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Kurt Huhner
Photographer: Kurt Huhner

Tippets: Low-Riding Dry Flies, Hawaii Bonefishing

High-riding dry flies are easier to see for the angler. However “experienced anglers know that you’ll catch more trout if the bug is riding lower in the water,” writes Phil Monahan, “mostly in the film.” Read more about low-riding terrestrials … more

Simms Launches Fall 2017 Product Line

Simms has announced the release of the fall 2017 line of new products, which range from bootfoot waders to insulated outerwear for winter months on the water. Read more in the press release below.

2018 Fly Fishing Shows Sell Out Booth Space

Exhibitor booth space for the 2018 Fly Fishing Show circuit are sold out for all seven venues. “We are now ‘wait-listing’ potential exhibitors who may find space available at various venues if exhibitors change plans or prior commitments are disallowed,” … more

Video Hatch: “Wilderness and Silence”

Sometimes you have to travel a long way to find silence, but it’s always worth the journey. Via Mitja Piipponen.

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  • Fly Fishing for Muskie
    Switch Hitting for Musky

    "With the switch rod, I was using the big muscles of both arms and both shoulders, fishing longer, and feeling none of the normal joint strain."

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  • Photo Essay: Labrador

    "Labrador is simple elements in endless foreground: as long as you keep your eyes open, the country will ram them full of a wildness that needs no introduction, explanation or qualification."