Tippets: Dam Removal Projects for 2019, Reflections on River Closures, Brown Trout and Native Cutthroat in Montana

November 28, 2018 By: Erin Block

  • Across the country, dams are being reviewed and removed. From California to Maryland, Tara Lohan writes about four specific dam removal projects on the radar in the upcoming year. Via Adventure Journal.
  • In light of the recent decision by the Idaho Fish and Game Department to close their steelhead season on December 7th, Josh Mills writes a thoughtful article about “What Does the River (or a Fish) Owe You?” on The Drake. “Fingers are pointing everywhere and anywhere,” he writes. “The river owes you nothing. Salmon and steelhead owe you nothing. We owe them everything.”
  • A recent study examining brown trout and native Yellowstone cutthroat in the Crazy Mountains of Montana shows a negative effect on the native trout populations. “Nonnative brown trout can substantially alter food webs, compete with and reduce recruitment of native fishes, and lead to declines in native fish abundance,” according to the paper published by scientists Robert Al-Chokhachy and Adam Sepulveda of the U.S. Geological Survey in Bozeman. Brett French reports via The Missoulian.