How To

7 Tips to Get Your Flies Deeper

This recent post from Dom Swentosky over at Troutbitten is a great resource for anyone looking to help their flies sink those few extra inches into the strike zone. Getting your nymphs to float just a bit deeper is often the difference between hooking up or striking out. You can read the story in full here.

Video: Flies Stuck On the Bottom

Each week, Orvis releases a new video in their Basic Fly Fishing Tips series. These videos are hosted by the one and only Tom Rosenbauer. This week's video goes over what to do if your fly gets stuck on the river bottom. There are a few different ways to get your flies free, which Tom addresses in this video. See All Orvis Learning Center Fly Fishing Video...

Learn to Love Small Fish Again

I had the chance to write a fun story for Hatch Magazine about my rekindled love with small trout. They're worth enjoying, especially if they're abundant in your nearest trout stream. Read the story here.

Deer Hair Fly Tying Tips and Tricks

Tying with deer hair can be challenging, even for seasoned fly tiers. Deer hair is a wonderful material, though, so learning to use it effectively is a must if you plan on tying your own flies. This story from Christopher Helm in Fly Fisherman Magazine is a great primer to help you become more adept at tying with deer hair. Read it here.

Tying Tuesday: Tips on Soft Hackles

If you've ever wondered how to tie with soft hackles, or even what flies to use these feathers for, then this video from Fly Fishing the Ozarks is for you. Watch as Brian Wise takes you through a bunch of great tips on using and tying with soft hackles.

Catching Pike on the Fly

Joe Cermele put together a fun story for Outdoor Life recently titled "Let's Get Real About Catching Pike on the Fly." The story details what you do and don't need to be successful when chasing these unique fish. Read it here.

Orvis Pro Tips for Low-Water Trout

This time of year when water levels drop, trout can get tough to catch. So, to help anglers find success during low-water situations, George Daniel put this piece together on the Orvis blog to go over some tips and tricks for these fishing situations. Read the story here.

Fly Casting Tip: Don't Ride the Brake

Kent Klewein over at Gink & Gasoline put together this great casting tip that can help you get more distance when throwing your flies. The trick is to not ride the brakes. Read more about this concept here.

3 Tips to Catch More Pike

If you'd like to increase your odds of catching more pike on the fly, then this story from the Orvis blog is for you. Tom Werkman, of Werkman Outfitters, goes into details on three different tips you can use to put more pike in the net this fall. Read the story here.

Tangle-Free Tandem Rigs

If you've ever wondered how you can throw two or more flies on a rig without getting tangled, this piece from Troutbitten is just for you. In it, Dom Swentosky details some of his tips and tricks for achieving a tangle-free tandem rig. Read the story here.