Become a Better Caster

January 14, 2020 By: Spencer Durrant

I’ve guided off and on over the past decade, most of it spent with people who’d never fly fished before. By far, the most difficult part of guiding someone who’d never fly fished before is teaching them how to cast. Fly casting is more art than science, and I often find myself using phrases like, “You’ll feel the load come off the tip of the rod, then you push your cast forward with just enough effort to unfurl the line.”

Once you get the hang of casting, though, it’s easy to focus on other aspects of fly fishing, and try to perfect those. But, as Kent Klewein notes in a recent post over at Gink and Gasoline, there’s always room for improvement in your cast. Specifically, Klewein discusses false casting and why you need to limit it if you want to see more success on the water.