Smith Launches New Hookset Frames

June 20, 2024 By: Spencer Durrant

Smith has announced the release of their newest frames, the Hookset. These frames boast a bevy of new features, including two new lens options.

Beginning with the frames themselves, Smith developed a new design that reduces light leakage and provides complete coverage to the angler while on the water. Smith also opted to build these frames with their Evolve Bio-Based materials package. That means 53% of the frame is constructed from biological materials, while the remaining is still crafted from their standard polymer. Smith claims this Evolve bio-based material makes their sunglasses collection the largest eco-friendly lineup in the world.

The frames feature a new chamfer along the bottom edge that Smith says allows for moisture and sweat to move away from the lenses more effectively, reducing fogging.

On the lens side, Smith has two new lens colors to take advantage of. Both lenses are ChromaPop Glass Polarchromic lenses. Essentially, Smith took its top-tier lens features and combined them into one lens. This means you get the advantage of color detail from ChromaPop, the durability of glass lenses, along with the photochromic adaptability to change tint levels based on direct sunlight. You can get these lenses in either Yellow-Blue Mirror or Brown-Green Mirror options.

Hookset frames retail from $215 – $305, depending on your lens option.

You can view the entire Hookset lineup here.