Tying Tuesday: The Easy Street Midge

May 14, 2024 By: Spencer Durrant

In this week’s Tying Tuesday, we’re treated to a few fun patterns. The first is the Easy Street Midge, from Barry Ord Clarke, of the Feather Bender on YouTube. This little midge pattern has all the looks of a fishy fly, and I can see myself tying up a few for the box.

Our next pattern is a fun Yellow Sally imitation from the folks over at Fly Fish Food. This looks like a simpler version of a stonefly that’s one of my favorites to fish. The foam body will help it float higher, and make it easier to see, which are two problems I have with a lot of the current Yellow Sally imitations.

The last fly for this week’s Tying Tuesday is a Mainely Flies version of the 20-incher, a popular stonefly pattern that I’ve come to depend on when I want a bit more weight and movement than the Pat’s Rubberlegs offers.