How To

Ask the Experts: Setting Drag

In the latest edition of the popular "Ask the Experts" column over at Orvis, a collection of guides talk about how to set drag before you get fishing. You can read the story here.

3 Tips for Winter Trout

If you're itching to try chasing trout this winter, you need to read this story from John Herzer, of Blackfoot River Outfitters, over at the Orvis blog. John goes through three tactical tips to help you put trout in the net this winter. Read it here.

Increase High-Sticking Distance

If you've ever wanted to reach that one seam or pool that just seemed too far away, perhaps the problem was that you weren't elevated enough. At least, that Louis Cahill's hypothesis in an article over at Gink & Gasoline about how to elevate yourself to increase your high-sticking distance. You can read the story here.

5 Tips for Fishing Frog Patterns

If you're interested in fishing for bass on a fly rod, then you need to read this story from Louis Cahill. He details five of his go-to tips for fishing frog patterns around grass, one of the quintessential ways to catch bass. You can read all the tips here.

How to Rig for Jigging Streamers

In this post over at Orvis, George Daniel takes you through rigging up for jigging streamers. Jigging is one of the best ways to fish streamers, especially this time of year. You can view the post here.

Getting Closer

In this story over at Troutbitten, Dom Swentosky discusses distance, and how getting distance just right can mean more fish in the net. If you primarily nymph with a tight line system, as Dom does, this is must-read stuff. You can find it here.

The Big Rig: Two Nymphs and a Streamer

In this recent post from Dom Swentosky over at Troutbitten, we get to learn about what Dom calls The Big Rig. It's fishing a streamer and two nymphs simultaneously, a tactic I've personally used and really enjoy. You can read the story here.

Hook More Bonefish by Sight-Setting

This story comes to us from Greg Vincent, writing over at the Orvis blog. His piece discusses how anglers can hook up with more bonefish by using what he calls the "sight-set." Instead of setting the hook when you feel the bonefish take the fly, you should set the hook based on visual indicators that the fish has taken your fly. It's an interesting angle...

5 Reasons Why Turbulent Water is Good Fishing

Often, we overlook fast, turbulent water, especially when fishing for trout. According to Kent Klewein, however, we're doing so at our own peril. You can read through this article to learn about five reasons that turbulent water can offer great fishing.

Story: Kayak Fishing

In this story for Vail Daily, Michael Salomone takes us through the experience of fly fishing from a kayak. With how popular kayaks seem to be these days, it's a story worth looking through. You can find it here.