New Movie Celebrates Fly Fishing

Amidst the pandemic pandemonium, Aaron Weisblatt - an Oscar-nominated director - released a fantastic documentary about fly fishing's American roots. "Land of Little Rivers" is a thoroughly enjoyable history lesson on how fly fishing started here in the States, as well as a look into those responsible for helping it continue. The film is beautifully shot...

DeYoung Coloring Contest

If you're looking for a great way to stave off cabin fever at the moment, this new contest from the Derek DeYoung Studio is just what you need. Per their website: Download image of your choice at the link Here Print it, Color it, Post it (on Instagram or Facebook) and #deyoungcoloringcontest *At the bottom of your Coloring Page please circle whether you are...

Fisheries Fund Artist Auction

The AFFTA Fisheries Fund Artist Auction closes at the end of the month - and there are still plenty of great items left to bid on. This art features some of the biggest names in fly fishing - including Derek DeYoung. You can check out the auction here, and read on below for more information about the AFFTA Fisheries Fund. The AFFTA Fisheries Fund was...

Podcast: Interview with Tim Johnson

Tim Johnson is one of the most talented artists I've ever had the good pleasure to meet. His art is engrossing, real, and fun - enough so that Orvis features his work on tons of products, including a limited edition line of their Helios 3 rods. Recently, Marvin Cash of The Articulate Fly released a podcast catching up with Tim, discussing art and fly...

Video Hatch: “In Search of Magical Waters”

This film trailer brings art and angling together through the work of painter Adriano Manocchia Manocchia. Via Artful Vagabond.

Video Hatch: “In Search of Magical Waters”

This short teaser for the upcoming short film brings art and angling together, featuring painter Adriano Manocchia.

Meet the Artist: Lance Boen

Lance Boen in an artist based in Carmel Valley, California. He is known for his work creating leather fish sculptures and the surreal murals that are tooled and painted on the sculptures surface. You can meet Boen and view some of his sculptures at a Meet the Artist event, set to be held February 23, 2019, from 12 p.m.-2 p.m. at the Testarossa Winery in...

"Timmy" Grips Add Fine Art to Fly Rods

Phil Monahan writes on Orvis.com about the fancy hand-burning of art onto fly rod grips performed by Utah artist, fly-tier and college instructor Tim Johnson. "Tim has worked primarily in watercolors," notes Monahan, "–we’ve featured his paintings on this blog–but about five years ago, he developed a new medium: hand-burning original artwork into the...

Video Hatch: “Bob White: Painter, Outdoorsman”

This short film from T.C. Worley highlights artist Bob White, whose “love of wild places drew him into a lifetime spent recreating the places he’s visited in paintings.”

Martin Simpson Tribute Website

Artist Martin Simpson has battled cancer since 2012, and in April 2015 a scan revealed the cancer had spread to his bones. A website has been created so that people can write their words of encouragement/tributes for him while he can read and appreciate them. View Simpson’s artwork and leave your thoughts.