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John Gremmer
Photographer: John Gremmer

Video Hatch: “80 TO 90 FT”

Commercial fishermen Ed and Cindi John discuss the impacts they see on fisheries from climate change in this short film from Jason B. Kohl and Nora Mandray.

Video: Hatch Nomad Pliers

John Torok of Hatch Outdoors gives us the rundown on the new Nomad pliers. They were the winner of the 2015 Field & Stream Best of the Best award this year and feature “Tungsten Carbide for abrasion resistance and reliable … more

Video Hatch: “Flood Water”

Rising water levels from spring runoff can bring new fish into new areas, as shown in this short film from Montana Wild.

How to Tie the Slumpbuster

Tim Flagler ties a John Barr streamer pattern, the Slumpbuster, in this week’s featured tying video.  “The Slumpbuster is an absolutely awesome pattern for high, discolored water,” notes Flaglers, “and has a reputation for catching big fish.”

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  • Fly Fishing Tips
    “The Naming”

    Naming a fishing spot can do many things: it can give it power, give you control, and yes, let you think you own it.

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  • Fly Fishing in Patagonia
    Adventures in Green Patagonia

    "Great fishing turns me into another animal that wants to stay in that high, magical gear for as long as possible. For the right angler at the right time, Patagonia can be that place."