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Clayton Stewart
Photographer: Clayton Stewart

Video Hatch: “Lost in Wise River”

In this short film, Aimee Savard and Chase Bartee revisit a childhood haunt and bring things full circle in their trip West, casting dry flies to mountain brook trout. Via Tight Loops.

Video Hatch: “TENKARPA!”

On a recent trip to Beaver Island, MI the folks at Scumliner Media took things to the next level: fly fishing for carp with tenkara.

AFFTA Statement on Climate Change

The American Fly Fishing Trade Association has released a statement regarding their position on global climate change. Read more in the press release below.

How to Tie a Trico Parachute

Not only are tiny trico patterns hard to tie, they sometimes seem to disappear in the early, reflected light of a calm, hot summer.  This week Matt Grobert solves both problems by showing how to tie a Trico Parachute, which is easier …