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Video Hatch: “Nymph-Head Deer Hair Hot Spot Caddis”

In this fly tying tutorial from the Flymen Fishing Company, learn to tie the Nymph-Head Deer Hair Hot Spot Caddis. "Hot spots on nymphs are a great way to not only get the attention of the fish, but in certain fishing circumstances they can help you track the fly easier by sight.”

Video Hatch: “How to Fish a Spinner Fall, Introduction”

In this video from Orvis, Dave and Amelia Jensen demonstrate how to fish a spinner fall.

Umpqua Unveils ZS2 Packs and Bags

The new Fall 2019 lineup of new products from Umpqua have been announced, featuring the new ZS2 series of packs, X-Series Hooks, and much more.

Along Came Solitude

In this recent podcast, Bryan Huskey talks about the great things that can happen with a small change of focus. “I've cut my teeth fishing trout and steelhead, but a breaking point occurred that turned my focus to the world of bass and other warm water angling opportunities. I could not be happier with what's happened since.” Listen to “Along Came...

Five Great Warmwater Flies

In the height of warmwater season, this post by Dan Zazworsky outlines five great patterns to get you started. “No matter if you’re chasing smallies, bucket mouths, carp or good-old-fashioned panfish, these flies can get you hooked up wherever you’re fishing, and they’re super simple to whip up on your own.” Via The Wade.

Video Hatch: “Just be with Me”

This short film features a mother and daughter spending time on the water. Via Jono Blackham.

Crossfire Textured Rubber Grip Clamps, Prism-Finish Scissors New from Dr. Slick

Dr. Slick has announced the release of two new product lines for 2020, “Clamps and scissors, tools found on every fly fly-fisher’s vest and tying bench, have been re-imagined.”

Economic Benefits of Helping Pacific Northwest Salmon

A new study provides evidence that increasing the abundance of a threatened or endangered species can deliver large benefits to the citizens of the Pacific Northwest. “The study, published today in the journal PLOS ONE, finds that a two-thirds increase in the average annual number of returning coho salmon to the Oregon coast would generate up to $51...

Expo Fly Fishing Patagonia 2019

The Expo Fly Fishing Patagonia will take place in San Martín de los Andes, North Patagonia in Argentina, November 30-December 1, 2019. The event will feature “conferences, clinics, meetings, video shows, new products demo sessions and booths.”

Video Hatch: “3 Fly Fishing Knots You Need To Know”

In this video from GearJunkie, the folks at Denver Outfitters outline the top three knots every angler should know: the handshake knot, double surgeon’s knot, and clinch knot.