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Tippets: ProBands for Tippet Spools, Parachute Zebra Midge

A new product called ProBands fits around tippet spools and is a great improvement on the original band, writes Bob Reece. Pro Bands “do not slide, slip or rotate around the spool. By replacing the traditional elastic band, the free end of the tippet is held on the side of the spool opposite the built in cutter.” Read more via Gink & Gasoline. The...

New SPOT X 2-way Satellite Messenger

Globalstar has announced the release of SPOT X, “a 2-way satellite messenging device which combines proven S.O.S. emergency notification technology with new text messaging functionality.”

Dr. Slick 2019 Highlights: Razor Sharp Scissors, New Pliers

Dr. Slick has announced their upcoming product releases for 2019, including a set of three new fly tier’sRazor Scissorsand heavy duty anglers’ pliers with replaceable jaws and cutters.

Loon Introduces Rogue Quickdraw Mitten Clamps

Loon has introduced a new tool, perfect for “anglers who wear gloves while chasing winter steelhead.” The Mitten Clamps are a comfortable and versatile tool for any angler to carry on the water.

Loon Announces New Tin Weights

Loon Outdoors has launched its new line of Tin Weights. Available in matte Black and Camo, these new weights form Loon are “non-toxic, easy to use, and textured to prevent slipping, double cut to re-use and adjust easily, and available in nine sizes.” Read more in the press release below. Loon Announces New Tin Weights Knowing thatlead can be...

New Fishpond River Armor Net

Fishpond has released the El Jefe River Armor Net to the The Nomad River Armoredition net series. The series of nets is constructed with a core of carbon fiber and fiberglass, “designed with the boulder-hopping bushwhackers in mind who demand durability.”

The Unique MagniTyer Fishing Pouch

Along with providing convenient storage for fishing accessories, the MagniTyer Fishing Pouch includes a Fresnel magnifying lens that enlarges up to 300%, making it an ideal piece of gear for any angler with vision limitations. Read more in the press release below. The Unique MagniTyer Fishing Pouch Combines Storage with a Magnifying Lens That Enlarges 300...

Willowemoc Creek LLC to Distribute Partridge, Sprite, and Marryat to US Markets

Willowemoc Creek LLC has recently formed with the mission to bring Europe-based Partridge and Sprite Hooks and Marryat Rods to US markets.

Vedavoo Announces Reel Service Project IV

Vedavoo has announced the Reel Service Project IV, which pairs artists with craftsmanship to create one-of-a-kind messenger bags. All construction, materials and artwork are will be donated to benefit our vets through Project Healing Waters. Read more in the press release below. Vedavoo Announces Reel Service Project IV We are proud to announce the return...

Stillwater Fly Fishing App is Now Live

Phil Rowley and Brian Chan have announced the release of their Stillwater Fly Fishing App, packed with educational tips for fly fishing for trout in stillwaters. The app is available through both Google Play and iTunes.