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Video Hatch: “400 Days Of Flint”

"A fly fishing guide during the summer and a ski junkie through the winter months, Scott Flint lives by his own rules and travels the Sierra Nevada mountain range through multiple seasons taking advantage of every minute.” Via 805 Beer.

Video Hatch: “Cosmoledo Junkie”

In this film, follow Helmut Zaderer and Yngve Ask on their trip to one of the most unique and wild atolls in the world to catch Giant Trevally. An Official Selection of the 2020 Fly Fishing Film Tour.

Farmed Salmon Escape Into B.C. Waters

An electrical fire at the Mowi fish farm in Queen Charlotte Strait “caused part of a net to collapse that enabled around 20,000 Atlantic salmon to swim into the nearby waters.” Wild salmon advocates warn the escape of farmed salmon "presents a serious threat to native Pacific salmon through transfer of pathogens and other associated risks.” Read more...

Video Hatch: “2020 Fly Fishing Film Tour Stoke Trailer”

Watch a preview of what’s to come at the 2020 Fly Fishing Film Tour.

Blood Knot vs. Triple Surgeon’s Knot

As Phil Monahan writes, “The debate over the relative values and strengths of the blood knot and the triple surgeon’s knot has raged for decades.” Learn why Joe Rotter from Red’s Fly Shop uses both in these instructional videos.

Video Hatch: “Casting in the Wind”

In this video, learn how to combat an angler's mores feared enemy: the wind. Via Huge Fly Fisherman.

Podcast Episode: “Riverhorse Nakadate on The Sustainable Angler”

Host of The Sustainable Angler, Rick Crawford, talks with Riverhorse Nakadate in this great episode of the podcast. “He is not only an inspiring writer, but is also using his writing to educate and create more awareness about environmental threats to our fisheries, such as mining in the Boundary Waters, climate change and more. Riverhorse writes for The...

Video Hatch: “Jay's Tungsten Soft Hackle Fly”

In this tying tutorial from the Caddis Fly Angling Shop, learn to tie a great soft hackle. “An effective pattern for euro nymphing and indicator fishing for trout.”

Podcast Episode: Miles Nolte on The Itinerant Angler

In this recent episode of The Itinerant Angler, host Zach Matthews talks with Miles Nolte. “Miles Nolte is Meateater’s new director of fishing, the man behind Das Boat, a former writing professor, Alaskan guide, and all around good dude. Don’t miss his impressively erudite thoughts on fishing media, the best fly fishing book, and keeping the old...

Video Hatch: “Five Flies for December 2019”

With colder temperatures, it's important to get your flies in the zone. Trout won't move a terribly long distance to eat flies this time of year, so depth control is paramount. For this month's episode of Trouts Fly Fishing’s “Five Flies” series, tag along with Trouts Frisco's own Zeke Hersh as he fishes The Arkansas River near Salida.