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Dead Drifts And Euro-Nymphing

In a recent story over at Troutbitten, Dom Swentosky talks about the difference in "dead drifts" between dry fly fishing and Euro nymphing. The idea behind achieving a dead drift is the same for both techniques, but the application is completely different. You can read all of his thoughts here.

Improving Your Water Haul

The water haul cast is a must-have skill if you're fishing beneath tight cover, or if you have limited room to make a back cast. If you need to hone this skill, you should read Justin Pickett's latest over at Gink & Gasoline, where he goes into detail on some ways to improve your water haul cast. Read the story here.

Active vs Dead Drifting

Dom Swentosky has a really interesting article over on Troutbitten, where he talks about the different use cases for active and dead drifting nymphs. We're all pretty familiar with the idea of dead drifting, but active drifting can be just as effective in the right situations. To learn what those are, read the story.

Season 2 of Far Bank Instructional Series

The folks over at Far Bank have released the second season of their instructional fly fishing video series, hosted by Simon Gawesworth. A full press release that details this exciting new series of videos is posted below. You can find the entire series here. Far Bank is excited to announce the launch of the second season of its “Far Bank Fly Fishing...

Tips For Reading Water

Reading water is one of the hardest skills to master as a fly angler, but it's probably one of the most important. In this recent story over at Troutbitten, Dom Swentosky breaks down how to read water in levels, lanes, and seams. It's a good system to help break down a river into manageable chunks and learn to identify where trout are holding. You can...

How to Fish High Water

If you're facing a long spring of high water - like most of us in the West - then you need to read through this story over at the Orvis blog. It details a few tips and tricks to help you find the trout as the rivers rise this spring.

Learning to Spey Cast

In this story over at Gink & Gasoline, Owen Plair goes through some great tips for those who want to learn how to spey cast. You can read the story here.

Secrets for Nymphing Off-Color Water

Spring is hopefully coming soon, and with it will be some great fly fishing! Of course, that can get derailed fairly quick by dirty water. However, you don't have to sit around, tie flies, and wait for the rivers to clear up. With these tips from Tim Linehan over at the Orvis blog, you can find some success in off-color water this spring. Read the story...

How to Wade Safely

With spring runoff hopefully not too far away (it's been a long winter for everyone, I think) it's a great time to brush up on wading tips. Ralph Cutter has a great story over in Fly Fisherman Magazine that dives into a few ways you can wade safely this spring. Read the story here.

5 Tips to Prepare for Spring Fishing

P.J. Smith, of P.J.'s Guide Service in Westby, WI, recently wrote this article for the Orvis blog that highlights some of his tips to get the most out of your spring fishing. You can read the story here.