Smoked Trout Fritters Recipe

May 16, 2020 By: Spencer Durrant

With ice-off happening at most of the high-country lakes around me here in the Rockies, and plenty of fat, hungry trout throwing themselves at flies, I reckoned it’s time to talk about cooking trout.

I know a lot of fly anglers don’t like to keep trout, and for good reason. We’ve long had the catch-and-release edict hammered into our consciousness, and our fisheries reflect that. The fact that we can keep so many fish, in so many parts of the country, is a testament to our shared conservation efforts.

However, part of good conservation involves harvest, and that’s where this piece from Lukas Leaf over at The MeatEater comes into play. It’s a fantastic recipe for trout, and I can’t think of a better fish to try it out on than a plump, fresh-from-the-lake rainbow trout.