Sage Launches New Spey R8

January 12, 2024 By: Spencer Durrant

Sage recently announced the release of their newest flagship spey rod – the Spey R8. Built on their new and innovative Revolution 8 (R8) technology, the Spey R8 line has rods from weights 5 through 10, giving spey anglers across the spectrum a rod for their favorite style of two-handed angling.

Per a Sage press release, all Spey R8 rods will “heighten the smooth transfer of energy throughout the three key components of the Spey cast, allowing anglers to effectively Lift line off the water, Load the rod sufficiently, and Deliver the flyt o the target. Casts become instinctive and consistent.”

You can watch a full video below with Sage Rod Designer Paul Schmierer as he goes through all the unique aspects of the Spey R8.