RIO Launches InTouch Stillwater Floater Line

March 3, 2020 By: Spencer Durrant

RIO Products continues to expand its series of lake specific lines with its new InTouch Stillwater Floater.

RIO’s InTouch Stillwater Floater has been designed specifically for the stillwater fly fisher and the numerous styles of fishing encountered when fishing in lakes. The line has a short front taper to easily cast indicators with chironomids or a balanced leech on, or for turning over long leaders with multiple flies, while the long body and back taper allows anglers to lift a lot of line off the water to target cruising fish.

The ultra-low stretch ConnectCore provides incredible levels of sensitivity for enhanced detection of subtle takes, faster reaction time when setting the hook and more control when playing a fish. Whether fishing from a boat or the shore, this line will get the job done.

The InTouch Stillwater Floater is available in WF5F to WF8F and is made with RIO’s DualTone color system that shows the ideal loading point of each line. The line has a light green head and a yellow running line, and can be found at any authorized RIO dealer, or online for $99.99.