks about the struggles of freelance work, writer’s block, and her extensive travel schedule. Read more here. Casting accuracy is vital when fishing … more

Video Hatch: “Bonefish Revolution”

This short film features the sights and sounds of fly fishing for bonefish in Cuba. Via The Peacock Bass Film.

Tippets: Writers on the Fly, Cooking Fish in the Backcountry

Writers on the Fly has teamed up with Filson to host a special session at the Filson Flagship Store in Seattle on June 29th, 2017 at 6:00 PM. The reading will feature writers such as Langdon Cook, Copi Vojta, Gregory … more

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  • Nymphing Secrets
    Nymph Fishing: Pregame Preparation

    In nymphing, “on-the-water analysis” is equivalent to pregame preparation— it’s a moment of study and consideration, and time to get in the zone mentally.

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  • Fly Fishing with Nymphs
    Nymphing Techniques

    A combination of the high-sticking method and the Leisenring Lift, both generally referred to simply as high sticking, are among the most effective nymphing techniques.