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Duncan Cunningham-Reid
Photographer: Duncan Cunningham-Reid

Video Hatch: “Wyoming Wilderness”

This short film from Benjamin Kraushaar shows that sometimes a long hike in is worth the extra effort.

Tippets: Video Footage of Aldo Leopold, River Kit Picks

Stephen Laubach, author of Living a Land Ethic, points to recently discovered video footage of Aldo Leopold. “Seeing Leopold triumphantly net a trout, cook up burned pancakes, and banter with his sons as they devoured their blackened breakfast allowed me … more

Happy Thanksgiving from MidCurrent

Humility, wonder, optimism, friendship.  Those are just a few of the things we think of when we recognize what fly fishing has given us during this season of thanks-giving. The staff of MidCurrent hopes your holiday season begins with good … more

Autumn Migrations

Two great migrations happen every autumn in Nova Scotia: “The first consists of hundreds of Atlantic salmon, returning to their natal river to spawn after a year, or sometimes longer, spent in the ocean. […] The other is made up … more

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