‘For Wild’s Sake’ Premiere Episode

July 14, 2021 By: Spencer Durrant

Chase and Aimee Bartee, the creative minds behind the YouTube channel Tight Loops, have really outdone themselves with their latest project.

Dubbed ‘For Wild’s Sake: The Rare Trout Chronicles,’ this episodic series goes into extraordinary detail on some of the rarest salmonids left in America. Personally, I love the deep-dives into history that Chase and Amiee take, and I really appreciate the candor with which they approached this project. They don’t shy away from forcing anglers – and viewers – to confront the reality that we’re a large part of the problem native trout now find themselves in.

That’s a message all of us need to hear more often, and it’s wonderful to get it in such a polished, gorgeous package.

First up on the list is the blue-back trout – also known as the Sunapee trout. The production quality in this episode is leaps and bounds beyond what I expected, and better than some fly fishing film festival features I’ve seen. The Bartees have made something great with ‘For Wild’s Sake,’ and we’ll be highlighting the release of each episode in the series here at MidCurrent.