Gear Spotlight: Sitka Apparel

June 13, 2024 By: Spencer Durrant

Sitka has long made a name for themselves in the hunting world, but a few of their products are fantastic for fly anglers. I’ve had the chance to try out some of them lately, including the Equinox Guard Hoodie, Mojave SS Shirt, and the Territory Short. After putting these clothes through the wringer for a few weeks here in Wyoming, I’m almost certainly going to add a few more of each to my wardrobe.

Let’s take a look at each product.

Equinox Guard Hoodie

This has quickly become my new go-to hoodie for warm, sunny days here in the Rockies. The fabric is wonderfully light and soft, and wicks away moisture effectively. It’s also built with Sitka’s InsectShield technology, to deter critters from feasting on my Diet Coke-infused blood. For those who prefer to wear a breathable neck gaiter of some kind, the Equinox Guard Hoodie also has that built into the hood. While the main focus from Sitka was on preventing insect bites, I think they also made an excellent fly fishing hoodie as well.

Mojave SS Shirt

I prefer short-sleeve shirts when it gets really hot. Yeah, that means I have to slather on the sunscreen, but I just feel cooler (temperature-wise) while wearing them than long-sleeve shirts. One drawback a lot of short-sleeve shirts have, however, is a limited range of motion that makes casting a bit awkward. That’s not the case with the Mojave SS. Even though I’m more than a few pounds overweight, the Mojave SS never impeded my range-of-motion, a feature I appreciate more and more. It also boasts an interesting fabric pattern that’s woven in a slight grid, to optimize breathability.

Territory Short

I didn’t expect to enjoy these shorts, as I don’t enjoy most shorts at all. They’re either too short, or too long and baggy. Or, they’re too form-fitting,  which as an overweight fellow, isn’t something I’m keen on. The Territory Shorts fit well, have a great range-of-motion, and don’t feel too tight around the waist. I love the big pockets, and the inclusion of one zippered pocket on the left side is a great touch. I’ve worn these wet-wading a few times, and will absolutely continue to keep them in my rotation all summer long.