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John Juracek
Photographer: John Juracek

How to Tie a Damselfly Nymph

Tim Flagler demonstrates how to tie a Damselfly Nymph in this week’s featured tying video.  “It’s an easy, quick and fairly cheap tie that works well in just about any body of water – making it an exceptional guide fly,” …

Tippets: Spring Streamers, Pride of Being a Guide

“Pre-runoff, streamer fishing can be some of the best streamer fishing you can encounter all year,” writes Ivan Orsic. From persistence and presentation to rod weight and mastering the dead drift, Orsic details five ways to improve your streamer fishing … more

Tippets: Casting Heavy Flies, Fly Pattern for Smallmouth

Casting heavy flies, or multiple fly rigs, can be difficult to manage. Watch Tim Rajeff demonstrate techniques for managing these situations in this short instructional video. In this article via American Angler, Ted Fauceglia presents a great fly pattern for … more

Tippets: Making it as a Guide, Tenkara Style Fly Presentation

Working as a fly fishing guide is often romanticized, but the work itself is difficult. From communication skills to boat handling and navigation, to swiftwater rescue and wilderness medicine techniques, being a guide requires a diverse skill set. In this … more

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  • Tim Weed Fly Fishing Book

    A story from Tim Weed's new collection "A Field Guide to Murder & Fly Fishing" surprises readers with its revelations about a father, a wife and a daughter.

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  • Sol Duc Spey Fly
    “Sol Duc Spey”

    The Sol Duc Spey fly, developed by schoolteacher Syd Glasso in the 1950s, added some entrepreneurial flair to the sensibility of Scottish steelehad flies.

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  • Greg French Fly Fishing Conservation Author
    Interview: Greg French, Author

    Interview: Greg French, author of "The Imperiled Cutthroat," talks to MidCurrent publisher Marshall Cutchin about conservation, the future of trout, and the importance of asking questions.

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