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Brad Eaton
Photographer: Brad Eaton

Video Hatch: “Cadent”

This beautiful short film from LIVIT FILMS features autumn fly fishing at its finest.

Tippets: Pike Thumb, Jen Ripple on Urban Fishing

Steve Zakur writes about fishing for northern pike in the lakes of northern Saskatchewan and the honorary badge of “pike thumb,” when “The pads of your fingers bear testament to where your hand slipped behind the gill plate. You have … more

Tippets: NFS’s Cold Water Campaign, New Regulations for Florida Barracuda, Unwinding Montana Water Laws

The Native Fish Society’s Wenatchee Watershed Cold Water Campaign aims to identify, assess and conserve critical cold-water habitats for threatened salmon, steelhead and trout in Washington’s Wenatchee River. The NFS is crowdfunding to raise $20,000 over the summer of 2017, … more

Tippets: Fly Punk Magazine, Making Trout Move

The first issue of Fly Punk Magazine has been released and is available to read online. The bi-monthly publication is aimed at the younger generation of fly anglers with “No tweed, wicker baskets or trousers tucked into socks.” In a … more