Chota Release New Wading Shoe Cover

October 12, 2022 By: Spencer Durrant

the cloakChota Outdoor Gear has announced the release of a new product that should catch the eye of fly anglers – a wading shoe cover. The Cloak, as Chota has dubbed the product, is “designed to transform any shoe, sandal, or boot into a felt-soled wading shoe,” per a press release from Chota.

The Cloak zips on over existing footwear and has an attached felt sole. That means you don’t need to wear your wading boots to hike in the backcountry, or pack two pairs of boots. Slip The Cloak over your hiking boots, and you have an instant wading boot.

It’s an interesting concept, one that we’ll certainly watch as the product goes out to consumers. You can view more information about The Cloak here.