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Matt Guymon
Photographer: Matt Guymon

American Rivers Hires Two River Conservation Leaders in Colorado

Conservation group American Rivers has announced the addition of two new leaders to their team:. Ken Neubecker as Associate Director, Colorado River Basin and Sinjin Eberle as Associate Director of Communications. Read more in the press release below.  American Rivers … more

Skateboard Decks from Fish Nets

Bureo Skateboards makes cruiser skateboard decks entirely from recycled fishnets gathered from Net Positiva, a collection program supported by the Chilean government, World Wildlife Fund Chile, Marine Conservation Action Fund and an alliance of local fisheries. “To date, we have … more

Video Hatch: “Due South”

Watch this great collection of footage from Miami and the Florida Keys, with a host of anglers fishing for bonefish, tarpon, redfish, snook, and peacock bass, via Estrada Art.

Quick Tip: DIY Travel Stripping Basket

This great little DIY stripping basket idea came from my friend Paul Prentiss and my local fly shop, Front Range Anglers. I see Paul infrequently at my local bass haunt and he’s always got this homemade stripping basket with him. We … more

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  • Sure, they're beautiful, but....
    Why I Don’t Tie

    For some, tying is an essential part of the sport. Others just don't have the personality that wants to go all-in with feathers and thread.

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  • Fly Fishing watercraft
    Getting Around

    Cathy Beck offers a complete introduction to watercraft for fly fishing: what they do, how they work, and which choice is probably right for your style of fishing.

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  • Kelly Galloup
    Talking Streamers with Kelly Galloup

    Sex Dungeons. Butt Monkeys. Stacked Blondes. Barely Legals. Bodacious names aside, Kelly Galloup's flies have changed the face (and attitude) of modern fly fishing.

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  • mdct
    “Fort Lauderdale” Steelhead

    Dave Karcynski helps solve the puzzle presented by feverish spring fish with several tips on when, where and how to fish for single-minded steelhead.

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  • © (1)
    The Vortex Slayers

    Dave Karczynski and photographer P.A. Rech try to conjure an early spring with some old tricks (or call them superstitions).