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Loon Releases Hitch Pin Forceps

As an avid gear nut and reviewer, I'm always interested in what new, fresh ideas the fly fishing industry has. So, when I got an email from Loon about their new Hitch Pin Forceps, I was more than a little excited. The Hitch Pin Forceps introduce an entirely new way to carry forceps that doesn't require you to clamp them down on a tool dock, pack strap, or...

Review: Riversmith Raft Rod Holders

Joshua Bergan, from Fly Fisherman Magazine, recently put together a great review on the new Riversmith Raft Rod Holders. These rod holders are specifically designed for use on fly fishing rafts, and Bergan's in-depth review shows whether they accomplish that task. You can read the review here.

Broder Launches New Net Clip

A brand-new company in the fly fishing world has launched its first product - an innovative way to carry your net while fishing. Broder Fly Fishing's Net Clip combines mechanical and magnetic engineering to create a net clip the company says will keep the net securely out of your way until you have a fish on the line. A full press release from Broder is...

MidCurrent Gear Roundup Spring 2022

We recently launched a new feature column here at MidCurrent called the Gear Roundup. We'll publish these at least once a quarter to highlight new gear that's of interest to fly anglers and anyone who recreates outdoors. You can read the first installment of the Gear Roundup here.

Orvis Expands PRO Lineup

The Orvis PRO lineup of gear is one of the most advanced and sophisticated currently on the market. Some of their stuff has made its way into my personal lineup of gear, and I'll personally vouch for it. As expected, Orvis announced the release of new products to expand their existing PRO lineup. You can read all about the new gear here.

New 2021 Fly Fishing Accessories

The folks over at Field & Stream, who've made a name for themselves over the years with great gear reviews, put together this continually-updated page for new fly fishing accessories that debut in 2021. Take a look and see what new stuff has popped up lately - and what to keep an eye on during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Read the story here.

Buff Announces Fall, Winter Products

Buff - the company behind the original fishing-centric face and neck coverings - just released their new fall and winter products. You can view them here, or watch the video below for more details.

Gear: New Products from Sea Run Cases

Earlier this year, we reviewed Sea Run Cases here at MidCurrent. They impressed us with their build quality, functionality, and storage space. For next year, Sea Run has a bunch of new products out, which you can look through here.

Costa Debuts New Lenses

Costa has been busy of late, updating their classic sunglasses and rolling out new ones. Below is a press release about their new Costa Clear lenses. Since 1983, Costa Sunglasses has built a reputation for creating the highest quality, best-performing sunglasses for anglers and outdoor enthusiasts – but Costa knows that not every adventure takes place in...

Loon Debuts New Ergo Quick Release

Loon isn't letting up on the gas for releasing new, exciting products for this year's fall 2021 collection. Their latest addition is a new Ergo Quick Release tool, designed to allow you to release fish without ever touching them. In today's world of conscientious fish handling behavior, a tool like this is pretty useful. You can learn more about it here.