Tippets: Wildfires and Watersheds, Pike Threaten Salmon on Columbia River, Idaho Steelhead Season Suspended

November 21, 2018 By: Erin Block

  • “Wild and native fish depend on healthy watersheds,” writes Chris Wood. And healthy watersheds depend on healthy forests. Read about the wildfires of the West and practical steps to fix what ails our forests, via Hatch Magazine.
  • Northern pike, considered and invasive species on the Columbia River, are encroaching on critical salmon recovery habitat. “Northern pike eat endangered salmon and steelhead. The predator fish are getting closer to prime territory in the Columbia River, threatening to sink millions of dollars in salmon recovery.” Via King 5.
  • In response to a pending lawsuit, the Idaho Fish and Game Commission has voted to “suspend the ongoing steelhead fishing season after Dec. 7, and to shutter the coming spring season as well.” Via The Lewiston Tribune.