‘Red Tide’ Claims 15 Tons of Dead Fish

July 13, 2021 By: Spencer Durrant

red tideIf you haven’t heard of it by now, ‘red tide’ is a naturally-occurring phenomenon in both salt and freshwater. A red tide happens when algae blooms out of control, raising water temperatures and emitting chemicals that are harmful to humans and aquatic wildlife.

In Florida, the most recent red tide has killed at least 15 tons of fish, in the St. Petersburg area. With water temperatures soaring – and thanks to the addition of more than 200 million gallons of industrial wastewater laced with fertilizer, which only worsens natural red tides – there’s no end in sight for the fish kills.

Tarpon, snook, and other gamefish are washing up everywhere, and Florida officials say there’s no end in sight to the carnage.

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