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Hardy Releases New Ultralite LL Rod Series

Hardy—a company long revered for their classic reels, and lately, their fantastic fly rods—just announced a new rod series, dubbed the Ultralite LL. These rods are designed to work primarily as Euro nymphing tools, although a few of the models double as dry-dropper rods. Ranging in length from 9'2" to 11'2", and in weights 0-4, the Ultralite LL series...

Gear Review: Scott F Series Fly Rod

I know a lot of anglers, but I only know one guy who's a bigger fan of fishing small water than I am. Chris Hunt is a self-described "creek freak" and as such, I put a lot of stock in his opinions on gear for stalking small trout in skinny water. His latest review of the new Scott F Series rod (the "F" stands for fiberglass) is telling of Chris's fishing...

Gear Junkie's Best Rods of 2020

Gear Junkie's Nicole Qualtieri recently published the brand's annual ranked list of the best fly rods for 2020. The list is pretty different from any others I've seen - the Scott Sector finished much higher here than I expected - but there's nothing wrong with that. Give it a read and see if you agree with Gear Junkie's rankings.

Redington Debuts New Rods and Reels

The fly fishing world has been light on news of new gear these days (understandably so), but Redington is giving gear junkies something to salivate over. The company is introducing two new rod families - the TRACE and STRIKE rods. The TRACE replaces the Hydrogen rod lineup, while the STRIKE is dedicated to Euro nymphing. In addition to the rods, Redington...

Throwback Thursday: Glass Rods

For today's Throwback Thursday, I found this video that's not exactly old, but deals with something a lot of anglers regard as vintage - collecting fiberglass fly rods. The video covers what to know about how collectable your old fiberglass fly rods are. It's an interesting look at the resurgence we're seeing in glass these days.

Spring 2020 Fly Fishing Gear Guide

With all of us stuck at home and wondering when we'll be able to get back on the water in earnest, I've been fielding more gear-related questions than normal. So, I decided to put together a Spring 2020 Gear Guide for all the fly anglers out there who are looking for new rods, reels, waders, boots, or tying supplies. You can view the entire gear guide here.

Gear Review: Thomas & Thomas Paradigm

My good friend Chad Shmukler, the editor/proprietor of Hatch Magazine, returned to the gear review game with an excellent review of the new Thomas & Thomas Paradigm, in the 9' 4wt configuration. Chad cuts through a lot of the marketing BS we hear these days and gives some great insight for anyone interested in Thomas & Thomas' reinvention of one...

A Case for Glass

Fiberglass fly rods are still in the midst of a resurgence in popularity. In fact, I know a few guys locally here in Utah who run a fiberglass-only rod company. And one look at Shane Gray's Instagram feed is enough to see plenty of glass blanks leaving his shop. It's in that context that this piece from American Angler comes to us. The article, by Alex...

Throwback Thursday: Valuing Bamboo

While today's Throwback Thursday isn't an old video from 60-70 years ago, it does deal with a throwback topic - bamboo fly rods. If you ever find these old split-cane marvels at garage sales or in antique shops, you'll want to remember what John Stephenson says in this video about how to determine the worth of a bamboo fly rod. If you have even a passing...

Rod and Reel Combo Kits to Get you Started

If you're looking to get into the fly fishing game, or know someone who is, this recent piece from Gear Junkie details some of the best rod and reel combo kits on the market. Take a read through the entire piece here.