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Winged Reel
Photographer: Winged Reel

Video Hatch: “Bluebird Skies And Blitzing Fish”

This film from  A.J. Gottschalk features the fabled Northeastern fishery that is Montauk.

Tippets: From Lure to Fly, Pennsylvania Trout

Dave Karczynski’s new book centers on helping spinning and baitcast gear anglers make the switch to fly fishing. His writing works “through the gear angler’s existing skill and knowledge base to translate and transfer their pre-existing knowledge bases and skill-sets, … more

Tippets: Setting Up a Spey Rod, Pairing Flies

In the final episode of the first season of RIO’s “How To” series, Simon Gawesworth “explains how to choose the right sized Trout Spey rod based on fish size, compares a Trout Spey rod to a regular single handed rod, … more

Our Two Hands Film Tour

The Our Two Hands film tour features a documentary about “the past and future of wild fish in the Pacific Northwest.” The film is produced by Asher Koles and Brandon Tillotson of Bloodnots Creative. Stops on the tour include Boise, …

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  • Fly Fishing
    “Time Flies”

    "I’ve always believed that time speeds up when the fish are eating our flies and slows down at other times, such as during a long meeting at work."

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  • Photo Essay: Labrador

    "Labrador is simple elements in endless foreground: as long as you keep your eyes open, the country will ram them full of a wildness that needs no introduction, explanation or qualification."