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Deadly Ice-off Duo

Ice-off is one of the few times I look forward to fishing lakes here in the Rockies. I'm just not good at fishing lakes, so I need things to be easy when I do spend time on stillwater. When ice-off comes, though, you've got to be prepared to make the most of it. That's where this piece from Bob Reece, over at Gink & Gasoline, comes into play. Give his...

Nymphing in Off-Color Water

Tim Linehan, of Linehan Outfitting Co., recently wrote this piece for the Orvis blog about nymphing in off-color water. It's a good primer as we get into the swing of spring across most of the country. Read the story here.

Fixing Beginner Fly Fishing Mistakes

Beginning fly anglers face a bit of an uphill battle, but it's not as steep as it used to be. Regardless, you still need to work on fine-tuning your craft. This story from Ryan Chelius in Field & Stream goes into detail on six easy-to-fix mistakes that beginning anglers make while fishing for trout. Give it a read in full here.

Tips for Fishing a Blue-Wing Hatch

George Daniel has some great tips on fishing blue-winged olive hatches in his latest story over in Hatch Magazine. Speaking from personal experience, the BWO hatch was the hardest for me to crack when I started fly fishing. It's so frustrating to sit in a river, surrounded by dozens of rising trout and hundreds of bugs, only to not catch a thing...

Basics of Trout Identification

The fine folks over at Orvis recently put together this post with a video that helps you learn the basics of identifying trout. This is something I love doing with my younger nieces and nephews, because they have a ton of fun trying to figure out which fish is which. Read the story in full here.

What Lies Beneath

In this excellent piece over at Troutbitten, Domenick Swentosky goes into great detail on why anglers need to know what's beneath a river's surface. Often, we focus only on what we see on top - hatching bugs, rising fish, current seams, and the like. But knowing what's beneath is they key to success. Read the article in full here.

5 Tips to Help Your Flies Last Longer

One of the most frustrating things, for me, is being out on the river, in the middle of a great hatch, only to realize I'm down to my last fly of the pattern the trout want. Usually, I run out so quickly because the fish chew up my flies. But over the past few years, I've really tried to find new ways to help my flies last longer. I came up with five things...

Tips for Fishing Dirty Water

Domenick Swentosky has a great piece on Troubitten about how to fish dirty water. With spring right around the corner, this is an important bit of information. Give it a read in full here.

Tips to Catch Trophy Browns

We all want at least one trophy brown trout in our angling careers - if not more. So that's why this piece from Louis Cahill is so timely. I don't know an angler who's not looking for a chance to land a trophy brown trout. In his latest at Gink & Gasoline, Cahill goes over some simple ways you can stack the odds in your favor to help land a true giant...

Tips: "You Need Contact"

Domenick Swentosky, of Troutbitten, put together this collection of tips on why you need "contact" with your flies while fishing. It's a great read, and a good reminder of some of the basics of trout fishing that I think we forget all too quickly. Read it in full here.