How To

Belly Crawling to Big Trout

Kent Klewein is back with another story about stealthy approaches for big trout, over at Gink & Gasoline. It's a fun read, and yes - sometimes, belly crawling is just the tactic for putting the sneak on some big trout. Read the story here.

Approaching New Water

Phil Monahan, over at Orvis, put together this great story where he interviewed guides about how they approach new water. Deciding on how you'll tackle new-to-you water is a tough question new anglers have to face, but the advice of these guides helps lessen that learning curve. You can read the story here.

Targeting Trout in Stillwater

Landon Mayer put together this great piece that goes into detail on targeting trout in stillwater. As someone who personally hopes to up my own stillwater angling game, this was a great story to read through. You can view it in full here.

Fast Leader Changes

Dom Swentosky, over at Troutbitten, put this set of tips together to help you figure out how to quickly change leaders. Switching leaders is a pain, and it takes away from time spent on the water. This article, though, should help you cut down on the time you spend tying knots. Read Dom's story here.

Fooling Selective Trout

The great Pat Dorsey recently put this story together for Fly Fisherman Magazine, about how to fool selective trout during a blue-winged olive hatch. You can read the story in full here.

How to Land Your First Striper on a Fly Rod

If you've ever been interested in catching striped bass on a fly rod, you're not alone. I know tons of anglers who make a trip or two back East every year to fish for them, or try to find stripers in a reservoir somewhere a bit closer to home. Regardless of where you fish for them, the folks at Field & Stream have you covered with this recent story...

Night Fishing for Brown Trout

The folks over at Flymen Fishing are putting out some fantastic content these days, and this piece from Stephen Nymick is no exception. This story dishes the details on fishing for big brown trout at night, and why that's likely the best way to catch your local creek's trophy. You can read the story here.

Rosenbauer's Tips on Safe Wading

The folks over at Orvis are releasing new videos each week featuring Tom Rosenbauer. In them, Rosenbauer discusses some of the tips and tactics we all need to know in order to have a great time on the water. This week's video is about wading safely. With high water approaching during spring runoff, this is a timely reminder. You can watch the video below...

High and Dirty

With warmer weather finally sticking around, spring runoff is starting in many of my favorite rivers and streams. Usually, runoff is a time when I turn my attention to fishing lakes while I wait for the rivers to clear up. In this recent story by Landon Mayer, he points out why that may not be my best idea. If you're ready to try fishing high and dirty...

Drop Shot Nymphing on a Tight Line Rig

If you've read any of Dom Swentosky's stuff over at Troutbitten, you've read about his proprietary tight line nymphing system. It's an intriguing way to fish, and one of its perks is its seemingly-endless ability to adapt to any given situation. That adaptability is what Dom's most recent piece addresses. He goes into detail on how to use a drop shot...