Hatch Magazine Launches “Reading the Water” Podcast

April 17, 2024 By: Spencer Durrant

reading the water pod

Photo: Courtesy Hatch Magazine

Longtime Hatch Magazine contributor and author Tim Schulz is hosting a new podcast (presented by Hatch) dubbed “Reading the Water.”

This podcast will focus on “literature, art, adventure, and conservation,” according to Hatch. 

“Over the first few months, guests will include writer and conservationist Hal Herring; author, poet, professor, and guide Chris Dombrowski; aquatic biologist and writer Ann Miller; writer and contributing editor Monte Burke; writer, poet, and teacher Michael Garrigan; writer, conservationist and master angler Graig Mathews, writer, poet and professor Bob DeMott; and the author, editor, and publisher Nick Lyons.”

You can read more about the podcast, and find links to the first episode, here.