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Bill Curtis Passes

Long-time south Florida fishing guide and pioneer of saltwater fly fishing Bill Curtis passed last night, according to friends.  Curtis was considered a legend by many of his peers and clients.  He was most likely the inventor of the poling … more

Video Hatch: “Steelhead to Steeps”

Pro-snowboarder Curtis Ciszek talks about his dual passions, snowboarding and fly fishing for steelhead, in this short film from SmartWool.

Tippets: Fishing Fall Streamers, Confluence Film’s “Providence”

Fall brings a change in fishing tactics and appreciation for the simplicity of the sport. Fishing streamers “offers a kind of reprieve, a straightforward, uncomplicated return to what brought you to fly fishing in the first place,”writes Allen Morris Jones … more

Brian O’Keefe joins The Fly Shop Pro-Staff Team

California-based The Fly Shop has announced the welcome of Brian O’Keefe to their Pro-Staff team. O’Keefe will host fly fishing trips around the world, and will join The Fly Shop’s travel department at fly fishing shows and events across the … more

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  • Robert DeMott Angling Days Book
    Book Excerpt: “The Trouting Journals”

    "Directly or indirectly, whether with rod or pen in hand, I find myself, especially as I pass into old age, spending an inordinate part of each day invested in fly fishing and its related forms of memory, thought, word, and deed."