Broder Launches New Net Clip

November 18, 2022 By: Spencer Durrant

broder net clip

Photo: Broder Fly Fishing

A brand-new company in the fly fishing world has launched its first product – an innovative way to carry your net while fishing. Broder Fly Fishing’s Net Clip combines mechanical and magnetic engineering to create a net clip the company says will keep the net securely out of your way until you have a fish on the line.

A full press release from Broder is below.

New startup to the fly fishing space, Broder Fly Fishing, is releasing an innovative an innovative system that takes a new approach to carrying a net on the water. The Broder Net Clip uniquely combines the benefits of both a mechanical connection to hold the net securely in place and magnetic connection to make it easy to return.  As Erik, one of the co-founders, describes the product, “It’s designed to keep your net comfortably out of the way for the 95% of the time you don’t need it, and easily accessible when a fish is on the line.” A button on the clip, perfectly positioned by your thumb, releases net. And then simply hold the net close to the clip and a magnetic force will click it back home. 

Erik and Chris, brothers and co-founders, (“Broder” is the Swedish word for “Brothers”), say the product was born out of necessity.  “We struggled with how to carry a net for years. Everything we tried, and we tried everything, was either uncomfortable and annoying, difficult to access, or both. We designed the Broder Net Clip to eliminate the trade-off between ‘out of the way’ and ‘immediately accessible’. In the end, through extensive testing and design, we achieved that perfect balance.” The development and testing of the Broder Net Clip has been a collaborative effort with numerous testers working through numerous prototypes to refine the product.

The Broder Net Clip is designed for flexibility with both a belt clip and retaining strap to allow it to work on any type of fishing pack or wading belt and its reversible to be mounted on either the left or right side. The net mount component is equipped with a strong adhesive strip which secures to any net material and most handle shapes. “Having tried many different types of packs and nets ourselves, we decided to make a net holder system that worked well for all of them – again avoiding the trade-offs in performance that so frustrated us,” Erik explained.

Broder has chosen to release the net holder to the public via crowdfunding on Kickstarter which is live now. Retail will be added over the coming months and will be ready in the spring of 2023.