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Loon Outdoors Introduces The Rogue Zinger

Loon has announced the release of their new Rogue Zinger accessory, designed to hold nippers, hemostats, floatant, and more.

Umpqua Unveils ZS2 Packs and Bags

The new Fall 2019 lineup of new products from Umpqua have been announced, featuring the new ZS2 series of packs, X-Series Hooks, and much more.

Crossfire Textured Rubber Grip Clamps, Prism-Finish Scissors New from Dr. Slick

Dr. Slick has announced the release of two new product lines for 2020, “Clamps and scissors, tools found on every fly fly-fisher’s vest and tying bench, have been re-imagined.”

Casio and Fishbrain Smartwatch

Watchmaker Casio and fishing social media platform Fishbrain have teamed up on a watch to help anglers fish smarter, not harder. “It tells users what species is biting, on what, and where. It’s a data-based approach to an often mythological pursuit, and it does this while combining weather and climate attributes to each forecast.” Via GearJunkie.

RIO Releases New Subtle Indicators

RIO Products has released a series of innovative strike indicators designed to help anglers help subtle takes. The Kahuna LT is is a highly sensitive indicator that does not damage or kink the leader. Read more in the press release below.   RIO Releases New Subtle Indicators FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: IDAHO FALLS, IDAHO (April 1, 2019) – RIO, manufacturer...

Outdoor Professionals' New Products: 3rd Hand Fishing Rod Holder & Wading Belts

You can always use an extra hand on the water, and two new products from O’Pros offer anglers this extra efficiency: the Third Hand Rod Holder and wading belts. You can support their made-in-the-USA Third Hand and ensure you get one for yourself by signing up on their Kickstarter page. Read more in the press release below.         Outdoor...

Tippets: ProBands for Tippet Spools, Parachute Zebra Midge

A new product called ProBands fits around tippet spools and is a great improvement on the original band, writes Bob Reece. Pro Bands “do not slide, slip or rotate around the spool. By replacing the traditional elastic band, the free end of the tippet is held on the side of the spool opposite the built in cutter.” Read more via Gink & Gasoline. The...

New SPOT X 2-way Satellite Messenger

Globalstar has announced the release of SPOT X, “a 2-way satellite messenging device which combines proven S.O.S. emergency notification technology with new text messaging functionality.”

Dr. Slick 2019 Highlights: Razor Sharp Scissors, New Pliers

Dr. Slick has announced their upcoming product releases for 2019, including a set of three new fly tier’sRazor Scissorsand heavy duty anglers’ pliers with replaceable jaws and cutters.

Loon Introduces Rogue Quickdraw Mitten Clamps

Loon has introduced a new tool, perfect for “anglers who wear gloves while chasing winter steelhead.” The Mitten Clamps are a comfortable and versatile tool for any angler to carry on the water.