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Alex Cerveniak
Photographer: Alex Cerveniak

Video Hatch: “The Early Bird”

The race to get to the water can often feel like this vaudeville-themed film short from Caster Tollwad.

Rizzoli Unveils Photo Book On Coastal and Flats Fishing

With photography by Andy Anderson and words by Tom Rosenbauer, the recently released book Salt: Coastal and Flats Fishing is a journey to America’s most notable saltwater fly fishing destinations.    It’s “As close to a firsthand experience as a … more

How to Tie the Tungsten Torpedo

Matt Grobert ties the Tungsten Torpedo in this week’s featured tying video.  As videographer Tim Flagler says, ”it’s become a staple of competitive fly fishermen and with good reason: it works.”

Video Hatch: “San Francisquito Creek – America’s Most Endangered Rivers 2014”

This short film from American Rivers highlights one of America’s most endangered rivers of 2014, San Francisquito Creek, and the issues facing its revival.

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  • Sure, they're beautiful, but....
    Why I Don’t Tie

    For some, tying is an essential part of the sport. Others just don't have the personality that wants to go all-in with feathers and thread.

Gear »

  • Fly Fishing watercraft
    Getting Around

    Cathy Beck offers a complete introduction to watercraft for fly fishing: what they do, how they work, and which choice is probably right for your style of fishing.

People »

  • Kelly Galloup
    Talking Streamers with Kelly Galloup

    Sex Dungeons. Butt Monkeys. Stacked Blondes. Barely Legals. Bodacious names aside, Kelly Galloup's flies have changed the face (and attitude) of modern fly fishing.

Techniques »

  • mdct
    “Fort Lauderdale” Steelhead

    Dave Karcynski helps solve the puzzle presented by feverish spring fish with several tips on when, where and how to fish for single-minded steelhead.

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  • © (1)
    The Vortex Slayers

    Dave Karczynski and photographer P.A. Rech try to conjure an early spring with some old tricks (or call them superstitions).