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Troutbitten: Euro Nymphing Skills

As part of his ongoing series on Euro nymphing skills, Dom Swentosky over at Troutbitten has released a post on collecting slack line. For me, Euro nymphing doesn't come naturally or easily. Great educational pieces like this really help me broaden my angling horizons, and I'm sure you'll feel the same. Read the story here.

Tips on Fighting Big Fish

Dom Swentosky's latest over at Troutbitten is a great piece on how to fight big fish. Dom says it's the first and last few feet of a fight where anglers most often lose fish - and I'd have to agree with him. To avoid losing fish in those last few crucial feet, I recommend you read through Dom's piece. You can do so here.

7 Terrestrial Tips

George Daniel, in a recent piece over at Hatch Magazine, shares some great tips on fishing terrestrial flies. With that season right around the corner for most anglers, this is a good reminder of the tips to use when fishing big pieces of foam and hair. Read the story here.

Wet Wading Tips

Dom Swentosky's latest over at Troutbitten goes into some great detail on what you need to know about wet wading. From gear to technique, it's all covered in this informative piece. Read it here.

Fishing for Bass and Panfish in Weeds

In another installment of the Pro Tips series over at the Orvis blog, Phil Monahan goes into some great detail on fishing for bass and panfish among the weeds. With summer temps making trout fishing a less-appealing proposition lately, the opportunity to learn new ways to chase warm-water species is something we should all take advantage of. You can read...

Choosing Deer Hair for Flies

In this write-up over at the Orvis Fly Fishing Blog, Phil Monahan highlights a technique you can use to pick the right deer hair for flies. Specifically, he looks at picking deer hair for tying comparaduns - those little emerger patterns that are absolutely stellar during summer evenings. Read the story here.

Conventional Tackle Hacks for Fly Fishing

Sam Lungren, over at The Meat Eater, recently put this piece together on five of his favorite ways to hack conventional tackle for use while fly fishing. He makes some great points about the efficacy of using swivels and sinkers, as well as more traditional-style jigs. Either way, you'll want to give this piece a read. You can do so here.

Catch-and-Release for Small Fish

This piece from Gink & Gasoline is incredibly timely, with the news of Keep Fish Wet's "No Fish Dry July" campaign. In it, there are some great tips for how to practice catch-and-release on small fish. Since most of the fishing anglers will likely do will be in the high country this summer, this story is required reading. You can read it here.

9 Skills For Euro Nymphing

Dom Swentosky, continuing the theme he set earlier this week, penned this piece about nine essential skills you need for Euro and tight-line nymphing. Dom is an expert on the subject, so it's definitely worth reading his thoughts. You can do so here.

Improve Fly Tying Efficiency

Louis Cahill, over at Gink & Gasoline, has some great tips for those of us looking to increase our efficiency while at the tying bench. Read Cahill's tips for improving your tying efficiency here.